12 Important Benefits of Purple Sweet Potato for Diet Treatment

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From some studies that have been done to prove if consuming purple sweet potato is very good for the body because it becomes a source of carbohydrate substitute for rice. In addition, in purple sweet potato or sometime called yam also contains antioxidant benefits such as phenol and also flavonoids that have a role for anti mutagenic, anti viral, anti microbial and also anti-bacterial.

Sweet purple potato also contains some vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron, fat, calcium, riboflavin, crude fiber, protein, vitamin B, vitamin C and so on.

With so many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in this tuber, it’s no wonder that purple sweet potatoes have many benefits including the purple sweet potato benefits for the diet that we will review in the following article.

Here are the benefits of purple sweet potato for diet treatments:

  1. Help Lose weight

Purple sweet potato is best consumed to lose weight because it is low in calories but high in nutrients and dietary fiber. Sweet purple is considered to be one of the best diet foods to reduce weight. The fiber in this purple sweet potato will fill the stomach faster and reduce the desire for snacking.

Just consuming one small portion of purple yam is enough to keep you full longer so it can prevent overreacting and will also help in the reducing weight program.

There is also some alternatives of whole list to help you lose weight and also good for your heart healthy such as :

  1. Keeping Blood Sugar Level Stable

In purple sweet potato contains kanji which is very useful to increase blood sugar levels slowly which made it very highly recommended for diabetics diet. Sweet purple potato is also very well consumed to reduce blood sugar levels and also insulin resistance.

While the fiber content in sweet potatoes is also very good for maintaining the stability of insulin, lipid and blood sugar levels in the body.

  1. Improve the Digestive System

Sweet purple is also a high food fiber content even higher than potatoes. This fiber amount is needed to improve the digestive system. The purple sweet potato texture that is also easy to digest makes this food a good food for the intestine and stomach.

While the content of vitamin B Complex, beta carotene, vitamin C, calcium and calcium also will relieve symptoms of stomach ulcers, ulcer solution, prevent constipation while building acid. With the smooth progress of digestion, the accumulation of fat, dirt and various unimportant substances can be removed from the body and plus, the body will not gain weight because it will not accumulates too long.

  1. Maintaining Water Balance In Body

The fiber content in purple yam is not only good for maintaining the stability of body weight, but also maintaining the stability of water in the body. A well-preserved body fluid balance will not accumulate and gain weight so it will further support your diet program. 

  1. Set Cholesterol Levels on optimal and healthy level

Fiber in purple sweet potato or yam is also very useful for lowering high cholesterol in the blood because the fiber content is enough to meet the body’s needs of energy, which reaches 33 percent of total needs of energy of the body in one day. This type of carbohydrate in purple sweet potato will be useful to lower excess cholesterol level so it can be used as a very good diet therapy.

  1. Reduce Excessive Stress Levels

Keep in mind if weight gain is also very influential with how high levels of stress a person. The higher the stress level, the performance of the body will be disrupted which makes the various important substances which should be discarded or burned will result in disturbed energy that will only stored and act as disadvantages for the body.

  1. Reduce the Consumption of Food

The reason people have to lose weight is because of dependence with certain types of foods such as sweet foods, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. To control the desire to eat something then it can be done by consuming this purple sweet potatoes regularly which also lose weight. One of the other alternatives of food that can help reduce weight is the Health benefits of Cucumber and the Health benefits of Dates for Weight Loss.

  1. Healthy Diet Source Diet Program

The fiber content in purple sweet potatoes and various complete nutrients inside of it also useful as a source of energy during the day of activity. With this, the stomach will feel full longer without the need to consume too much food. 

  1. High Antioxidant

Sweet purple is also a food high in vitamin C and an antioxidant source so it is very good to ward off free radicals cause DNA damage that can cause serious problems such as fat accumulation, heart and cancer. Vitamin C in purple sweet potato is also useful to increase the production of collagen which will improve the appearance of fresh skin and reduce cellulite because fat does not accumulate in the skin layer.

  1. Protecting Cardio

Eating foods high in fiber such as purple yams is very good for maintaining the cardiovascular system which automatically also will reduce weight because there is no fat accumulation in the heart area.

Sweet purple potato also acts in a decrease in bad cholesterol levels, while vitamin B6 will shed homocysteine, a substance that is responsible for damage to blood vessels and causes heart problems and fat accumulation. While potassium in purple sweet potatoes play a role in neutralizing the effects of sodium in the body to control blood pressure and water accumulation that causes weight increases.

  1. Low Glycemic Index Foods

Consuming purple sweet potato will not make blood sugar levels higher because the absorption of glucose will be slowed compared with simple sugars. It is not only beneficial for weight control but also useful for diabetes control.

The benefits of purple sweet potato for diet treatments are produced from the high content of fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in these tubers. Make purple sweet potatoes as food in the daily diet to get the ideal weight as well as healthy.