25 Health Benefits of Tomatillos #1 Top Medical Uses

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Tomatillos or in Latin known as Physialis Angulata is a wild plant species that will be commonly encountered, especially in the rice fields. Tomatillos is the foreign name is Tomatillos (Europe), the plant will usually grow very fertile after the farmers harvest the crop. The tomatillos plant itself consists of leaves, fruit, stems and also roots like other complete plants. If in the countryside this plant can we get easily and just pick it even if it is sold and probably no one will buy it.

Tomatillos plant is a wild plant, such as shrubs / shrubs are low (usually up to 1 meter) and have less than one year. This plant thrives in the lowlands to a height of 1,550 meters above sea level, spread over dry land, dry land, and can be found in teak forests. The flowers are yellow, round, green, and yellow when young, but when dark brown with sour sweet taste. Young fruit protected Tomatillos catch (veil covering the fruit).

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What is Tomatillos 

But otherwise if we are in urban, these tomatillos plants will be traded and even often sought. Starting from the fruit, leaves, stems or even roots. Because viewed from the usefulness of this tomatillos so many people who want to use it as an alternative treatment that is by making herbs. Well, just for the information for the price of tomatillos fruit even able to reach Rp 50.000 / package in some areas of Indonesia.

Tomatillos plant is actually known to differ in some areas, such as in Sumatra tomatillos called boda leaves, kapo-kapo’s leaves, Lato-Lato’s leaves; latuik-latuik’s leaves (Minangkabau). Then if the Java tomatillos called: cecendet, cecendet kunir, cecenet (Sunda) ceplukan, cecendet sapi, cecendet cina (Jawa), yor-yoran (Madura), keceplokan (Kangean), then if in Nusa Tenggara tomatillos: angket, keceplokan, (Bali), dedes (Sasak);  tomatillos Sulawesi: Ieletokan (Minahasa). Now if in Maluku known lopunorat (Tanimbar & Seram), dagameme (Ternate).

This is actually a strange thing, because this tomatillos plant has tremendous benefits, especially for the drug for various types of diseases. In addition, not only the fruit that can be used for medicine but other plant parts such as leaves, roots and trunks of tomatillos trees can also be used as a medicine. But indeed so many people who look at one eye to this nutritious plant.

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Tomatillos Nutrients 

The emergence of various benefits of tomatillos was due to some content contained in tomatillos such as vitamin C, palmitic acid, alkaloids, chlorogenic acid, polyphenols and others that proved effective to overcome various types of diseases. Broadly speaking this tomatillos plant has a role as a plant that has antibacterial, anti-afflamation, analgesic, immunosuppressant, antioxidant, cytotoxic, relieve cough, antiviral, neutralize toxins and anti-hyperglycemia. Here are the health benefits of Tomatillos:

  1. Can Treat Flu

One of the benefits of leaf tomatillos because the benefits of leaf tomatillos that can treat someone who was attacked by the flu.

How to make it is like below:

  • Cut the pieces of tomatillos to be several parts
  • Then boil with water until boiling
  • Drink boiled water, until healed

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  1. Drugs for Strep throat

Not only can cure the common cold, but tomatillos leaves can even be a medicine for strep throat that often attacks children or adults. Simply by drinking boiled water from this tomatillos leaves to relieve inflammation of the neck in a natural way.

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  1. Treating Pertussis

Tomatillos leaf was proven to be a cure for those who have whooping cough or pertussis. The content in the leaves of tomatillos can relieve this cough naturally gradually, but prevent not occur again.

  1. Treating Mumps

Tomatillos leaf also has benefits to relieve inflammation, to which causes reduce pain like mumps. Mumps is a condition where the glandular part under the neck, swelling. When experiencing mumps will feel pain, then naturally can be reduced by drinking boiled water from tomatillos leaves.

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  1. Drugs For Abscess/boils

As a highly efficacious anti-inflammatory, tomatillos leaf can be used to treat boils on the skin. The way is quite easy, namely by applying boiled water leaf tomatillos to boils that are inflamed. But surely your hands are clean.

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  1. Accelerate Drying Ulcers

For those who suffer from ulcers can be overcome with tomatillos leaves. Just by pounding the leaves of tomatillos with pestle, then apply on the inflamed ulcers. Ulcers that are experiencing can quickly dry quickly.

