15 Sweet Potato Benefits for Weight Loss – Recent Research

One way to lose weight quickly is to consume sweet potatoes. Sweet potato benefits for weight loss are well known commonly because sweet potato has many health benefits that are useful to those of you who want to run a diet program. Read about Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes. The nutrition content of sweet potato! […]

15 Health Benefits of Sweet Purple Potatoes Just Revealed

Purple sweet potato is very delicious, even more delicious if it is eaten in warm conditions. Some people still think that purple sweet potatoes are the ‘villager’ food or the food for the people of the village. Currently, purple sweet potatoes can not only be processed into traditional snacks only, but also made into more […]

12 Important Benefits of Purple Sweet Potato for Diet Treatment

From some studies that have been done to prove if consuming purple sweet potato is very good for the body because it becomes a source of carbohydrate substitute for rice. In addition, in purple sweet potato or sometime called yam also contains antioxidant benefits such as phenol and also flavonoids that have a role for […]

33 Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes You don’t Believe

Sweet potatoes is often consumed as a snack. They can be easily found both in traditional market or modern market. Even though several nutrition in sweet potatoes are good for our body, we have to be aware of the risk for our health that might come after we consume sweet potato. Health Benefits Of Sweet Potato 1. Preventing […]