5 Powerful Health Benefits of Mealworms You Can Believe

When we talk about worm, we will never able to relate this kind of animal with food. Some people even cannot imagine eating them. But the recent trend of lifestyle mention that eating mealworms can solve some problems such as malnutrition and even the environmental issues. Well, mealworms might literally look like worms. But it […]

Is There Any Health Benefits of Edible Insects? (The Pros and Cons)

It seems that none of you have ever thought about eating insect. But in fact, some kinds of insect such as grasshoppers, red ant, cricket, and some kinds of caterpillar are edible. The edible insects are not merely edible, but also nutritious. They contribute high value of nutrients, as they provide health benefits of edible […]

Health Benefits of Tacos al Pastor (Healthy and Fancy Tasty Food)

The first thing come to mind when we talk about Mexican cuisine is tacos. There are many kinds of tacos. But most people favorite might be tacos al pastor. It is a variant of tacos with sautéed pork marinated in lemon and pineapple. The sweet and sour taste will make you never bored of it. […]

Health Benefits Taiwanese Tea Egg (Healthy Oriental Cuisine)

Tea egg is one of the famous traditional street foods from Taiwan. Although now you can find this food in the other country such as Hong Kong and Singapore, the Taiwanese tea egg is the most well-known tea egg, which not only present unique appearance of egg, cooking method, and ingredients, this oriental cuisine  can […]

Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Rehmannia Root

Rehmannia root has been used in china as the traditional medicine for thousands years. Some scientific studies support the health benefits of rehmannia root to improve general health and to heal particular kind of diseases. Rehmannia itself is a flowering plants originated from china and has ben believed to be effective herbal remedy. Nutritional Information […]

Scientifically Proven Health Benefits of Ephedra – Chinese Herbal Medicine

Ephedra is an herb widely used in China for years and also known as ma huang. People commonly use ephedra branches and tops to make medicine. But some of them use the whole plant, including the root to get the health benefits of ephedra as included in List of Herbs Starting with E and Health […]

Annatto Powder Skin Benefits (#1 Caribbean Beauty Secret)

Some of you might only know annatto powder from annatto seeds as natural food coloring. This is the essential spices used to create yellow to orange color in Mexican cuisine along with Health Benefits of Turmeric Root Powder. Surprisingly, annatto powder is also beneficial for skin. You can get the annatto powder skin benefits with […]

Surprising Health Benefits of Andean Lupin (Chocho Bean) – The Super Bean!

Beans are praised for their beneficial nutrition, especially the high protein content. It is also the same for Andean lupin, one of the lupin species grows around Andes. Andean lupin is also called chocho bean. The Health Benefits of Andean Lupin (Chocho Bean) It is said that the bitter taste of Andean lupin differentiate Andean […]

What Are The Benefits of Namaz (Prayers) in Islam for Muslims? (Scientifically Proven for Mental Health)

In Islam, the namaz or prayer is called Salat. The Muslim are obliged to do prayer at least 5 times in a day for the compulsory prayer and the Sunnah, such as tahajjud with its Health Benefits of Tahajjud Prayer for Mental Health. The prayer lets the believers to enrich their spirituality and the love […]

Powerful Health Benefits of Dates in Islam Based on Quran- Super Food

Dates are special fruit in Islam as it is mentioned by the Prophet Muhammad that dates are fruit from paradise. Dates are also a kind of staple fruit of Muslim during Ramadhan. It is suggested to eat three pieces of dates to break their fast as Sunnah. It is also supported by the fact that […]