11 Top Health Benefits of Half Boiled Eggs (No.4 is Perfect!)

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Half-boiled egg is one of common food that we can find pretty easy everywhere. Some of us like to consume it, but some of us are not. The reason is because half-boiled egg has a bit different taste than the full-boiled one. Another reason why some people don’t like the half-boiled one is because it’s not fully cooked. Some people still doubt that half-boiled egg is healthy.

So, is it healthy for our body? The fact is both full-boiled and half-boiled egg are healthy for our body. Nutrients contained inside egg still the same although you half-boiled it or full-boiled it.

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Half-Boiled Egg Facts

Some people still afraid of consuming egg every day. They afraid that consuming egg will increase cholesterol level. That’s wrong. The fact is consuming egg can decrease our cholesterol level. So, what nutrients contained inside egg?

Egg contains an essential nutrients such as riboflavin, protein, and selenium that needed by human, especially for children. And because it contains protein, a lot of people put egg as their breakfast menu because it can produce energy that needed to spend the whole day. Now we already know what essential nutrients that contained inside egg. Do you want to know its health benefits of half boiled eggs for our body? Let’s find out!

  1. Support Diet

The first one that we should know is half-boiled egg support for those who want to do diet. Half-boiled egg contains high level of amino acid. Amino acid that come in our body has responsibility as energy source, so it can help to build muscle and skin. Amino acid that contained inside half-boiled egg is a better energy source rather than protein and it can make you to feel satisfied more longer. Beside that, 75% fat that contained inside egg is the unsaturated one so it can absorbed more easily.

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  1. Prevent Early Aging

Half-boiled egg is a good source of carotenoid, lutein, and zeaxanthin which responsible to protect our body from aging. Not only for skin, but also for important organs and the process of cells and tissues damages caused by aging.

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  1. Support Remembrance

Another health benefits of half-boiled eggs is it can support our remembrance. Half-boiled egg is a good source of choline. Choline is needed to boost our memory so that we can remember everything much better.

  1. Half-boiled Egg Is Rich of Nutrients

Maybe some of you already know that if you cook food until fully-cooked, some of the nutrients that contained inside will be lost. The same case also happened to egg. If we full-cooked it, some of the nutrients contained inside the yolk will be lost, while if we half-cooked it, the nutrients inside will be safe. After reading this, maybe some of you will questioning “what kind of nutrients that contained inside egg?”

Here are the list of half boiled eggs nutrients:

  • Saturated fat 432 g
  • Cholesterol 186 mg
  • Sodium 122 mg
  • Potassium 55 mg
  • Fat (In total) 65 g
  • Fiber 0 g
  • Sugar 49 g
  • Protein 51 g
  • Carbohydrate (In total) 49 g

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  1. Help Building Muscle

Who doesn’t want to have such a well-build muscle, especially for men? Well-build muscle is a symbol of healthy body and, as for men, a symbol of masculinity. So that’s why a lot of men around the world want to have a muscular body.

But do you know that just exercise doesn’t enough if you want to have a good shaped body? If you want to have a well-build body, not only exercise, you have to balance it by consuming food that support your program. One of which is half-boiled egg.

Maybe some of us don’t know that half-boiled egg is one of protein sources that recommended by bodybuilder if you want to build your muscle. Yes, half-boiled egg is one of food that recommended if you want to build your muscle because it is rich of amino acid that is a better source of energy. And it contains more unsaturated food rather the saturated one.

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  1. Keep Eye’s Healthiness

Eye is a really important “tools” for our body. Because, without eye, we can’t see and we don’t know what the world look like. So that’s why its really important for us to keep our eyes healthy.

How? There are a lot ways to keep our eyes healthy, one of which is by consuming healthy foods that contained vitamin A in it. One of those foods is egg and half-boiled egg contained more vitamin A rather than full-cooked one. So, consuming half-boiled egg is much better rather than consuming the full-cooked one.

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  1. Prevent Anemia

Blood has a such important role in our body. Just like electricity that we need in our live, we also can’t do anything without blood. So that’s why its really important to keep our blood healthy.

