20 Health Benefits of Jogging 30 Minutes A Day

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Meanwhile, jogging is a form of physical activity that is done casually not to rush. As a result, here is the discussion how jogging is good as its beneficial for health.


1. Stamina Booster

Several studies have shown that by our conduct regular jogging can help the body get greater stamina. Why not running? Running is not recommended in the form of stamina booster because of running will produce lactic acid that causes body will be tired. Thus, when it gets buried then it will cause damage even that  effects bad  for the body. As a result, by jogging the heart will perform much better because lactic acid less produce but energy more produce.


2. Regular Exercise

By jogging, we can see how someone will have recovery. Meanwhile, jogging 30 minutes a day will lead you to get more rapid recovery than in normal people. Yet by jogging recklessly causing disease bottom (or often referred to as inflammatory bowel disease.)


3. HIV Patients Treatment

HIV patients are advised not to do hard activities or called by bed rest. Yet, must perform regular activities and jogging is the best choice for these activities. Jogging 30 minutes a day in HIV patients will make the lungs moving continuously. So, protected from lung disease and makes the supply of oxygen for brain better.

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4. Cardiovascular Treatment

Jogging is an important part for treatment of hypertension or other cardiovascular diseases, which do not pose a jogging when excess lactic acid. Enlargement of the heart muscle will perform normally and pump blood better than the heart do not perform regular jogging


5. Prevent Metabolic Diseases

Metabolic disease is a disease that comes from waste products such as lactic acid. Meanwhile, jogging regularly or 30 minutes a day do not cause an anaerobic process but effect to muscles of blood vessels that have been developed. As a result by jogging brought metabolic waste faster than usual.

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6. Fix Joint Flexibility

For patients with joint disorders such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or other joint disease. This can be happen due to joint fluid used continuously will grow more quickly equal with the body’s metabolic rate, this happens to people with regular jogging.


7. Geriatric Patients

Jogging regularly is the best investment in old age, where the body will experience a state of maximum in productive period. Also, decreased to normal in old age will reach the midpoint so that in old age the body is not overwhelmed in overcoming problems due to inhibition of normal cell regeneration.

8. Improve Cognitive Function

Cognition consists of several components is functioning as memory, thinking or understanding. By jogging, the blood vessels would have been better for delivering blood, so the brain receives blood supply to maximum that lead to better brain oxygenation. With good brain oxygenation conditions then the process of formation in the brain is more active, so the brain gets the maximum energy to do the job everyday


9. Diabetes Mellitus Treatment

Sports, especially jogging can increase blood flow. As already explained above, it is indispensable in the formation of energy. The energy that is formed from the process of glycolysis where glucose is broken down into energy. By jogging, it is functioning pancreas to release insulin will be helped to work so that the pancreas becomes more sensitive back in a reshuffle of glucose.


10. Obesity Treatment

For people who obese or overweight is very difficult to perform activities especially with exercise. Jogging can be the first choice in terms of helping obese patients lose weight other than diet that has been set. Jogging most movement is a movement that is simple and easy to do but it poses a high fat burning.

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11. Cholesterol Treatment 

Many paradigm lays people who thought that cholesterol is closely related to obesity or overweight people, but it is only a handful of myths. Cholesterol is a fat obtained from foods, the fat can circulate in the blood and can not be stored in the blood due to certain factors which can be obtained from the genes.

Jogging with a casual and simple movements showing sports that can be done for a long time, so that burning of fat in the body will increase the lead to cholesterol in the blood decreases and makes avoid the various dangers of many diseases.


12. Improve Respiratory System 

By doing sport regularly will increase more than the maximum lung capacity to exercise done briefly and performed regularly (eg: running, playing football or other sports that require maximum muscle movement). More benefits from that, lactic acid produce less in doing jog, make body more fit than other sports.

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14. Improve Harmony

In the genital system required glycolysis to produce energy sufficient for intercourse, with regular jogging all aspects of the body’s blood vessels are able to deliver up to the periphery of the body.

With more oxygen into the tissues make the maximum process of formation of such an overhaul protein into producing sperm or semen will be produced optimally so when the process of looking ovum, the sperm will not immediately run out of energy as a result of the above process is carried out of the body to the maximum.

15. Reduce Stress

In some studies have found that regular jogging with our body actively spread out dopamine, this hormone function in reducing cell stress that occurs after doing daily activities. Dopamine itself is functioning as a reactor of growth hormone in enlargement organ like muscle, lung – lung, etc. to achieve maximum functionality after exercise regularly.


15. Overcoming Phobias

Phobias can be treated with epinephrine pathways that’s healed when we conduct regular jogging. Epinephrine is a hormone that functions in terms of inducing fear by our regular jogging body. Also, body will routinely receive induction fear that the body is actively completing the fear automatically, which cause sensitivity to some object that cited fear will be reduced.


16. Arrhythmia Treatment 

Electrical contained in heart have rules such as railroads where if there are cars that are inactive or very active will affect to other carriages or some case with different schedules, it is call arrhythmia. Meanwhile, doing sport which or exercise has a long period of time to do, it caused the electrolyte in the body will continue to be used and the heart becomes more regular use of an electrolyte which causes the flow of electricity back to the initial induction.

17. Drug Rehabilitation

Patients using the drug is recommended to add jogging daily during rehabilitation, which jogging spread out many hormone such as dopamine and epinephrine, the addition make blood flow will be more orderly and optimal. Both of the above bodies need in terms of drugs, where drug users receptors of dopamine in the brain is already occupied by medicine that dopamine is normally released will move freely in the blood and occupy parts of the body that are not needed.

As a result, the condition is called euphoria (body get a supply of dopamine overload). Conditions as above if it does not get the drug then that person will be whimpering in pain, in this case the jogging very helpful in diverting drugs and regulate hormone dopamine, which is produced by the drug.

18. Digestion

Digestive problems that can be solved by doing regular jogging is anorexia nervosa. Research conducted in the Indian State exactly Delhi get that patients with anorexia nervosa (an eating disorder characterized by refusal to maintain a healthy weight and excessive fear of weight gain due to the self-image distorted.) By jogging, regularly then the nervous system which is in the tongue papillae will be more sensitive than usual because of saliva that constantly and in large volumes are produced when jogging regularly.


19. Electrolyte disturbances

Electrolyte disturbances is obtained through a variety of diseases such as diarrhea, etc., several studies have shown by jogging regularly, the body will regulate electrolyte in the tissue that is used continuously, so when the condition reaches dehydrated, body will have the durability itself formed through jogging is done regular. Related: Health Benefits of Crying

The Best Way To Do Jogging

Thus, jogging is fun. The best best time to do jogging is during early morning as the air is still fresh. Also, that’s the best way of your body to start the work, metabolic system, and overall turn-on-systems. Then, the best place is you jogging around the garden, street, or specific jogging place in your town. Also, you can invite your friends, family members, brothers-sisters, your lovers or anyone to do jogging together.

Meanwhile, jogging is a cheap sport where all you need is your body and your willing. Thus, the best duration for jogging is at least 30 minutes a day. That’s 30 minutes is the most ideal duration for jogging. 30 minutes is not too long neither to short. It’s a balance workout so your body will not be so tired. As a result, you will get perfect result or benefits by jogging.

Although jogging is a simple sport and does not require any tools of this sport can cause severe side effects on the body such as sprains, cramps and paralysis if the sport is not routinely done and done forcibly.

Therefore, do jogging at least 30 minutes a day and you will personally feel the benefits, which can be given by this simple exercise. Meanwhile, jogging is simple but it’s has a straight right benefits for body. So, stay healthy and happy.