Benefits of Fish Oil For Hair Loss (#Top For Growth)

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Hair loss is a common type of hair problems people usually find it as they grow older. This means that the hair loss is a sign of aging which is inevitable in most of cases. However, aging is not the only one cause as hair loss could also appear due to some other reasons, particularly for those who suffer hair loss in relatively young age. Those factors include hereditary and genetic, bad hair care, unhealthy life style, too much use of synthetic product, effect of post-surgery or fatal sickness and son on and so forth. Hair loss is certainly different from hair-fall because hair fall is a problem in which the hair could grow again in relatively short time, yet hair loss means no growth anymore unless some serious care are conducted.

Anyway, if you are now suffering hair loss, you have to know that many people around the world also do the same whether they are men and women. Do not worry then because there are many things you still could do to avoid any baldness or very rare hair of your head. Those things range from physical exercise to consuming some types of food which can stimulate the hair growth and replace the hair loss you suffer.

If you have no idea about what to consume for this kind of purpose, you could keep reading this article because it would give you broader understanding on an essence which is broadly trusted in dealing with hair loss and stimulating hair growth. That one essence is called fish oil. You will likely know and can imagine what fish oil looks like. Or probably, you ever saw the product at the market when you went shopping. Well, it is fair to say that fish oil is easily found at our surrounding although the information about its function, particularly in stimulating hair growth is not yet broadly known.

Please pay very much attention on these following topics under each subtitle since it would explain much about fish oil.

Fish Oil

It is commonly known that fish or other sea creatures offer much of treasure for human. Fish is one type of sea creature that we could easily find it everyday. Some of us also know that fish contain various good essences in which one of them is animal protein. Another essence is a good nutrition called by omega 3. It is omega 3 which support the hair growth so what you need from fish oil is actually its omega 3 essence.

Knowing this information, you may likely ponder whether you could also cover your omega 3 need by consuming other types of food. Well actually you could do so but the essence or the volume would not be as big as what fish offers. Therefore, it is still strongly recommended that you choose to consume fish oil than other types of food with omega 3.

Anyhow, do not imagine that you would need to do the process of taking fish oil directly from the raw fish because it would take time, energy even special skill. Fish oil products are available everywhere so you could just buy and consume it. Generally, you will find the product as a capsule which some of them are too big to swallow. If just in case you could not swallow it, you may have to find smaller capsule or eat the fish straight away. Remember that fish oil with abundant of omega 3 is usually found at some types of fish only which are sardines, salmon and anchovies.

Omega 3

Omega 3 found in oil fish is a type of fatty acids omega 3 consisting of either DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) or EPA (eicosapentaeonic acid). The combination of those two essences is also possible to found at the type of this omega 3. As mentioned before that omega 3 can also be found in other types of food, one of them is at vegetarian types of food such as walnut, seed oils, whole grains and seeds.

However, vegetarian source of omega 3 has another essence called ALA. Unfortunately, ALA could not be easily absorbed by the body while EPA and DHA are very easily absorbed. This means that besides about quantity or volume of omega 3, what makes omega 3 from fish oil better and more powerful is because the type of omega 3 itself.

Fish Oil and Hair Growth

Omega 3 essence found in fish oil contains a healthy fat which could directly make the hair stronger and shiner. If you wonder why it has to be the oil of fish to use for hair care, it actually closely relates to the lessening volume of natural oil for lubricating the hair (as well as the body) when people grow older. In this kind of condition, omega 3 would replace the oil and help alleviating any hair problems particularly the hair loss and stimulate the hair growth.

In addition to it, omega 3 also offers essential fatty acid which very influences on the hair follicles. When the supply of fatty acid could be well covered, the follicle would be strengthened and keep the hair grow normally. At opposite, when the body lacks of fatty acid, hair follicles would be impaired that the hair would easily loss and fall.

From this explanation, you could understand by yourself that omega 3 with its fatty acid really helps in preventing hair loss as well as stimulating hair growth. It would be better though if you know more that omega 3 does not only do that thing for you hair, because it also makes it brighter and more elastic.

Propare Dosage

If you consume fish oil capsule, you could consume it two or three times a day for intensive care. Meanwhile for regular care, you just need about 1-2 capsules a day. In other calculation, you need to consume about 1,6 g fish oil a day while women has 1,1, g. You have to know this information completely as each capsule usually has different volume.

However if you are in a diet program with two time schedule of meal with fish in a week, it is likely that your omega 3 need is already well covered. This means that while doing your diet and making it successful, you also do your hair care treatment in one time.

Things to Pay Attention

If you suffer any health problem, it would be better to consult with your doctor before deciding to consume fish oil for your hair care. Some cases showed that consumption of fish oil works well in hair loss treatment, yet they also suffer the side effect. One of common examples of side effect suffered patient with low blood pressure as omega 3 could lower blood pressure.

Well anyway, whether you already have problem with hair loss or your hair is still in a good condition, consuming omega 3 would be very beneficial for your hair.