21 Top Health Benefits of Bone Marrow (#1 Collagen Source)

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What is bone marrow? Well, it is known that bone marrow is a kind of food consumption which is found in the core of bones. Bone marrow has the soft texture and exists in the middle of bones. It is a fatty and jelly like substance that is rich in nutrient and energy substances as well. Bone marrow as the food consumption is often being cooked resulting in the softens marrow substances inside while the outer part of the bone stays hard. As the consequence, bone marrow has the great content of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and lipids.


Then, to give you more information about bone marrow as the food consumption, then we have listed the health benefits of bone marrow below.

1. Source of Protein

Bone marrow consists the high content of protein as well. With 100 grams consumption of this food can give you 14 percent of protein daily value requirements. As a result, with the good consumption of protein foods, then your body will regenerate the broken cells with the new ones. Not only for that, protein as the vital nutrient plays a role in building the muscle. Thus, if you want to fulfill the nutrient needs for your body, then you can consume bone marrow together with red meat, nuts, and beans for the options.


2. Source of Collagen

As a matter of fact, bone marrow contains the good source of collagen which holds the best benefits of bone marrow. At this point, collagen is the main structural protein which has a gel-like form with the smooth structure and covering the bones together. Indeed, the presence of collagen is important since it allows us to glide and move freely.
As the consequence, collagen takes part in sealing and protecting the mucosal lining of the gastrointestinal tract. Then, with this function, bone marrow is also good to improve te nutrient absorption in the gut as well.

Not only for that, bone marrow do the great things such as reducing the food allergies and sensitivities on people for the consumption of gluten and cow’s milk. Moreover, it also helps to relieve the ulcerative colitis and acid reflux symptoms. Even, collagen can promote the probiotic balance and growth for sure. Consequently, the increasing amount of collagen in the body can help to promote beauty skin as it reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Then, collagen is also believed to maintain the work of the immune system.


3. Contains Healthy Fats

Bone marrow which exists in the middle of bones structure contains the high amount of fats. At this point, you may feel worried to consume this food due to the fats content. However, the thing you should consider is the way it gives you the healthy fats related to the presence of essential fatty acids. Indeed, with one consumption of this food will not make you in the dangerous situation as it also gives you best benefits for sure!

4. Source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

The next beneficial nutrient contained in bone marrow is the presence of essential fatty acids such as omega-3 fatty acid. With the presence of this fatty acid, then it will be valuable to promote the brain functioning as well. It is also known that bone marrow has the good source of glycine which is an amino to repair other proteins in the body. Thus, consuming foods which are rich in fatty acids is great to promote the overall body health. Otherwise, the deficiency of fatty acids may lead to certain health problems including the weak immune system.


5. Source of Vitamin A

By consuming bone marrow as your food consumption, then you have added the nutrient of vitamin A as well. For this reason, consuming bone marrow together with another vitamin A foods like carrot and green vegetables is such the great way to go. Then, vitamin A is known as the vital nutrient for promoting the eyes health and preventing the vision loss. Besides, the deficiency of vitamin A nutrients may lead to the risks of macular degeneration.

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6. Source of Iron

Another great source of nutrient which bone marrow has provided is the presence of iron content in it. In fact, with 100 g consumption of bone marrow, you can get 25 percent of iron daily value requirements. As the consequence, with the good amount of iron content in the body, iron will help to maintain the fluid balance as well as preventing the risks of anemia. For the tips, you can consume iron foods such as bone marrow and spinach to prevent the risks of anemia and chronic fatigue as well.


7. Source of Minerals

The next health benefit of bone marrow is the way this food provides the good source of minerals including the iron, calcium, zinc, selenium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, and other kinds of mineral as well. As a result, minerals in our body has a role in promoting the body function. At this point, they contribute in protecting the body from the risks of disease, chronic fatigue, and maintaining the fluid balance for sure. Moreover, minerals in bone marrow can help to strengthen the immune system, stimulating hormonal secretion, promoting the cardiovascular system, and improving memory and brain functioning as well. Indeed, bone marrow will give you best health benefits you may have never expected!


