12 Health Benefits of Green Potatoes You Never Know

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Who does not know potato? Potato is one of European stable food which mainly known over the globe. In Indonesia, potato is less consumed than rice as national’s most consumed stable food. However, day by day, more people attempt to substitute rice to potato due to its lower carbs yet rich nutrient for body health.

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Based on research from American Journal Institute, consuming potatoes two times a day will not contribute much into your weight gained. In other hand, it may lead to your blood pressure balancing. Nevertheless, how potato is processed into food before being consumed is such essential to put attention since potato is not recommended to be served as fried potato or cream cheese potato just like what mostly American and European do.

Potato has a lot of varieties which you can choose to be part of your daily consume. One of them is green potato. Green potato has such unique yet so rich of nutrients and low calorie contained. Green potato can grow up to 12-18 inch on each fruit. The fruits are oval rounded and mostly easy to be planted on higher land. The history of this plant is suspected from Chili, Mexico, and Peru. Then Spanish brings it through ocean exploring to European and now spread out of the globe.

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Nutrients and How to Process Green Potatoes

What are containing on each potato? In one medium size of green potato there are 164 calorie, 37 grams carbo, 4,3 protein, 0,2 grams fat, and 4,7 fiber. Cholesterol? Do not worry, you will find it in at all. Consuming one portion of green potatoes every single day can fulfill your 2% of calcium needed each day including 51% vitamin C, 9 % zinc, 30% vitamin B6, 12 % magnesium, and 25 % potassium.

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Green potatoes as well as other kinds of potatoes have about 13 grams of salt or not more than 1 % recommended daily consumption of salt by World Health Organization. However, you need to be carefully consider before consuming green potatoes when they are processed into fried fries or chips which have super high salt contained. Green potatoes are best served in boiled or steamed cooked. You are also suggested to not peel off the leather since it contains most nutrients of all the potatoes part.

As containing multiple combination of useful compounds for body health, green potatoes offer best advantages to boost human health including maintain body immune. Here are several health benefits of green potatoes which you may need to know.

  1. Cells Forming Built

Vitamin B containing of green potatoes is really needed by the body to process and build new cells. Your body needs more than 100 enzyme reaction of which the protein triggering the chemical body reaction. Half of amino and protein really needs vitamin B6 to extract DNA. For this, you are really suggested to consume green potatoes on one portion minimum daily.

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  1. Brain Function Improving

Green potatoes have much of complex B vitamins which may lead to brain function improving. By having improved brain, you will get easier concentrated. Besides, your brain ability will be faster in memorizing and lessen the risk of suffering from Alzheimer.

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  1. Cancer Preventing

The essences in potatoes are very powerful to prevent cancer. The essences might also struggle tumor and cancer growth before they get worse. If you consume minimum 5 portions of green potatoes every single week, you will be less risk of cancer particularly womb cancer. Of course, the best way to consume potatoes is not by frying it, boiling will be much better instead.

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  1. Heart Health Maintaining

Green potato has a lot or fiber with low calorie. In theory, it is best to be consumed to keep your heart healthy. If you consume green potato by boiling or steaming instead of frying, you will get maximum benefits of the fiber and others essential extract of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, for those who are having coroner heart suffered, they are best suggested to consume green potatoes as their daily main stable food.

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  1. Cholesterol Level Reducing

Next health benefits of green potatoes are to reduce cholesterol level. The cholesterol clogging inside the body is very horrible. Cholesterol may lead to others deadly disease such as stroke, hyper tense, and heart attack. Green potatoes which have potassium in quite high level can help the cholesterol being reduced by leaning it out of the body. Consuming one portion of green potatoes every single day will boost the process even better.

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  1. Digesting Smoothing

No one can deny that by consuming high portion of potatoes will smoothen your digest way even better. Human body will be absorbed fiber better to help the metabolism process. If the metabolism process is good, then you will have such a healthy body too. If you have constipation, you can consume green potatoes continuously to smooth your digest and maintain your metabolism as well.

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  1. Swallowed Eyes

Having what they call as panda eyes? Crying a lot the whole night that makes your eyes look like a real black monster? No worry, potatoes are keys for all those problems. Having eyes swallowed can be triggered by several causes such as insomnia, electronic screen radiation, crying, etc. Green potatoes are not only good for human health but also curing swallowed eyes. You can wash the potatoes cleanly and slice it into round slices. Put them around the eyes and leave for a moment. In a minute, your black swallowed eyes can be removed.

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  1. Kidney Stone Prevention

Kidney stone disease may be caused by lack of water consuming and unhealthy food life style. Green potatoes have magnesium which is good to lessen the risk of kidney stone suffering. It will be much better for those who are having kidney stones or just want to prevent from suffering kidney stones to start routinely consume green potatoes as their stable food every single day.

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  1. Acne Face Treatment

Acne seems like eternal human enemy, either woman or man are frequently suffered from acne no matter how hard they attempt to treat their face. Acne is such a serious problem for its appearance may lead to confident reduction. In fact, treating acne around your face is very easy. You only need to slice potatoes into small cut and wash them cleanly. Put the slices on your face and leave for a moment. If the potatoes have turned into pale grey, take it and wash your face with cold water.

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  1. Bones Strengthening

Potatoes contains a lot of calcium and minerals not to mention its potassium which are really essential for bones. Zinc contained is also good to help the bones growth and maintain its healthy. Therefore, if you have baby or children who are in growth age, feed them green potatoes more often to get such advantages of green potatoes.

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Consuming green potatoes are really contributing much good points for your body. Therefore, by all those health benefits of green potatoes, what make you not immediately consume green potatoes now?

Cautions of Green Potatoes

Indeed, green potatoes is good to take in small amount and its taste is a bit bitter. Yet if you eat green potatoes too much, it will cause you a digestive problems. Also, the amount of alkaloids can even cause you a serious health problem. So, please take this note before you eat green potatoes.

In Indonesia, green potato has been slowly starting to be consumed as rice substitution particularly for those who are aware of health benefits of green potatoes. The potato is quite simple processed into steamed, boiled, or stir fried and served as the main dish after salad, meat, or chicken. Even tough not many people consume it daily just yet, by the health benefits of green potatoes campaign, people will be more aware of their health and try to substitute their rice dependent into green potatoes.

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