20 Proven Health Benefits of Aam ka Panna (No.1 Is Best)

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aam pannaDo you ever hear a beverage called Aam Panna? If you’re not, it is alright since it is one of the Indian beverage made from raw green mangoes and has a light green color. Most Indian people agrees that this Aam Panna (also known as panha or panhe) will be a perfect choice to drink in the summer because its reputation to fight against heat. Also, Aam Panna is one of the tastiest beverage, which has the perfect combination of sour and sweet flavors when you first gulped this beverage. The sour flavors come from the raw mangoes, while the sweet flavors come from the sugar. The mangoes have a sour flavor due to the presence of oxalic, citric, and malic acids.

Not only it is tasty and refreshing, but you will also get a lot of greatness when you decide to gulp this Indian beverage. It’s not surprising that this drink is classified as a healthy drink since it is made from an organic source like raw mangoes. Now if you’re already curious about what are the greatness of Aam Panna that you will get when you consume this beverage, we have already wrapped 20 health benefits of Aam Panna. Here are these benefits.

  1. Prevent Constipation

 Aam Panna contains great amount of fibers which helps ease digestion. Also, this beverage contains various bio-active components such as ester, aldehyde, etc  which will improve the digestion system in the body. This beverage also contains Vitamin B that will help you to gain a healthy body and cleanse your intestine which will prevent you from any infectional bacteria.

  1. Prevent Diabetes

Aam Panna will help people to fight against diabetes, as this beverage will help you to normalizing the blood insulin level in the body. This beverage also has a low glicemic index, which indicates that this beverage doesn’t involve in increasing the blood sugar level if you drink it up to the limit. So you shouldn’t worry about your blood sugar level while consuming this healthy drink.

  1. Natural Cure of Diseases

Aam Panna is the one of the best beverages to cure your various kind of diseases. This beverage contains an acid that immediately will encourage the secretion of the bile that would act as an intestinal antiseptic to heal the disease caused by bacterial infections. As the result, if you have some kind of liver disorders, urticaria, or jaundice, you better start to consume this beverage.

  1. Heal Blood Disorders

Aam Panna contains a high source of Vitamin C which will increase the elasticity of blood vessels and encourage the forming of a new blood cells. This beverage is also preventing blood tendencies and triggering the absorption of iron.

  1. Prevent Cancer

 This might be a good news for everyone of you who want to stay away from cancer. Aam Panna contains an excellent source of Vitamin C, which definitely will producing a great quantity of antioxidant, such as fisetin, quercetin, astragalin, isoquercitrin, methyl gallate, etc. These antioxidant will protect your body from various kinds of cancer like colon, leukemia, breast, stomach, prostate, lungs, and many more.

  1. Heal Gastro-Internals Disorders

 This beverage is also an excellent choice to consume if you have an issue with gastro-internals disorders. Aam Panna contains a pectin. This structural heteropolysaccharide, if it mixed with salt or honey, would be an efficient natural cure for people who have some problems with diarrhea, dysentery, chronic dyspepsia, piles, and constipation.

  1. Treatment of Scurvy

 One the most beneficial thing if you consume Aam Panna is that it will heal your scurvy. Scurvy is a disease that will occur if people haven’t enough of Vitamin C in their body. Most Indian that spend their times doing various activities under the direct sun will drink Aam Panna to heal their scurvy diseases.

  1. Extract Wastes in the Body

 Aam Panna contains a lot of nutrition, like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, calcium, iron, and magnesium which are really vital for the extraction of wastes in the body.

  1. It is Good For Skin

 This beverage has several good effects for your skin. As already described before, Aam Panna contains a great amount of Vitamin C, which will release antioxidant. This antioxidant will protect your skin from early skin ageing and heavy pigmentation as it would prevent free radicals. Also, it contains Vitamin A and beta-carotene, which will rejuvenate and repairs your skin.

  1. It is Good for Eyes

 This beverage has really good effects for your eyes’ health. It contains one of the richest Vitamin A which will protect you from various eyes diseases such as night blindness, dry eyes, and cataracts. This beverage also contains flavonoid compounds such as alpha-carotene and beta-carotene which are really fundamental to your vision.

  1. Reduces Depression

 Aam Panna contains Vitamin B6 that will help the production of the Gamma-Amino Butyric acid. This hormone is essential to make the central nervous system to act as a neurotransmitter which will  help your mind to relax and reducing stress.