One of blood illness is anemia. Anemia is a condition when our body is lack of red blood cells. Anemia also can happened when our body is lack of vitamin B12. Is there any way to cure it or prevent from it? Yes, there are. If you don’t want to take medicine, you can try to consume food that contains vitamin B12 in it, one of which is half-boiled egg. health benefits of Half-boiled egg can be your delicious way to prevent anemia and cure you from it.

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  1. Help Metabolism

Just like we already know, half-boiled egg contains amino acid in it. Another health benefits of amino acid is to help boosting metabolism inside our body.

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  1. Help Immune System

Another health benefits of amino acid is to help our immune system. Maybe, some of us don’t know that amino acid has a lot of component that needed for our body, one of which is too boost our immune system. So, if you consume half-boiled egg as your breakfast menu, then you will prevent from illness for the whole day.

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10. Easy to Cook 

Indeed, everyone can make half boiled egg by their-selves. Also, it’s the best for staple food or side dish.

11. Healthy Breakfast 

Meanwhile, half boiled egg is perfect for breakfast. First, it’s easy and simple to cook. Second, it has many nutrients to start your day. Third, it’s tasty and yummy, perfect with toast.

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How To Cook Half-Boiled Egg Properly

Now we already know health benefits of consuming half-boiled egg, we have to know how to cook it properly. Actually, for those who still a newbie, cook half-boiled egg is pretty hard because you have to know when are you gonna put the egg or when will you gonna take it away from the pan. But, for those who already an expert at cooking, you can make it easily.

Here are two ways of cooking half-boiled egg for you who still a newbie.

  • Using Cold Water

First, put the egg into the pan. Then pour some cold water in it until the egg submerged inside the water. Then, turn on your stove and wait until the water boiled. After the water boiled, turn the fire off, take and drain the egg. And, you have to cover the egg use fabric, or a tissue if you don’t have it, and wait until three more minutes. Then, your half-boiled egg is ready to serve.

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  • Cook the egg for 6 minutes

Another way of cooking half-boiled egg is by cooking it for 6 minutes long. What is the difference with the first way that we already mention before? The different is the time for you to put the egg in. At the first way, you put the egg before the water boiled. In this step, you put the egg after the water boiled. It will take a longer time for you to cook this way, but you will get the yolk still melt. That’s the sensation of consuming half-boiled egg.

Side Effect of Half-Boiled Egg

We already know that half-boiled egg has a lot of health benefits for our body. But, do you guys know that half-boiled egg also has side effect that may affect some people? Well, it’s because egg is very susceptible so that bacteria can get in through easily. Here are some side effect of consuming half-boiled egg:

1. Half-Boiled Egg Contains Avidin Substance

Avidin substance is a bit dangerous for human because it can hamper vitamin and mineral absorbed inside our body. Beside, avidin substance also can cause allergy and baldness for some people.

2. Bacteria Called Salmonella

Based on researches, there is a bacteria called salmonella contained inside half-boiled egg. This bacteria will affect our healthiness, of course. This bacteria is a cause of illness that related to digestive system such as typhus and will attack us easily when our immune system is at low condition.

3. Ovomucoid

Egg contained ovomucoid in it. Ovomucoid itself is a bad protein that will affect our skin and respiratory healthiness. For skin, it will cause such a disturbing itchy, swelling and also make your skin become red. As for respiratory, you will suffer cough and sneeze. In a bigger case, it will affect you more badly if you have egg whites allergy.

4. Melamine

Nowadays, researches shown that egg contained melamine in it. It suspected that melamine that contained inside egg comes from the chicken’s feed. For those who doesn’t know, the used of melamine is to produce plastic, paint, and fertilizer. So, we’re not recommend you to consume something contained melamine in it.

Half-boiled egg is good for our healthiness, only if we consume it at certain amount and certain period. It’s okay to consume it every morning because it can produce energy to our body and you don’t need to worry getting fat because it has unsaturated fat. And, make sure to cook it in proper way to make it more tasty and healthy. So, stay healthy!

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