20 Benefits of Having Sex in the Morning (Metal and Physical Health)

Waking up early in the morning is never exciting, particularly for working world. The startling sound of an alarm clock that we set on our cell phones is not a happy sound at all. Even a song that we used to like feels terrorizing as soon as we use them as a sound of an […]

13 Amazing Health Benefits of Coconut Oil for Skin and Hair

Most people, especially women, are already familiar with coconut oil as a part of their beauty routine or as one of the ingredients in their beauty products, whether in skin products or hair products. In many parts of the world, particularly in Asia, applying coconut oil on your skin and hair has been a tradition […]

16 Health Benefits of Okra for Diabetes Treatments

Okra is a tall growing green flowering plant which mostly cultivated in regions with a warm temperature around the world. It is usually harvested for its pods. The pods are often pickled, stir fried, stewed, boiled, eaten raw, or included in the salad. Aside from the pods, its leaves are often cooked or eaten raw […]

17 Health Benefits of Salmonberry #1 Medical Uses

Salmonberry or Alaskan Berry belongs to the same family as roses, as it is a shrub with a mounding or rambling growth habit, commonly known as brambles. Also known as Rubus Spectabilis as its scientific name, Salmonberry has a similar fruit structure with Raspberry, where the fruit is hanging away from its receptacle. Both berries are […]

35 Surprising Health Benefits of Tamarind Fruit

Tamarind is a plant with a pod-like fruit that is originated from Africa and has many uses in the modern-day world. The wood is used for woodworking, and the seeds can be extracted for its oil. The pulp from the fruit is used by many countries for culinary and medicinal purposes, and some even used […]

13 Benefits of Belladonna for Health #1 Homeopathic Medicine

Most people know Belladonna by its nickname, Deadly Nightshade, which was given due to it being one of the most poisonous flowers in the world. Consuming even a leaf of this detrimental flower could lead to a fatal result. This is the very same poison drunk by Romeo in the legendary romance of Romeo and […]

25 Benefits of Rooibos Tea for Health (Amazing Sources)

Rooibos, meaning red bush in South Afrikaans, is a native South African plant whose leaves are used primarily to make a herbal tea. It is also known as bush tea in South Africa or redbush tea in England. The plant itself originated from a mountainous area of a province in South Africa. The Rooibos scientific […]

25 Benefits of Daisy Flower Extract for Health and Beauty

There are a lot of plants that share the name Daisy, but when people talk about daisy in common, they are referring to the Bellis Perennis. It is considered as the archetype of all daisy species, and commonly known as the common daisy, lawn daisy, or English daisy. Most people, especially in England, know it by […]

17 Health Benefits of Satsuma Orange #1 Beauty Treatments

Satsuma, a variety of orange that is very similar to tangerine and mandarin, is known as the sweetest of the whole citrus varieties. The name Satsuma was taken from Satsuma Province, the place where it was exported to the west for the first time in the past. It is also known in Japan by its […]

23 Health Benefits of Performing Salah (Namaz) #Physical and Spiritual

Prayer is an important part of every religion that exists. For some religion, carrying out a prayer is an obligatory duty. Others consider it an important ritual to achieve better spirituality. Still, every religion has one and most have their own style when performing their prayers. Some like to keep it simple, some are more […]