14 Health Benefits of Eating Beef Liver #Top for Pregnancy

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Still in the theme of health benefits, now we will talks about health benefits of eating beef liver. So far, we know that the foods that contain lots of micro-nutrients (vitamins, minerals and elements) that we need the most concentrated on fruits and vegetables. Although this is true, it is also found in the micro-nutrient content in meat and offal.

Some people seem unwilling to consume offal, especially the liver. They claimed that the liver is a organ as toxin storage. Although it is true one of the functions of the liver is to neutralize toxins such as drugs, chemicals and toxins but the liver does not store toxins. On the other hand, the liver is a storage organ for most important nutrients (such as vitamins A, D, E, K, B12 and folic acid, and minerals such as copper and iron) that the body needs.

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As well as beef liver, beef liver has many nutrients needed by the body. Even by some doctors are recommended to consume them according to the needs of the body.

Nutrients in Beef Liver

Beef liver offers a large number of proteins, essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. A piece of beef liver weighing 68 grams contains only saturated fats and fats at 6% of the body’s daily value, 2% sodium and 1% carbohydrate. One portion of beef liver has about 130 calories.

A piece of beef liver supplies 40% of the protein the body needs to make and repair the cells, convert food into energy, make certain enzymes, hormones and antibodies and produce breast milk. When the body lacks protein, it will damage the amino acid. There are 21 amino acids the body needs, the beef liver supplies around 4 of the essential amino acids the body needs.

In addition, beef liver also provides 2% vitamin content that plays an important role in the production of genetic material and red blood cells and neurological health. Other ingredients are vitamin A which is an integral part of vital organs, immunity, vision and reproductive function and is also active in cell communication, growth and differentiation. Next is the content of riboflavin that helps the system metabolize the body’s food and maintain skin’s health.

Other content of beef liver is zinc and zinc which is very useful in the process of cell metabolism, immunnity system, producing DNA, heal wound and cell division. The iron helps to transport oxygen from the lungs throughout the body and also helps in growth and cell division. Other beef liver ingredients are selenium, which helps the body fight cell damage from free radicals. The working system of selenium and protein can form powerful antioxidants called selenoproteins. Selenoproteins can help prevent cancer and heart disease. Selenium also plays an important role in immunnity system and thyroid function.

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Here are the list of nutrients in 100 grams beef liver:

  • Energy = 136 kcal
  • Protein = 19.7 gr
  • Fat = 3.2 gr
  • Carbohydrate = 6 gr
  • Calcium = 11.0 mg
  • Phosphorus = 476 mg
  • Magnesium = 18 mg
  • Potassium = 380 mg
  • Iron = 8.8 mg
  • Zinc = 12 mg
  • Vitamin A = 53,400 IU
  • Vitamin C = 27 mg
  • Vitamin D = 19 IU
  • Vitamin E = 0.63 mg
  • Thiamin = 0.26 mg
  • Riboflavin = 4.19 mg
  • Niacin = 16.5 mg
  • Phantotenic acid = 8.8 mg
  • Vitamin B6 = 0.73 mg
  • Folic acid = 145 mcg
  • Biotin = 96 mcg
  • Vitamin B12 = 111.3 mcg

After we knowing much about nutrients in beef liver, let’s we talk about health benefits of beef livers. Are you still worry to consume beef liver? There are a lot of health benefits of eating beef liver. Here are the list:

1. Overcome Anemia

Do you have anemia? Or the people who you know have problem with anemia? With consume beef liver, you can overcome it. Because beef liver contains folic acid and iron minerals which plays an important role as the synthesis of DNA and RNA for the process of nuclear metabolism of cells including red blood cells and can form red blood cells so it is useful to overcome anemia.

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2. Maintain Brain’s Health

Beef liver contains a lot of vitamin B which is useful for brain health as well as important for the readiness of the work of nerve cells. Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause disturbances in the nerve membrane, memory impairment, and can lead to dementia and even more severe mental disorders. This is happen because glucose as a source of energy to be channeled to the entire body is blocked.