8. Improves Memory

As described before, with the presence of the good source of minerals content in bone marrow, then it is good to promote body functioning. For this reason, it is also good to improve the mental health including to improve memory. Hence, if you could improve the memory function of the brain to remember the golden times and memories, then why would not you try the bone marrow for your food consumption?

9. Repairs the Body Cells

Due to the presence of collagen in bone marrow, then it is valuable to promote the repairing process of body cells. Besides, collagen can help rebuilding the body cells including to speed up the wound healing process and bleeding gums as well. At this point, bone marrow also has myeloid and lymphoid stem cells which are the foundations for red and white blood cells that can build the immune system based on what the instructor of Jade Institute complementary healing center said. These substances are also great to prevent blood clotting as well as providing oxygen to the body cells. Thus, consuming bone marrow is so great as it will help you to repair the body cells for sure.

10. Aids in Digestion

One of the health benefits of bone marrow is the way it can help to aid in digestion. As the consequence, bone marrow can also prevent the inflammatory conditions in the gut including the presence of celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and leaky gut syndrome. These kinds of disease can be relieved by consuming bone marrow as it has the collagen to reduce this damage tissues.

Moreover, gelatin found in bone marrow can help restoring the healthy gut lining and fight the food sensitivities for wheat or dairy consumption. A study also shows that bone marrow can bring the positive result in promoting the growth of probiotics or good bacteria in the gut. We all know that probiotics hold the important role in building the healthy digestion by preventing the bacteria and pathogens growth in the gut. Indeed, it creates the strong protection for the healthy gut. On the other hand, deficiency of collagen nutrients in the body can lead to certain health problems including the digestive imbalances.


11. Promotes Cardiovascular System

A study has shown that bone marrow has the good source of hormone adiponectin which plays a role in maintaining the work of the cardiovascular system. At this point, bone marrow works well in promoting insulin sensitivity and breaking down the fat, thus these functions are beneficial to prevent the risks of cardiovascular disease. Moreover, bone marrow is also good for decreasing the risks of diabetes.

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12. Protects Joints

People have to consume the best food in order to obtain the best nutrients to their body. As the consequence, bone marrow is one of the great options for you who want to build the healthier and stronger body. With the presence of collagen, then bone marrow bring many kinds of health benefits for sure. In this case, bone marrow can help in protecting the healthy joints as well as maintaining the work of the cardiovascular system. Indeed, with the god consumption of bone marrow, you will have the flexible joints as well.

13. Promotes Heart Health

What is the best way to keep your heart healthy? For the solutions, you can start consuming best foods which have the low level of cholesterol and applying the healthy lifestyle for sure. Then, as a matter of fact, bone marrow provides the great source of minerals in it including the potassium, magnesium, and calcium as well. What is even great is the fact that bone marrow contains electrolytes which help to promote the heart health and to support the healthy circulation. At this point, bone marrow provides the ideal amount of minerals to promote the cellular health and preventing risks of heart disease including heart attack and stroke.


14. Promotes White Blood Production

Another benefit of bone marrow you can get by consuming this food is to promote the white blood production. This benefit is related to the presence of alkylglycerols which also has a role in controlling the growth of cancer cells. With this function, increasing amount of white cells can help to protect the body against infections as well as boosting the immune system. As a result, bone marrow is great to protect your body against disease including the presence of cancer.

15. Maintains Bones Health

The next health benefit of bone marrow is by maintaining the bones health. This benefit is associated with the presence of great minerals including calcium in bone marrow. Indeed, you can consume other great foods which contain the great source of minerals instead of having just milk every day to promote your bones health. Consequently, with the good consumption of mineral foods, you have succeeded to promote the building of strong bones structure and density as well.


16. Fights Cancer

As described before, bone marrow takes part in boosting the white cell production in the body. At this point, bone marrow can help to prevent the growth of cancer cells due to the presence of compounds called alkylglycerols (AKGs). We know that cancer has been a chronic disease which we should be aware of. In this case, we should find the best treatments and prevention as possible. Hence, if you want to be free from the risks of cancer, then you can start applying the healthy lifestyle as well as consuming best foods such as green vegetables, fruits, and bone marrow for sure.


