15 Best Health Benefits of Plantain Water (#1 Kidney Health)

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plantain waterDo you know what plantain water is? It is known that plantain water is a kind of flowering plants belongs to genus Alisma in the family Alismataceae. It is the water-plant which is widely been in Northern Asia, North America, and Europe. The habitat of this plant is around the margins of lakes or streams in watery ditches. It will grow in the damp ground and on the edges of shallow ponds. The flowers will bloom between June and August and the seeds will be ripening between July and September.

Besides, the name of Alisma itself has the meaning of water which Alis also means the aquatic habitat of the plant. Plantain water has the swollen and fleshy stem with the numerous whitish hairs. It can grow up to 3 feet in height. Moreover, it also has the attractive color and form of flowers.

As the consequence, it is known that plantain water has been used for medicinal purposes due to the presence of volatile oil and an acrid resin. The fresh leaves and roots are toxic, but you can remove it by heating, drying, or cooking them. The leaves of plantain water have antibacterial properties while the seeds of plantain water can be used for traditional medications purpose. Furthermore, the dried stem can be the treatment for heartburn, digestive problems, and has the astringent properties. Even, the root can be extracted as the essential oil which reduces the cholesterol levels and blood pressure.


Then, to give you more information, we have listed the health benefits of plantain water below.

1. Acts as Diuretic

The leaves of plantain water are very beneficial to promote the body health. Not only for the leaves, it is known that the root has the hypotensive and lipotropic effects. At this point, it has the diuretic properties which can be the treatment for urinary bladder. This herb will increase the urine, sodium, and urea output due to the diuretic effect. It will help increase the excretion of urea, urine, and chlorides. As a result, it will deal with the inflammation of the kidney to treat dysentery, renal calculus, and other urinary system problem as well.


2. Have Antibacterial Properties

One of the health benefits of plantain water is to provide antibacterial properties. As the consequence, it will help to protect the body against the presence of bacterias such as Staphylococcus aureus, Diplococcus pneumoniae, and Mycobacterium tuberculosis. To have this benefit, you can crush the leaves and use it for the food consumption of a tea.


3. Have Astringent Properties

In fact, the powdered seed of plantain water can help to deal with bleeding. Thus, next time you got an injury, then you can have plantain water as a way out.

4. Relieves Bruises

For those who suffer from injury, wounds, or bruises, then you can use plantain water to deal with these problems. In fact, the fresh leaf of plantain water can help to heal bruises and swellings. Indeed, as plantain water is a part of an herbal plant, then it will be useful to cure and reduce the pains of bruises and wounds for sure.


5. Promotes Digestive Health

You may think that to promote digestive health, you should consume fiber foods as well. At this point, it is true that you have to eat many kinds of fruit and green leafy vegetables. However, it is also shown that herbal plant like plantain water will do the same. It is known that dried stem of plantain water can prevent digestive disorders such as cramps, stomach flu, and heartburn. For the tips, to get the healthy digestion system, you can have plantain water together with other fiber foods for sure.


6. Promotes Weight Loss

Surprisingly, plantain water can be beneficial to help you lose some body weight. In this case, plantain water can help to lower the blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and blood fats as well. Hence, it has shown that plantain water can be the good foods for your healthy diet. For the tips, to have the best diet action, you can do exercise regularly and consume healthy foods like grain foods and fruits then.


7. Lowers Blood Pressure

Plantain water as the kind of herbal plants will give you best benefits. As you have read before, it provides benefits to promote the body health. Then, at this point, plantain water has a role in maintaining the level of blood pressure. In fact, plantain water has fat indices and serum nitroglycerine content which help to lower blood pressure. As a result, with the action of regulating blood pressure level, it will also help you to prevent risks of diseases such as hypertension. Indeed, what makes you healthy is the food you consume for sure.


8. Lowers Cholesterol Level

Consuming the best and right foods is a must. At this point, in you daily day, you can consume fruits and green leafy vegetables for the options. Then, surprisingly, having the herbal plant as your food is really great, too. In the same way, plantain water also has the benefit of lowering the cholesterol level in the body. This is also related to the presence of serum nitroglycerine content in the plantain water. Consequently, as you can control your cholesterol level, then you also can help preventing risks of health problems such as heart attack and stroke as well.

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9. Promotes Kidney Health

It is known that herbal remedy can be the answer for the treatment of some kinds of disease. In this case, plantain water can be the one, too. Plantain water has the content to boost the body health as well. As plantain water acts as the diuretic, then it will be beneficial to promote kidney health. At this point, plantain water can filtrate and eliminate harmful toxins and wastes.

Also, the water decoction of this herbal plant can lower the renal calcium content and the formation of calcium oxalate crystal in the renal tubule resulting in the prevention of kidney stones formation. Therefore, with these benefits, then you can prevent kidney dysfunction such as kidney failure and urinary tract infections.


10. Cures Diarrhea

If you suffer from diarrhea, then you can have the roots of plantain water to deal with this problem. For the tips, you can also eat other probiotic foods such as yogurt to promote the healthy gut as well as restore the healthy levels of good bacteria in the intestines.


11. Strengthens the Bones

As a matter of fact, plantain water contains the high level of calcium in it. We know that calcium is the one that plays a major role in building the bones structure and density as well. As a result, this compounds will help strengthen the bone and facilitate the formation of teeth and muscles. For the tips, to promote the bones health, you can consume other dairy products such as yogurt, milk, and cheese for sure. What is even great for the calcium foods is the way it can help you to prevent osteoporosis. Indeed, with the good consumption of them, you can achieve best health results then.


12. Promotes Sex Drive

As plantain water helps to promote the heat and fluid in the body. Then, it will be an effective generator of heat to the genital area. At this point, the seeds of plantain water will be beneficial to promote sterility.


13. Relieves Fatigue

The tea made from the decoction of plantain water can be useful for relieving fatigue or weakness. Thus, if you want to have the relaxing days, you can count on plantain water as well. Even, this herb is called as “cooling herb” due to its ability to cure dizziness. Further, do not forget to add the natural sweetener such as sugar or honey to have the sweet tea for sure.


14. Boosts Immune System

As you have read before, plantain water provides the best health benefits for you. This is due to the nutrients contained in it. Moreover, it has shown that plantain water has the anti-inflammatory effects which help to protect the body against free radicals damage. As a result, with the good content in plantain water as well as you consume this herb regularly, then you can be healthier for sure.


15. Promotes Beautiful Skin

Another benefit you can get from consuming plantain water is the way it helps promoting the beautiful skin. Studies have shown that plantain water can help dealing with wrinkles which are a sign of earlier aging. This is also related to the presence of antiseptic and antibacterial properties in it. Indeed, as this herbal remedy provides best benefits for you, then you will have no doubt to add it for the food consumption and beauty uses.


As the consequence, you can also read the following statements of the tips of consuming plantain water below.

Tips for Consuming

  • First, you can consume plantain water in the powder form which can be found online and at some health food stores.
  • Next, you can also find this herb in Chinese herbal remedies and it is usually mixed with other herbs such as chrysanthemum as well.
  • Then, you should boil or cook the leaves of plantain water before consuming it. As a result, the leaves will have the salty flavor then.

As the conclusion, plantain water will be the good option for your food consumption as there are many benefits of plantain water. You can have this herb to cure and prevent certain health problems. Indeed, with the right and regular use of plantain water, then you can achieve the best health results for sure. Thus, keep being healthy, good people!