14 Insane Health Benefits of Kissing on Lips (#Shocking)

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Many people expressing their love with kisses the partner’s lips. The fact is, a kiss on lips can deepen the ties between the two lover who are romantic couple. Not only good for the continuity of the relationship, the benefits of lips kissing also could have an impact on your health a favor. Sheril Kirshenbaum, the author of ‘The Science of Kissing’ reveal in his work, human lips are erogenous zones are most often exposed. There are many sensitive nerve on the lips, which is so sensitive with the most delicate touch feather that can connect to the brain so that people can decide what to do. The lip kissing has many benefits:

1. Overcoming stress.

One of Kissing role is to make someone’s body metabolism increased and encouraged enough to cope with stress. Based on research conducted by Lafayette College found that when you kiss someone, then your body is releasing a lot of good hormones. Hormones, among others, the hormone oxytocin (a hormone that will make you calm), endorphins (hormones that will make you feel in good shape), and the hormone dopamine (the hormone that makes you feel bound). It doesn’t needs long time to produce these hormones, just 20 seconds of kissing.

2. Adding lifespan.

The kiss between partners enabling them to live longer than 5 years other couples who rarely or never do that. It is advisable to kiss your partner every day before splitting or serving their respective activities. because kissing for 90 minutes can increase blood pressure and heart rate so that it can increase hormone levels in the blood and prolong life for 1 minute.

3. Improve Immune system.

When you’re kissing, then it is the right time for the bacteria living in the mouth moves to another through saliva, certainly into the oral cavity of your partner (and vice versa). Bacteria found at saliva. Normally, bacteria is owned by almost everyone, only 20% which is a common bacteria. At the time of saliva mixed up and move, then your body at the same time directly form the bulwark of protection as a form of resistance to the antibody as a ‘foreign body’ which will attack your health. It’s just like when you do a hypodermic immunization.

4. Bringing tranquility.

Kissing can create a more relax sensation because it produces substances that have an effect 200 times than of morphine so that people feel good and happy. French kiss is a type of kiss that is often called the bridge of the soul because of this type not only the lips but the tongue is also active moving. Based on survey, 66% of couples close their eyes when kissing, while remaining very much enjoyed the emotions coursed through her partner’s face.

5. Lose weight.

For those who want to lose weight, you have to do kiss with a partner more often because Bisai romantic kiss burn 2-3 calories, French kiss burns 5 calories. Kiss for 1 minute spent 26 calories. Know that the sensitivity of the lips is 200 times more sensitive than the fingertips. Ageless, because the kiss moves 29 muscles in the face.

6. Healthy Heart.

Kissing lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels. A study shows the increasing frequency of kissing impact on stress reduction, increase satisfaction and decrease cholesterol levels relate. Stress is a factor causing the emergence of heart disease. Therefore, a kiss can make a heart healthier by lowering blood pressure, cholesterol levels and stabilize the cardiovascular system.

7. Tighten the skin.

Kissing involved 34 facial muscles, 112 postural muscles. The most important muscles that support the activities of the orbicularis kissing is located around the lips.

8. Reduce Allergy In Respiratory Tract.

A study conducted in Japan found that a kiss is performed for 30 minutes can reduce the production of histamine (a natural compound produced by the body and becomes trigger allergies in the respiratory tract). Thus, you will sneezing reduced and lower levels of allergy in the nose that can lead to fever.

9. Kissing Good For Healthy Teeth.

When you and your partner doing a kiss, then the production of saliva will increase. This increases of saliva will neutralize the acidic conditions of the oral cavity that can cause spoilage. In addition, increasing the amount of saliva can sweep away food debris that can build up and become plaque. Some experts also said that the content of mineral salts in saliva can strengthen tooth enamel.

10. Increasing the level of confidence.

Kissing had a good or positive effects for someone’s confidence, to improve self-confidence. Because in between the couple, they both will feel very appreciated each other and the emergence of a sense of compassion. A kiss can make a personal value and also makes the mind becomes clearer.

