39 Spirulina Benefits For Health & Beauty (No.1-28 Expert research)

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spirulinaSpirulina is the best nutrition in this era since its substances is 100% natural. Spirulina, green algae, has been existing on this orb since 3.5 billions years ago. Ancient Aztec in Mexico consume spirulina as their food source. Spirulina has more than 2000 species. However, its species, platensis, is the most common to consume and has a high nutrition value.

The nutrition value in 1 gr spirulina is the same as a 500 gr nutrition in fruits and vegetables. 8 gram of spirulina intake can fulfill our nutrition need for 40 days. The benefits of spirulina can be categorized in three sections, for our health, our beauty and our fertility.

Health benefits of spirulina

spirulina nutrition table1. Enumerating our immune system.

Spirulina levells up the antibody cells, cytokines (infection counter protein) production. It also increases another cells that level up our immunity to cure infection and chronichal disease, like cancer.

2. Levelling up our body ability to counter radiation.

Since it consists of hundred times of iron compared to spinach, and it contains more beta-carotene compared to carrot, and it also contains more calcium compared to natural milk, spirulina is potentially benefial to counter radiation.

3. Nutrition source.

As an amino acid as much as 62%, spirulina has more protein and other nutrition. Traditionally, this green algae is used for natural suplemen for people who are on diet as they are not able to et calorie or protein. It is also benefits for athlete who needs more nutrition. This green algae is the only plant that contains of the most complete vitamin B complex: B1, B2, B3, B6, and B12. Every 10 g of spirulina contains of vitamin B1 (thiamin) 0,31 mg, B2 (riboflavin) 0,35 mg, B3 (niacin) 1,46 mg, B6 (pyridoxine) 80 mcg, and B12 (cobalamine)32 mc g.

4. Healing allergic

It helps in healing radang selaput lendir allergic. Consuming spirulina everyday will decrease that illness symptoms, like keep sneezing, itchy nose and nasal congestion.

5. Lowering blood cholesterol level.

It is naturally lowering the blood cholesterol level and increase absorbing important minerals. Consuming several gram of spirulina everyday can decrease LDL or bad cholesterol and increase cholesterol ratio instead. The level of normal cholesterol plays an important role in decreasing our weight.

6. Healing diabetes

If it is used as a diet suplement for 12 weeks, it can lowering blood fat. It is good for people who suffer from diabetes as it decreases the chances of inflammation and lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.

7. Decreasing weight.

Spirulina is rich of beta-carotine, chlorofil, GLA amino acid and other nutritions, especially for people who suffers from obesity. Consuming spirulina during fasting time will benefits our body since it helps to clean and to heal our body system.

8. Resolving oral cancer.

In a research of the benefits of spirulina, 87 people who chew tobacco and suffer from leukoplakia are randomly given spirulina and placebo. The result shows that spirulina is more effective to improve the oral wound than placebo.

9. Reducing the risk of cancer.

It helps a lot in hampering the growth of cancer cells, decreasing the risk of suffering from cancer and increasing our immune. It is good for replacing food product from animal product because it is easily absorbed by our body. It consists of a lot of fikosianin for anti cancer.

10. Reducing the effects of chemoteraphy.

People who are in the process of chemoteraphy will undeniably experience dizziness, losing appetite, sleeping dissorder, nausea, vomit, dry throat, and anxious. Spirulina is potentially effective to reduce those uncomfortable condition.

11. Increasing brain function.

Since it contains a lot of folat and vitamin B-12 that have important role in our brain and nerves system, spirulina assists a lot in protecting as well as improving the cognitive function.

12. Curing depression.

As it is a good source of folic acid, it is a good food source for our brain. It also supports the energy production and red blood cells. Therefore, it is good for curing depression.

13. Curing eyes problems.

Based on the research, spirulina is good for our eyes. It is proven effectively for curing eye problems, like cataract, retinitis, and angiosclerosis.

14. Curing ulcer.

Spirulina helps us in curing peptic ulcer. It plays well in curing gastric and duodenal ulcer because it contains amino acid, cysteine and high quality protein. Its high contains of chlorophyllfacilitates us in returning digesting function. It has high nutrition concentration compared to vegetables or seeds. The process of its digestion can activate microorganism Lactobasillus roles in our intestine so that the digesting efficiency will potentially increase and work well in absorbing vitamin B12 and other vitamins.

