9 Health Benefits of Baby Corn (No.3 Surprising)

Not many people know the health benefits of baby corn for human’s body. In fact, most people think that baby corn doesn’t provide nutritional values. But it’s not true. We are going to found out the benefits of a cute baby corn can bring to our health. Do you ever wonder what kind of plant […]

12 Health Benefits of Sauerkraut (No.3 Insane)

Nowadays fermented food plays important role in improving food quality, food security, and enhancing livelihood. The fermentation especially the fermented vegetables may be affected by some groups of microorganisms. The nature character of vegetable has been paved way for their fermentation due to any enzymatic, bacterial, or even fungal activities. Usually the vegetable is preserved […]

43 Health Benefits of Diet High in Fruits and Vegetables

Health Benefits of Diet High in Fruits and Vegetables not only for weight loss but you will get amazing healthy body. Since long ago we know that fruit and vegetables are an important component of a healthy diet and we need to consume it daily but nowadays people are lack of fruit and vegetable consumption. […]

30 Health Benefits of Mushroom (No.4 Super Potent)

Health Benefits of Mushroom as one of best vegetable in earth you must try. There are a lot of types of mushroom, some are edible and some are toxic. That’s why don’t ever try to pick mushroom from the wild if you are not well-trained because its ability to absorb materials that could be toxic […]

27 Verified Health Benefits of Red Cabbage

Who doesn’t know about cabbage? Yes, cabbage is round leafy vegetable that commonly use by people around the world. Cabbages come in various colour, green, purple and red. Red cabbage is less popular than the green one but it has rich nutrients and more benefits rather than the green cabbage. The red cabbage is belong […]

22 Scientific Taro Leaves Benefits (No.18 Shocking You)

Taro is a tropical plant originally from Southern India and Southeast Asia. It’s usually consumed as a root vegetable or as its leaves vegetables. Both its root and leaves have many health benefits for the body because it is rich in nutrients. Taro Leaves nutrition Per 1 cup (145g) steamed taro leaves (without salt) contain […]

22 Proven Health Benefits of Asparagus (No.11 Is Best)

When spring comes, it’s time for including asparagus to your healthy meals. You can find it easily in your local grocery stores and get all the nutrients packed in this vegetable. There are numerous vitamins and minerals contained in asparagus and it is quite flexible for any kind of diet you are planning. Get to […]

66 Proven Bitter Melon Benefits (No. 1-25 Incredible)

Bitter melon benefits for human health already known around the world, especially for diabetes purpose. Bitter melon is known as the vegetables that contain lots of health benefits. Bitter melon is rich minerals, calcium, and phosphorus, as well as carotenoids. Bitter melon have another name: Momordica charantia (Latin), Balsam-pear/bitter ground (English), Ku gua/Foo gwa (Cina), Pare/paria […]

39 Spirulina Benefits For Health & Beauty (No.1-28 Expert research)

Spirulina is the best nutrition in this era since its substances is 100% natural. Spirulina, green algae, has been existing on this orb since 3.5 billions years ago. Ancient Aztec in Mexico consume spirulina as their food source. Spirulina has more than 2000 species. However, its species, platensis, is the most common to consume and […]