  1. Increase the Ability to Concentrate

 If you’re the type of person who has some problems with keeping your concentration, well this Aam Panna is there for you. This beverage contains the glutamine acid, which boosts the memory cell and increases your memory power and your ability to concentrate.

  1. Improves Sexual Desire

 Do you know that mangoes called as the love fruit? Yes, people called that fruit with that expression because of its ability to increase the sexual desire between a couple. Since this fruit is the main ingredients of this beverage, Aam Panna contains Vitamin E which will arouse the sexual desire by regulating the sex hormones. It also contains folic acid which will improves the fertility among women.

  1. Prevent Birth Defects

 Aam Panna is one of the beverages you should try during your pregnancy. It contains folates which will protect your baby from the risk of birth defects. Folates will also help your baby to grow properly. So, it is great to consume this beverage for pregnant women.

  1. Maintain the Health of Teeth and Gums

 This beverage contains a perfect source of Vitamin C which will help you to maintain the health of your teeth and gums. Also, Aam Panna contains a high level of potassium and calcium which will keep your teeth healthy.

  1. Prevent Dehydration

 Indian people love to drink this beverage because of its ability to fight against heat. They said that Aam Panna can fight against the heat is because its high containing water. It is important to stay hydrated, especially in tropical territory. So, if you want to stay hydrated in summer and you want to taste a delicious and healthy beverages, Aam Panna is a perfect choice.

  1. Heat Stroke

 Living in the hot temperature place sometimes will make people lose excessive electrolyte in their body through a sweat. To stay hydrated in such a hot temperature place, consuming Aam Panna sprinkled with salt would be a perfect solution as it would prevent you from excessive loss of water and sodium chloride.

  1. Prevent Anemia

 Aam Panna contains great amount of iron, which will prevent you from any kind of iron defficiency diseases, including anemia.

  1. Boosts Immunity

 This beverage contains a good source of vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and wide variety of carotenoids which without a doubt will improve your immunity against any kind of diseases.

  1. Healthier Heart

 As already described before, Aam Panna contains an excellent amount of Vitamin C and pectin. These things have a specific function to lowering the bad serum cholesterol, which will protect your heart from any kind of threat.

The Ingredients of Aam Panna and How to Make It

So, now you already know that it is truly beneficial to drink Aam Panna. For you who interested to make this beverage but still wondering how to make it, here we serve you the ingredients that you need to make this beverage and also the complete procedure on how to make it.


  • 1 Raw green mango
  • ¼ cup Roasted cumin powder
  • ½ tsp Black Pepper
  • ½ tsp Fresh Mint Leaves
  • Chilled Water
  • Salt
  • Ice Cubes

How to make it?

  1. Dry roasted cumin powder for few minutes until you can smell the flavorous aroma from it.
  2. Add sugar, salt, mint leaves, and black pepper in the mixer and grind it into powder.
  3. In pressure cooker, add raw green mango with skin on and add little water. Giving it 3-4 whistle and take it off afterwards
  4. Peel off mango skin, separate the mango pulp and expelled the seed.
  5. Add mango pulp with the sugar, salt, mint leaves mixture and blend it until it is smooth without adding some water.
  6. For 500 ml of water, add about 4 tsp of the preserve, garnish it with mint leaves, add some ice cubes.
  7. Refreshing Aam Panna is ready to serve.

Side Effects and Precautions of Aam Panna

We are agrees that if we consuming everything over frequently, there would be a negative effect that will occur within our body. Aam Panna is no exception. While this beverage has numerous greatness for our body, there would be some side effects and disadvantages that will affect our body when we consuming this beverage over the limit. Here are the bad effects that will happen to us:

  1. Aam Panna contains a high amount of calories, which without a doubt may cause a problem for people with diabetic issue. People with diabetes would receive a great benefit from this beverage when they are consuming it without adding any sugar or salt.
  2. Aam Panna and mango peels usually contains urushiol, which is poisonous in nature that may cause some allergic reactions to certain people.
  3. The raw mango that being used to make Aam Panna that ripened using calcium carbide may cause several health disorders if they don’t wash it properly.

After reading through this article, we bet that you are already interested in tasting this healthy beverage. We assure you that you will not regret to give it a try. Alongside with your healthy lifestyle, it is really great if from right now, you have a healthy beverage like Aam Panna to accompany your daily life.