In addition, thiamin(vitamin B1)  deficiency can lead to decreased speed of sense motor, mental disorder, memory impairment, and cognitive function.

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3. Increase Memory

Based on study which is published in journal “Nutritional Neuroscience and Behavioural Brain Research“, claims that the content of choline in the beef liver can help improve brain memory in the long term.

4. Improve Immunity System

With contained zinc and vitamin A in the beef liver, it can maintain epithelial tissue health including blood vessels. With zinc and vitamin A can help prevent blood vessels from damage and help improve immunity system. Deficiency of vitamin A can make body defenseless against infection attack of virus, bacteria, or others. Other than that, deficiency of vitamin A can occur autoimun disease. Zinc and vitamin A can protect white cell bloods from damage that caused by free radical.

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5. Prevent cancer and Heart Disease

With contains of selenium in beef liver, it can help fight against damaged cells that caused by free radicals with the ways create antioxidants in fight cancer cell and prevent heart disease.

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6. As Sources of Energy

Beef liver contains carbohydrates and proteins, both of which contribute to an energy source that will further strengthen the immune system.

7. Maintain Eye’s Health

With contains a lot of vitamin A, beef liver can prevent cataracts, eye infections and age-related macular degeneration. Vitamin A in beef liver is fat soluble, so nothing is wasted. However, too much vitamin A also can poison the body.

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Beef Liver during Pregnancy

Besides the health benefits of beef liver, there is also health benefits of beef liver for pregnant women. Here are the health benefits of beef liver for pregnant women:

1. Sources of nutrition during pregnancy

During pregnancy, women often has nutritional disorders caused by reduced nutritional intake in the body. This can cause development and growth of fetal to be disrupted. Usually pregnant women has deficiency of folic acid and iron. Both substances are contains in beef liver, so consuming the beef liver can help provide nutritional intake during pregnancy.

Besides of that in pregnancy period, women can has anemia due to iron deficiency. This is caused by rapidly increasing of blood volume. For that, the women need iron supplements to prevent anemia symptoms occur.

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2. The development of the nervous system

The content of folic acid in beef liver is needed for the development of the nervous system and can prevent the occurrence of disability in the fetus, such as defects of the brain and spinal cord. The need for folic acid increases during pregnancy. Deficiency of folic acid can cause birth defects such as cleft lip, low weight, down syndrome, and the risk of miscarriage. Other disorders such as defecation and urination in infants, can not walk normally and has emotional disturbance.

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3. Good Nutrients for pregnant women
4. The Nutrients source
5. Maintains Immune Body
6. Prevent Alzheimer
7. Protects tyroid glant

That is all the health benefits of eating beef liver. But we must know, besides all the health benefits of eating beef liver, there is a side effects of beef livers.

Side effect of Beef liver

We know that over consume something above the body needs, will cause some disease for our body. So do if you over consume beef liver. Here are the risk of beef liver:

  1. Improve Possibility of Stroke and Heart Disease
    Beef liver contains about 90% of the amount of cholesterol recommended for the body. Eating foods with high cholesterol levels, can excessively increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.
  2. Damage the Liver
    If you consume beef liver over 100 grams per day, it can cause the buildup of copper in the body system to reach dangerous limits. Copper poisoning is somewhat rare in healthy adults, but it can lead you to liver damage. So, limit your copper intake to a maximum of 10 mg per day.
  3. Cause Toxin
    If you consume beef liver over 100 grams per day, it can cause the buildup of vitamin A in the body system to reach dangerous limits. In addition, vitamin A derivatives in the beef liver – retinol – can be toxic to the body if absorbed by the body in high doses in a short time, or in low doses but regularly in the long term. The tolerance limit of vitamin A intake per day is 10,000 IU.

So that is all about beef liver, the nutrients in beef liver, health benefits of eating beef liver, and the side effect of beef liver. Hope that information can give you knowledge about health and healthy life, and makes you wisely consume beef liver. So you can prevent over consume about beef liver and prevent from the side effects. See you next time.

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