12 Health Benefits of Eating Banana Before Going to Bed

Usually, we are very, very avoiding to eat before going to sleep because this will give a bad impact for our body, as an example? increased weight. But who would have thought that the consumption of certain types of fruit before bed was able to provide many benefits for our bodies. One of the best […]

10 Powerful Health Benefits of Green Bananas for Body

Who is not familiar with bananas? Banana trees grow very dawn along the island of Indonesia. The types of fruit and size vary greatly from small to large. Not hard to find this fruit in the market or supermarket. The price is affordable to all societies. No wonder the fruit bananas are often consumed in […]

12 Important Benefits of Dragon Fruit for Gout Treatment

Uric acid or gout is one type of disease that comes from the residual metabolism of purine substances. Purine itself comes from the food we consume daily. Purines are substances that exist in every food ingredient in the body of living things. People who suffer from Uric acid or gout usually feel the pain that […]

12 Proven Health Benefits of Moringa Leaves for Gout Treatment

Before we know the benefits of Moringa Leaves for uric acid or gout, would be better if we know what is uric acid or gout itself? Uric acid is a compound that exists because of the results of purine metabolism in the body. While purines are compounds contained in several types of foods both vegetable […]

12 Incredible Health Benefits of Lime for Uric Acid Treatments

Perhaps you have experienced a very severe pain in the foot area, especially the big toe accompanied by a red rash? If yes then maybe you have uric acid or also known as gout disease. This disease occurs due to the erosion of sodium present in the decaying veins and then causes arthritis. This disease […]

12 Powerful Health Benefits of Turmeric for GERD

For most people, including you, will always certainly know with this type of spice. It is namely turmeric or usually known by the name of kunyit in some areas such as in Java. Scientifically turmeric has the name Curcuma longa or Curcuma domestica and belongs to the original Indonesian spice. Java is also known for […]

12 Health Benefits of Celery for Uric Disease (Herbal Treatments)

Celery is one of the plants that can grow in the lowlands as well as in the highlands are commonly used as a complement to cooking. Celery has the name Apium Graveolens and in some countries it is called parsley, celery, selinon and some other names. How to cultivate the celery is also easy cikup, […]

Powerful Benefits of Tomatoes for Uric Acid (Natural Prevention)

Tomato can basically be categorized as a kind of fruits and vegetables. Besides, tomatoes are also very rich in vitamins such as vitamin B1, vitamin C, and vitamin A. Other substances such as carbohydrates, fiber, potassium, phosphorus, iron, and protein can also be found in tomatoes. Actually, it doesn’t matter whether tomato is fruit or […]

17 Impressing Health Benefits of Taro for Skin Health

Taro or commonly referred to as Talas Bogor is one of the food that much favored by the people of Indonesia and maybe you are one of them, scientifically taro has a scientific name Colocasia esculenta L. Unlike the type of other yam species, Taro is one of the leafy plants that you meet in […]

12 Effective Benefits of Ginger Tea for Skin Health

Having a beautiful face and is becoming a desire of everyone, especially a lot of women is really looking a quality for their body, not only beautiful but also healthy. For most people a beautiful and healthy face is very important plus it is very excellent to increase their appearance. There are various ways you […]