Get Your Diet Guide in These Benefits of Jamun for Weight Loss

Do you know what jamun is? It is also known as Black plum which is an important summer fruit (Syzygium cumini). It is often called as jambul, jambas, jamun, jambolan, rajaman, kala jamun, neredu, naval, nerale, jamali, java plum, black plum, and blackberry. Jamun has many medicinal benefits to relieve stomach pain, carminative, anti-scorbutic and […]

5 Top Health Benefits of 3-Day Juice Cleanse and The Recommendation

Hmmm, who doesn’t enjoy drinking juice here? Imagine the sweet refreshing taste of the liquid extracted from fruit pulps combined with some goodness from the fruit. That looks pretty desirable to quench thirst on a hot sunny day. Today, fruit juices are not only treated as another type of beverage, but it has also found […]

16 Scientifically Proven Health Benefits of Herbalife

Recently, healthy diet becomes people priority. But rather than maintaining and improving health, people start consuming healthy diet to get in shape. Not only maintaining healthy diet, by consuming healthy food such Health Benefits of Eating 5 Portions of Fruit and Veg in a Day, people also seek some manufactured diet supplement. But considering the hectic […]

3 Main Facts about Chia Seeds for Weight Loss Treatments

Everybody who follows the ongoing trends on healthy dietary habits must have heard, or even tasted chia seeds. Many people are recommending consumption of chia seeds as part of a healthy meal. But what exactly are chia seeds? And is the hype about losing weight by consuming chia seeds true at all? What’s the facts about […]

12 Important Benefits of Purple Sweet Potato for Diet Treatment

From some studies that have been done to prove if consuming purple sweet potato is very good for the body because it becomes a source of carbohydrate substitute for rice. In addition, in purple sweet potato or sometime called yam also contains antioxidant benefits such as phenol and also flavonoids that have a role for […]

17 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Mango at Night

Sometimes we go to bed with cravings as our bed time is too far from the dinner time. However we, especially ladies are too lazy to have supper. In addition, we have the stereotype that eating or snacking before bed might not be good as it will make you instantly gain weight. But have you […]

15 Health Benefits of Avocado for Breakfast #Top for Diet

There is a very common phrase which say “an apple a day makes the doctor away”, that is why we cannot even hesitate about apples and the health benefits of green apples. But what if the apple changed by avocado? Will it be beneficial to eat for daily breakfast? Let us see in this article! […]

13 Important Benefits of Chayote for Diet #1 Works!

For most people of Indonesia including you, must be very familiar with chayote. Although in the market itself there are many types of chayote that you can found such as the yellow chayote and white chayote. The characteristic of the Chayoteese gourd is the oval-shaped fruit with the rounded ends. The skin of the fruit is commonly […]

20 Well-Known Benefits of Cucumber For Diet and Overall Health

Cucumber is one of the food with various powerful benefit. Including the benefits of cucumber for diet. Therefore, many people include cucumber in the diet menu. Since it has been proven for many years good in supporting and maintaining health. Cucumber is easily to get. Not only good for the body, it can also bring […]

12 Health Benefits of Drinking 2 Glasses of Water in the Morning

When is the most important time in your life? The answer is in the morning. What you eat and what you drink in the morning is also the most important meal in your day. The suggestion of drinking 2 glasses or more water in the morning is not only myth but there are a lot […]