6 Health Benefits of Elaichi for Weight Loss #Proven

Cardamom has another name that is Elaichi. Elaichi is a kind of spice plant produced from the seeds of some plants. Elaichi includes expensive spices in the world, after turmeric and vanilla. Many people use elaichi as a spice for certain dishes and also for a mixture of herb or traditional medicine. Elaichi came from […]

20 Health Benefits of Black Cardamom (#1 Top Beauty Tricks)

Black cardamom, according to international market survey belongs to top three the most expensive spices in the world after saffron and vanillin. This original spice comes from Indonesia, of which widely used and extracted in many dishes and food worldwide. Black cardamom has various forms of package; fresh, powder, extract, and oil. Essential cardamom oil […]

32 Scientific Health Benefits of Cardamom (#1 Top Indian’s Secret of Healthy Life)

Cardamom originated from Asia and has been cultivated since before 20th century in India. Cardamom is a popular spice in Asia, not only around India like Bhutan and Nepal but also the other parts of Asia generally like Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Japan and Korea. The world considered cardamom is one of the expensive spices […]

15 Health benefits of Cardamom (No.4 Need Long Time)

In India, Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum) as a herb. In other country, cardamom also has been recognized as a spice in cooking. That seems not known is that the properties of cardamom for health. Cardamom seeds are often used as a remedy for digestive problems. Cardamom has been used to treat heartburn, stomach ulcers, irritable bowel […]