11. Smooth Circulatory

Lips are one of the most sensitive area of your body. In the middle of the hot kissing session, tip your lips loaded directly stimulated and blood circulation to multiple organs, including creating sexual stimulation.

12. Avoid a variety of health problems.

If you have time to kiss every day you will avoid damage to the exposed stomach, the bladder pain or symptoms such as impaired blood circulation

13. Improve Dental Health.

The medical world has recognized that a kiss can increase the production of saliva. Saliva works to clean the leftovers of the tooth surface while lowering acidity levels that cause tooth decay or loss. Saliva also prevents the formation of plaque on the teeth. “Anything that can increase saliva will help reduce acidity in the mouth that can damage teeth, including kissing. Production of sufficient saliva also prevents cavities,” says health expert, Dr. giri Vandana Jyoti.

14. Healthy lungs.

After kissing, people’s breathing usually becomes faster. After kissing, people average will breathe in and breathe out 60 times in a minute. While under normal circumstances is only 20 times in a minute. Inhaling and exhaling more often will prevent a variety of disorders in the lungs.

The bad effects of kissing on the lips

  1. Kissing Can End the Love. Research conducted by the State University of New York reveals a kiss is not always able to add intimacy. Research proves that they did kiss could have the opposite effect, that is making the tenuous relationship. From a research note, 59% of men and 66% of women choose to end their relationship because their partner is a bad kisser.
  2. Make Opium Kiss. A passionate kiss (according to the author of the book ‘The Science of Kissing’ Sheril Kirshenbaum) can be addictive as taking illegal drugs. That’s because while kissing the body produces dopamine, which can lead to feeling happy or unhappy. Feeling happy this is being sought to make people always want to kiss their partner.
  3. Kissing is a field of bacteria. Did you know that one kiss could involve 278 types of bacteria? Long kiss can even transmit about 10 million bacteria! That’s the exact reason to kiss only one person, who is the one you love and you trust most.
  4. Experiencing Problems In Part Brain. Kissing disease caused by kissing in the mouth, it can attack the lining of the brain so that the brain tissue will wither. As a result, brain cells will slowly dying. Perceived symptoms usually include difficulty hearing, seeing in disorders, and paralysis.
  5. Causing Pain gums and throat. Kissing on the lips also can make a person experiencing pain in the gums and throat. However, this is can happen if the bacteria streptococcus attack someone so pass it in to their partners through saliva by licking the cheeks and mouth.
  6. Bring Other Diseases. By some of the diseases that mentioned above, lips kissing also can transmit other diseases such as ARI (Acute Respiratory Infection), tuberculosis (a disease that attacks the lungs usually characterized by coughing up of blood), Hepatitis (jaundice or liver inflammation), and Thyfoid (a disease that infects the small intestine or tyfus). Of some of these diseases, should be more aware of hepatitis which causes this infection can occur if the blood and saliva of infected directly in contact with the mucous membranes of another person’s bloodstream.

However, you can still prevent it from happening in the following ways:

  1. you can do to avoid the dangers of lip kissing is to maintain oral hygiene. brushing your teeth routinely in the morning and before bed at night, or after meal. Also convey this to your partner.
  2. When you’re in a cough or a cold, you definitely do not want anyone else to drink or eat from the same equipment with you. That was because it can make you as a person contracting the disease. This also applies when you are kissing. So avoid to do kissing when you or your partner are suffering from illness or injury on the lips. If you love on your partner, you should be honest with him or her when you are suffering from certain diseases. People who are really dear to their partner certainly will not plunge into danger.
  3. Another way that can be done to minimize the risk of getting a virus or bacteria is by vaccination. Injecting immune to the virus of this disease is highly recommended, especially for those of you who have never got when you are kids before.

You can ask your doctor about what vaccines and syringes that can be obtained to prevent the body infected with a virus or bacteria from kissing.