Physical and Spiritual Benefits of Licking Fingers After Eating

Every person has its own habit in eating. It may in term of the food combination, the way in eating, or the habit right after eating. One of those eating habits is licking fingers after eating. Well, it may show that the food is too good to leave a single stain on fingers. That’s why […]

Health Benefits of Long Term Fasting and How to Do It Correctly

For some religions, fasting has been part of the believers’ spiritual lifestyle and right now the lifestyle has been shifted into becoming healthy lifestyle as well. It is because according to some scientific studies, fasting may bring a lot of benefits for human health and this article will be focusing on discussing about the health […]

Top 12 List of Health Benefits of Being Vegetarian for You

Vegetarian is more than just a lifestyle, it is a choice of life. It is because you cannot just following the trend of eating greens but you should make a commitment of the lifetime to stay that way, not only the way you eat but also the way you live. What Is Vegetarian? Vegetarian which […]