17.Boosts Immune System

As bone marrow provides the good source of collagen, then it will be beneficial to boost the immune system. At this point, bone marrow can help prevent the body inflammation and releases the antibodies as the way to boost the immune system. Also, as bone marrow has a role in restoring the gut health, then it actually shows how great is bone marrow in supporting the work of body immune system. Furthermore, as bone marrow prevent the growth of cancer cells and protect the body against certain disease, then it has shown the positive result in boosting the immune system for sure. As the consequence, the presence of amino acids proline, glutamine, and arginine in bone marrow will help to maintain and to support the function of the gut.


18. Boosts Detoxification

As you have read the statements above, then you have known that bone marrow does the great jobs in promoting digestion system. At this point, bone marrow is believed to act as the natural detoxification agent as it helps to remove the expel waste in the digestive system and removing the toxins in the liver. This benefit is associated with the presence of potassium and glycine which supports the detoxification process in the liver. Thus, if you want to help your body free from the damage of toxins, then consuming bone marrow is the great option to choose.


19. Promotes Body Metabolism

In fact, amino acids found in bone marrow can give you a range of health benefits. In this case, amino acids show the positive result in promoting body metabolism and boosting nutrient absorption. Moreover, the presence of glycine within collagen can convert the glucose into usable energy and improve the body’s use of antioxidants. Furthermore, there is also the glutamine which is kind of amino acids and has a role in promoting healthy metabolism. At this point, it provides the energy by sending nutrients to the body cells. What is greater from bone marrow is the way it provides Arginine which helps to improve the body circulation and sending the nutrients to the body cells as well. Thus, you have seen that bone marrow has the great source of beneficial nutrients, then what are you waiting for? Eat your bone marrow soup and feel the healthiest benefit for sure!

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20. Speeds Up Wound Healing

Another great benefit of collagen found in bone marrow is by speeding up the wound healing. It is known that collagen is the one that plays a role in this benefit. Hence, bone marrow does the great things for your healthy body including to heal the wound faster than ever.

21. Promotes Healthy Skin

Not only providing the health benefits, but bone marrow is also great in promoting the healthy skin. In this case, the one that works to this benefit is the presence of collagen. This compound has a role in maintaining the youthful and elastic skin. Collagen also takes part in reducing the symptoms of earlier aging such as the presence of wrinkles and fine lines. What is greater from collagen found in bone marrow is the way it decreases the appearance of cellulite and resulting in the healthy and beauty skin. Indeed, by consuming bone marrow, you will help your skin to get its moisture and elasticity back by preventing the dryness and roughness.


After you read about the health benefits of bone marrow, then we also provide the tips for consuming this food below.

Tips for Consuming

  • For the recipe tips, you can make bone marrow into soup by adding the ingredients of spices to boost the flavor as well. Moreover, you can roast the bone marrow and add the spices or flavored butter to have the richest flavor for sure.
  • Another food tip you can have is by coating it in the flour or breadcrumbs and prepare it for the crispy and tasty bone marrow. And always remember to sprinkle the salt and pepper.
  • If you want to have the healthy foods, just add the bone marrow to your lovely salad. Combine it with olive oil, lemon, and parsley if needed.
  • When your bone marrow is cooked, then you can just eat it by scooping it out of the bone with a spoon or add it to a piece of toast.
  • Next, you can buy bone marrow from the local butcher and you have to always choose the one which comes from the grain-fed or grass-fed animals. Indeed, it is recommended to buy the organic ones for sure.
  • Furthermore, the best place to find the organic bone marrow such as organic beef bones, organic buffalo bone, or organic lamb bones is at the farmer’s market or health food store.

To sum up, bone marrow provides best nutrients for your healthier body and life. Thus, consuming this food in moderate will bring many positivities as well. Hence, you can start adding this bone marrow for your food consumption by making it into soup or just roasted it then. Thus, live your life by eating the healthy foods!