19 Proven Health Benefits of Quinoa and Bulgur Wheat

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Nowadays, we can find many food products in the market to fulfill our daily needs of nutrients including carbohydrate and protein. Healthy lifestyle trend has pushed human to search a better and healthier food source to be included in their diet. One of their effort is using the food that usually used in the ancient time and consider it as healthy food with no side effect. Quinoa and bulgur wheat are ancient food that has been consumed since long ago and they provides many health benefits to human body. To know more about both of them better check the explanation below

History of Quinoa and Bulgur Wheat

Quinoa and Bulgur WheatQuinoa is one of the oldest crops which have been cultivated in the American continent. Archeological has found that quinoa was prior in Chile during 3000 BC and other evidence found in Ayacucho, Peru proved that quinoa have been grown to be cultivated there before 5000 BC. Quinoa is a type of wheat which derived from Chenopodium quinoaplant from Chenopodiaceae family.

It was consider as poor food people since it was just cultivated in small rural area in North America for their own consumption. Quinoa is known as staple food of Quechua and Aymara tribe that live in Andes Region South America and nowadays it mostly produced by Bolivia, Peru and equador. Bolivia is the main producer of Quinoa with 88% of world quinoa comes from this country. . Quinoa also called as chisiya that means “mother of the grains” due to high nutrient content inside it. However, since modern era, many foreign and instant food have been replaced the quinoa and bulgar as the staple food of some people who live in such area nowadays.

Just like quinoa, bulgur is also consider as ancinet food. Bulgur is whole wheat kernels with white or red colour, hard or soft textures that have been soaked, dried, boiled and other processt o be formed as wheat. Even the kernel of bulgur have been cracked, it has difference with other cracked wheat in that it is pre-cooked. Histiry mentioned that bulgur has been consumed since 1000 BC by people in Arab, Egypt, israel and Romam. Eveidence of some archeological found also reported that Chinese people have consumed bulgur in thge early of 2800 BC. Roman people call bulgur as cerealis, while Israelites call bulgur as dagan which means “bursting kernels of grain” and people in Mid east call it as arisah.

Nutrition facts

Both quinoa and bulgur are excellent source of nutrients and it give benefits to human health. Bulgur and quinoa contains carbohydrate, fiber, protein, vitamin and minerals that required by human body. Below are the table of nutrient contents of Bulgur and Quinoa








17 g


Dietary Fiber

4 g

8 gr


16 mcg

3 mg


1 mg



62 mg

76 mg


3 g



5 mg



1 mcg



0 g

16,5 gr


2 mg

4,4 mg

Mother nature has provide lots of plant that can be beneficial for human and can be consumed to support human health. Both quinoa and bulgur wheat have great health benefits to human and here come the list of both benefits of quinoa and bulgur wheat :

1. Aids in digestion

Health benefits of Quinoa and Bulgur Wheat for aids in digestion could be the best solution. Unlike other types of grain wheat, quinoa and bulgur wheat contains some amount of fiber which aids in human digestion. Fiber is nutrient that can promote bowel movement and improve the nutrient absorption within the intestines.

2. Prevent constipation

Fiber which contained in quinoa and bulgur not only aid in maintaining healthy digestion but it also can prevent from constipation. Usually people suffer from constipation due to hard defecation process and lack of fiber. Consuming bulgur or quinoa wheat along with other types of healthy food such as vegetable will keep you away from constipation and make you tummy feel comfortable.

3. Prevent inflammation

Both quinoa and bulgur flour contains active compounds or known as flavonoid. This flavonoid including kaempferol and quercetin act as anti-inflammatory properties that can preven the body from such inflammation that caused by harmful substance or microorganism infection.

4. Maintain healthy heart

Quinoa and bulgur wheat are great source of potassium that important to keep helathy herat function. Potassium control blood pressure through maintaining normal heart beat and promote the blood flow within the circulatory system.

5. Reduce cholesterol

Cholesterol or known as Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) is a culprit within human body. It can cause many helath problem including increasing the risk of heart disease and atherosceloris. Quinoa and bulgar wheat contains fiber that can bind the choleseterol and lower it level within the body. It also prevent the cholesterol from getting into the arteries wall which cause arteries wall thickening and high blood pressure.

6. Repair body cells

Both quinoa and bulgur wheat contains almost all types of amino acid that aids in cell reparation especially if there is wound or damage inside or outside the body. The amino acid will promote new cell development that will replace the damage cells within the body which caused by many factors including free radicals damage.

7. Prevent Cancer

It is known that quinoa and bulgur wheat contains flavonoid that can act as antioxidant. Antioxidant is an active substance that can fight the effect of free radicals effect that came from environment such as pollution or harmful toxic. Antioxidant content of quinoa and bulgur can prevent DNA damage and abnormal cell proliferation that leads to cancer.