  1. Treating Diabetes

Another benefit that you can feel from the leaves of tomatillos is because of its usefulness that can cure diabetes. Diabetics sufferers only need to drink tomatillos leaf stew regularly so that diabetes can disappear soon.

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  1. Reduce Wet Lung Disease

Usefulness of tomatillos leaf is also very large for those who suffer from wet lung disease. Especially the tomatillos leaf boiled water consumed regularly, can reduce this health problem.

  1. Reduce the risk of Epilepsy

In fact, boiled water leaf tomatillos can reduce the risk of epilepsy. Then for those who have the disease, will likely reduce the recurrence of epilepsy sickness suffered.

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  1. Relieves Lymph Node Disorders

If ever experienced swollen lymph nodes, it is advisable to drink boiled water leaf tomatillos regularly. However, drinking boiled water such as tomatillos plant leaves, should be considered with water intake.

  1. Cures heart disease

One of the benefits of tomatillos fruit is to treat heart problems. The way is quite easy, take 40 pieces of tomatillos leaves and smash with a blender like juice, then drink without any mixture. Besides made like juice, the leaves can also we eat directly, but make sure it was washed first.

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  1. As an asthma remedy

The application of tomatillos as an asthma drug is also relatively easy. Take the leaves and stems from the tomatillos fruit, boil and drink the boiled water. Or take the leaves, then mix with whiting then crushed by using both palms. Then wipe it with water. After that coagulate on the palm of the hand so that the water comes out green and whitish and froth. Apply on the chest, abdomen, and back.

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  1. Treat ringworm

The ringworm is disturbing. In addition to making not comfortable also damage the appearance if it occurs on the open body. To treat it simply destroy the leaves of the tomatillos fruit and apply on the skin affected by ringworm. Indeed, that’s one of many health benefits of Tomatillos.

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  1. Lowering high blood pressure

Tomatillos fruit is also able to lower high blood pressure. Way by drinking boiled water of leaves, fruits and roots for three weeks in a row.

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  1. Treat breast cancer

Breast cancer may sound like a terrible disease. But the tomatillos fruit was also able to cure this disease. Way, the young shoots mixed with four seeds of rice and turmeric shoots. Then grind it with grated coconut until crushed. After that the concoction was directly affixed to the breast.

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  1. Eliminates yellowing in newborns

Tomatillos fruit can also eliminate yellowing in newborns. How to do it, drying the tomatillos until dry, then used to bathe in newborns.

  1. Bringing people unconscious

Take the roots and burn. Then the ashes are mixed with whiting. After that mix with a little coconut oil, and dab on the head of a person who is fainting.

  1. Treat stroke

Drinking and eating the parts of the fruit tomatillos regularly can also help treat stroke disease you know.

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  1. Increased intelligence

Tomatillos fruit mixed with water, lime, and a little sugar in addition to delicious it can also improve the intelligence of children.

  1. Eliminate joint pain

The way is quite easy, mix the leaves with lime betel then paste on the joints are sick.

  1. Lowers cholesterol

What more health benefits of Tomatillos? Part of the tomatillos fruit was also able to lower cholesterol you know. The way to eat leaves from fruit tomatillos two strands three times a day.

  1. For added blood

Tomatillos fruit also can cure blood deficiency or anemia. Its application is by way of cooking stems from tomatillos fruit, then drinking boiled water.

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  1. The antidote

All parts of the tomatillos fruit turned out to be consumed as an antidote.

  1. Heals Vertigo

Vertigo is also known as lung pain. When something is wrong with your lungs, this will result in its ability as a respiratory organ. Your breath will not be as optimal as it used to be. For that, you should address it as early as possible before it gets worse. This time you not only need the fruit alone but all the tomatillos plants such as leaves, stems, and roots. Boil them all in enough water to boil. Strain this herb to separate the dregs. Drink potion while warm three times a day on a regular basis.

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  1. Provide Energy Reserves

Sweet taste in the fruit tomatillos indicate the presence of sugar in it. This will certainly be good to sustain your daily activities, let alone you are a hard worker. Sugar content in tomatillos able to energize your body. Diligently consume tomatillos fruit that has been cooked every day.

Thus, there are many health benefits of Tomatillos. Also. you can mix it in salsa or salad.

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