15 Health Benefits of Avocado for Breakfast #Top for Diet

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avocadoThere is a very common phrase which say “an apple a day makes the doctor away”, that is why we cannot even hesitate about apples and the health benefits of green apples.

But what if the apple changed by avocado? Will it be beneficial to eat for daily breakfast? Let us see in this article!

Know More About  Avocado

Though Avocado is originated from Mexico, the green fruit has already well known for people in some countries such as America, Guatemala, and Indonesia. Its binomial name is Persea americana. The fruit can be cultivated where the place has a climate without frost but still needs a little wind.

Avocado is actually a large berry which has only one large seed. The plant of the avocado can be planted indoor and outdoor, but it is vulnerable to some plant diseases which caused by fungus, virus, and bacteria.

What Are The Nutritional Content of Avocado?

If we are talking about the health benefits of avocado, first we have to know its nutritional contents that make it beneficial and good to be used for breakfast. Here are the nutritional contents of avocado one raw avocado:

Nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz)
Energy670 kJ (160 kcal)
8.53 g
Sugars0.66 g
Dietary fiber6.7 g
14.66 g
Saturated2.13 g
Monounsaturated9.80 g
Polyunsaturated1.82 g
2 g
Vitamin A equiv.

lutein zeaxanthin

7 μg


62 μg

271 μg
Thiamine (B1)

0.067 mg

Riboflavin (B2)

0.13 mg

Niacin (B3)

1.738 mg

Pantothenic acid (B5)

1.389 mg

Vitamin B6

0.257 mg

Folate (B9)

81 μg

Vitamin C

10 mg

Vitamin E

2.07 mg

Vitamin K

21 μg


12 mg


0.55 mg


29 mg


0.142 mg


52 mg


485 mg


7 mg


0.64 mg

Other constituents
Water73.23 g
Fluoride7 µg
Beta-sitosterol76 mg

  • Units
  • μg = micrograms • mg = milligrams
  • IU = International units
Percentages are roughly approximated using US recommendations for adults.
Source: USDA Nutrient Database

Health Benefits of Avocado for Breakfast

Here are the best health benefits of avocado for breakfast:

1. Prevent Heart Attack

Avocado has higher potassium content than the health benefits of cavendish banana that people usually eat for breakfast. The high potassium content in it that makes it can maintain the functions of some important the body cells. Some research show that the high content of potassium can help to prevent heart attack and its dangerous risks which can lead into sudden death.

2. Get The Normal Cholesterol Level

We can see from the nutritional content table above that avocado can be included to low-carb fruit because it does not contain any sodium nor cholesterol, and it also low in saturated fat which is just about 2.13 grams. People sometimes do not pay attention to what they eat for breakfast. It will be good if you choose to eat avocado for your breakfast to lower your cholesterol level.

3. Provide Healthy Fat for The Body

There are some types of fat that contained in a kind of food, and that is one of the thing that people unlikely to know. Avocado often not be chosen as a food for breakfast because it contains high fat content, though most of the fats are mono-unsaturated which is actually a healthy kind of fat.

Usually fat is considered to be a negative thing for the body, but in fact the body still needs to consume fat and you can choose the healthy fat. 

4. Make The Stomach Feel Full for A Long Time

A study that can be seen from the researchers, conclude that the subjects of the research consume a half of one avocado for their lunch and get the result that they feel full and do not want to eat any snacks for a period of time.

The decreasing of the will to eat the snack is about 40% than if they don’t consume the avocado. Try also the health benefits of almond meal. So, the health benefits of avocado for breakfast is really work for diet.

5. Prevent Obesity

The healthy fats that contained in avocado can already fulfill the needs of fat of the body. That is why it is very beneficial and healthy to eat avocado for your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You don’t have to be afraid of the fats in it because ot proved to be a healthy kind of fat. So you can avoid the risk of getting obesity in the future if yu eat avocado regularly.

6. Prevent The Risk of Diabetes

Oher than the needs of fat, our body also needs to consume sugar or glucose everyday. Unfortunately, sometimes people don’t pay attention of the sources of the glucose. Eating avocado for your breakfast will help your body to get a healthy source of glucose so it won;t give our body any negative effects.

7. Strengthen The Bone Structure

Avocado contain about 4% iron and 10% potassium which is good for the health of the bones. You can see from the table above that it also contain a high level of folate about 20%, and vitamin K about 20%, too. All of those minerals and nutrition known to be good to strengthen our bone’s structure.

8. Reduce Blood Pressure

It is also about the high potassium content in the fruit which is known to maintain a healthy blood pressure. People with a high blood pressure can consume avocado to reduce the level and maintain to get a stable blood pressure.

9. Reduce Blood Sugar Level

The nutritional contents of avocado shows that avocado contains a dietary fiber for about 6.7 g. The dietary fiber is useful to control the blood sugar level and can help people who suffered from diabetes and people who want to control their blood sugar level.

10. Weight Loss

There are some great health benefits of avocado for breakfast, mostly for your diet plan. The very important things for people who want to lose weight is to control the fulfillment of the needs of the body such as healthy fat, sugar, protein, and how to control the appetite.

You can control all of those things by eating avocado for your breakfast because it is proved to contained all and also contain the dietary fiber.

11. Prevent Kidney Failure

To prevent kidney failure, you can consume avocado which has a high potassium content and healthy for the body. You may also read the health benefits of blue and purple fruit and vegetables.

12. Safe for Cooking

Other than any material which is not safe for cooking, avocado is safe for cooking, and it also can be made into juice or smoothies. 

13. Healthy Diet

A diet is not only a way to lose weight, but also a way to be healthy and live longer. You can start your healthy diet by eating avocado for your breakfast regularly because it contains many healthy vitamin and minerals that needed by the body.

14. Eyes Health

Consuming avocado can increase the lutein in the body which is useful to prevent the risk of cataract both for elderly and also youth.

15. Relieve Arthritis Symptoms

Many studies show that avocado can help to relieve the symptoms which lead to arthritis just like the health benefits of taking soy protein powder.

Cautions of Avocado

Though avocado has already known to contain many beneficial minerals and vitamins, there are some people which is still get allergy to the fruit. Be aware if you feel some symptoms such as abdominal pain, vomiting, or some symptoms in the throat and mouth.