8. Get rid of anemia

Getting enough amount of iron is important to keep healthy red blood cell function. Lack of iron xcan cause several disorder including anemia. Anemia is a condition where the body getting lack of oxygen and nutrient transport. People who suffer from anemia will experience dizzyness, headache, stiffness, weakness and etc. Quinoa and bulgur wheat contains iron that can fulfill your daily iron need.

9. Maintain healthy brain

Quinoa and bulgur wheat are high in magnesium an it is important to keep healthy brain function. Magnesium is a mineral that can regulate neurotransmitter inside brain and help to control nervous system within the brain. This is the reason why consuming quinoa and bulgur wheat can aids to our brain.

10. Provides energy

Quinoa and bulgur contains carbohydrates complex and protein which known as main energy source of the body. Consuming quinoa or bulgar wheat on the beginning of day of as breakfast will give you energy boods and make you ready to do your activities.

11. Lower blood pressure

Quinoa and bulgur wheat contains potassium and other mineral such as manganese that important to lower blood pressure. If you suffer from hypertension you iwll not skip your day to take manganese and surely you can gain it from quinoa and bulgur wheat.

12. Strengthen immune system

Zinc and other flavonoid antioxidant can keep the body from certain disease that attack human body. Zinc help in strengthen the immune cells while antioxidant help the immune system to fight against the free radicals effect.

13. Treat skin infection

Quinoa and bulgur contain anti-inflammatory properties that can treat skin infection which caused by bacteria or fungi. Consuming quinoa and bulgur regularly will help you to recover faster from any skin infection.

14. Treat celiac disease

Absolutely, this whats makes quinoa and bulgur wheat different with other types of wheat. Quinoa and bulgur wheat are gluten free and they are save to be consumed by people who suffer from celiac disease. Celiac disease is a disorder where the body can digest any wheat product and it leads to several digestive problem including allergy and nausea.

15. Stabilize blood sugar level

Quinoa and bulgur are low GI or Glycemic index food that will not rise the blood pressure, makiing them as good food for people who can’t consume rice or other staple fiood with high GI. Quinoa and bulgur wheat contains fiber that can maintain normal blood sugar level and reduce the risk of diabetes type 2.

16. Help in weight lost

Having excessive weight or obese is dangerous for our body and it can cause many health problem such as diabetes, and heart disease. Quinoa and bulgur wheat contains fiber that can make you more satiety and keep you from hunger. Thats why fiber in both wheat can significantly reduce fat accumulation in the body.

17. Reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome

Quinoa and bulgur contains many nutrients including fiber, mineral and vitamin that can lower the risk of many metabolic syndrome. They also contains some amino acid and flavonoid that can prevent the mutation within the cells and lead to any metabolic disorder such as obesity and diabetes.

18. Maintain healthy pregnancy

Health Benefits of Quinoa and Bulgur Wheat also best solution for pregnancy. To maintain healthy pregnancy and improve the development of fetus, pregnant women should consume much nutritious food. Quinoa and bulgur wheat can be some option as health food for pregnancy. Quinoa and bulgur wheat contain folate that is required in development of fetus during pregnancy period.

19. Alleviates Stress

Quinoa and bulgur wheat contains magnesium that can help to alleviate stress and depression. Consuming quinoa and bulgur wheat with other favorite dish can make you feel better after a hard day and they also can induce good mood.

Side effect and Tips to Consume

Quinoa and bulgur is save to be consumed and there are no case of side effect that ever reported after consumption of both types of wheat. To get the benefits of both ingredients better check these tips :

  • Purchase quinoa and bulgur wheat on store that have good quality and packaging. Make sure they have not exceed the expire date
  • Store the wheat inside air tight container to avoid contact with air which can lower the quality of wheat
  • Do not wash the quinoa or bulgur what before cooking
  • When cooking both wheat, use medium heat, avoid lifting the pan lid and do not stir them
  • Bulgur and quinoa wheat can be used in many dishes including meatloaf, salads, soups, stews, casseroles and meats or even to thicken the sauces for Mexican or Italian dishes.
  • You can add the wheat into your waffles, cake, pancakes, muffins, salads or baked goods recipes and they will add a nutty taste to your dish.
  • Bulgur and quinoa wheat can be served with chicken and fish as main dish. You can also make some experiment to enjot bulgur and quinoa in different way.

Ancient foods contains no preservative or other additive food substance that means they are healthy to be consumed. You can start to eat the quinoa and bulgur wheat today and grab the benefits.