15 Health Benefits of Oak Leaves (No.9 Insane)

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Oak tree is belonging to the genus Quercus and consists of a wide variety of tree species such as red oak and white oak tree. This tree has many uses from its bark, its acorn, and also its leaves. Various phytochemicals present in the oak leaves that bring many health benefits in the medical world. Here are the health benefits of oak leaves for the medical purpose:

  1. Act as antioxidant against free radicals

The phenolic compound has been found in Oak leaves. This compound acts as a strong antioxidant which fights against free radicals in the body.

  1. Prevent the growth of cancer cells.

Oak leaves have the anticarcinogenic potential effect. It comes from its antioxidant which can inhibit the free radicals that can cause the growth of cancer cells.

  1. Support the cardioprotective activities.

Flavonoid activities have also been found in oak leaves. This compound has a cardioprotective activity that can decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease through its several mechanisms, such as inhibit the inflammation of the vessel and inhibit the plaque formation.

  1. Heal the superficial injury quickly.

Oak LeavesAs mentioned above, oak leaves contain flavonoid compound which plays the role in the healing process, especially for the superficial injury. You can put the fresh oak leaves on the top of your wound or injury area and it will heal quickly.

  1. Help to treat the gastric ulcer.

Through its flavonoid compound, oak leaves can help to treat the gastric ulcer. Flavonoid will release the substance that can heal the gastric ulcer and prevent the inflammation happen.

  1. Reduce the local inflammation.

Oak leaves can reduce the local inflammation symptom such as redness, swell, and pain in the specific local area. You have just to put the fresh oak leaves on the local inflammation area and wait until the flavonoid compound within oak leaves works to reduce that inflammation symptom.

  1. Fight against viruses and bacteria.

Besides as the anti-inflammatory agent, the flavonoid compound in oak leaves has the antimicrobial effect. It can fight against viruses and bacteria and help you recovering from the infection,

  1. Prevent the atherosclerotic formation.

The antioxidant effect in oak leaves can increase the HDL (good cholesterol) and reduce the LDL (bad cholesterol) effect. This mechanism is important to prevent the atherosclerotic formation that may become the plaque in the vessels. It will help to prevent the heart ischemic disease or stroke.

  1. Reduce the blood pressure.

The flavonoid compound in oak leaves has the capability to inhibit the ACE (Angiotensin Converting Enzyme) activity that makes hypertension happen. Oak leaves have the substrate which is similar to the anti-hypertension drug in the class of ACE inhibitor. It can reduce the blood pressure effectively in the hypertension patient.

  1. Help to treat dyslipidemia.

The capability of oak leaves through its flavonoid compound can help to treat dyslipidemia (cholesterol level disorder). It can increase the HDL level and lower the LDL level effectively.

  1. Help to treat fever.

Oak leaves have the component that can be used as a quinine substitute. This component helps to treat fever symptom.

  1. Help to stop the bleeding

Oak leaves play the role in wound healing mechanism. It has a substance that helps to stop the bleeding. Just put the clean fresh oak leaves on the site of bleeding and press it until the bleeding has stopped.

  1. Reduce the skin irritation.

The anti-inflammation and antimicrobial effect of Oak leaves can be used to reduce the skin irritation. It will reduce the redness and swell on the irritation skin area.

  1. Act as antiseptic

Flavonoid compound in Oak leaves can also act as antiseptic. You can use Oak leaves to clean the debris or the bacterial at your wound area. Don’t forget to clean the wound first with the water before you clean it with Oak leaves.

  1. Help soothing the poultice.

Oak leaves can help soothing the poultice. This health benefit comes from the anti-inflammation effect of flavonoid inside the oak leaves.  You can reduce the swelling in the poultice.

15 Health benefits of Oak leaves have been explained above. You can use the oak leaves in a fresh condition for the first aid in the field. If you want, you can soft the oak leaves by boiling them in the water or steaming until they limp. For the outer use such for antiseptic or wound healing, you can crush the oak leaves and apply the in the wound area. Always remember to keep the cleanness of the wound area.

If you want to get the health benefits of Oak leaves to treat several disease or maybe to control your blood pressure, you can make the oak leaves as an infusion tea. Follow this simple step to make Oak leaves tea:

  1. Get 4-5 of oak leaves.
  2. Wash the oak leaves by rinsing them with the tap water.
  3. Boil the leaves with 400cc of water.
  4. Filter the oak leaves and drink the tea.
  5. Consume it once per day to get the health benefits from it.