15. Curing hepatitis and cirrhosis.

Consuming spirulina in a month can helps a lot not only in preventing but also in curing fatty liver and hepato-cirrhosis.

16. Increasing sexual vitality.

Its high protein, mineral, and enzyme makes it beneficial in increasing sexual vitality.

17. Dental Improvement.

Its high phosphorus can increase our teeth health.

18. Antibacteria

Spirulina keeps the candida bacteria overgrowth. Instead it pushes the development of good bacterias in our stomach. Chronic candida bacteria can aggravate the symptoms of autoimun illnesses.

19. HIV and AIDS.

It can heals any side effects symptoms from HIV and AIDS treatment. It helps to non-activated the virus that causes the weakness of our immune which closely related to HIV and AIDS. Based on the scientists, when the virus attacks the body cells, it first attaches to membrane. However, spirulina extraction prevents the viruses from penetrating the membrane for infecting the cells. As a result, the viruses are trapped outside of the cells and are not able to double themselves. Eventually, they are cleaned by a natural body defense system.

20. Good for pregnancy.

It contains of high iron that is extremely needed during pregnancy process, especially for those who suffers from anemia.

21. Reduces Menopausal Symptoms

Hot flushes or several hormonal symptoms is predicted as the first menopause symptoms. Consuming spirulina daily for a few months helps to reduce the symptoms. After taking spirulina, women who experience menopause will feel their calmness and mental equivalence.

22. Mood magnifier.

It contains competent level of L- tryptophan amino acid that helps us in magnifying our mood and makes us always in our best shape.

23. A Hangover healer

A hangover is the collection of numerous unpleasant feelings, either they are physiological and psychological that can last for more than 24 hours. Spirulina can help reducing the effect of hangover as long as it is consumed prior to heavy drinking since it improves the metabolism and discharge toxin from our body.

24. Appetite Trimer

Spirulina extinguishes our appetite since its simple cells can digest all its protein in a minute if it is diffused in water. Consuming spirulina a half an hour prior to meal will not make you starve. As a result, you will eat less than your usual portion.

25. Extirpate Bad Breath

Spirulina contains of chlorophyll that works effectively in extirpating bad odor of our mouth.

26. Impeding Alzheimer.

It decreases the level of amyloid-beta proteins and helps us to experience Alzheimer. Amyloid-beta proteins forms plaque that makes our memory loss.

27. Decreasing heart disease.

Spirulina decreases the risk of heart disease. It controls blood cholesterol well. Its working mechanism is based on its gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). It plays such a positive role to control cholesterol synthesis in our liver. High cholesterol can stoppage the blood vessel. As a result, the work of the heart becomes harder and the risk of suffering from heart attack is higher.

Spirulina Benefits for our Beauty

28. Tauting our skin.

It consists of high vitamin A, B12, vitamin E, calcium, iron and phosporus. The substances in those vitamin are very important to keep our skin health from free radicals that wrinkle our skin. Applying spirulina regularly will taut our skin and we will look much younger.

29. Removing darkness spot in our eye bags.

By its detoxification effect, spirulina can remove the darkness on our face, especially in our eye bags during our fatigued condition as well as the symptoms of having dried eyes. As a result, our eyes become shining, energetic, and black- round-free.

30 Expelling acnes naturally

Sicne it contains of the best substances, spirulina is often used for our skin face treatment. Many results show that it also helps expelling acnes naturally as well as their remained spot. Its vitamin, calcium, iron, and phospor function as a skin toner that helps your skin face younger and tight.

31. Prevent Premature Aging

It consists of premature aging substances, such as: of tyrosine, vitamin E, and selenium. Applying spirulina mask (external use) for 20 minutes will inhibit us from premature aging and acnes.

32. Healthy Nails

Spirulina consists of 70% protein that our body needs. Consuming it for as long as four weeks will prevent us from nail problems, such as wart.

33. Increasing Hair Growth.

Externally used of spirulina can enhance the hair growth. Beside it can be consumed, it also useful as a shampoo. One of the serious hair problems is Alopecia. It is an autoimmune disease that decreases the number of our hair up to its distressing level. Spirulina plays an important part in preventing more hair loss and facilitates hair renewal.

34. Removing dandruff

It works as a antioxidant compound for our hair. Applying it continuously for four weeks will make your hair dandruff free, strong, and shining.

The Benefits of Spirulina for Fertility

35. The Most Complate Protein Source

Spirulina is the most complete protein source because it contains all amino acid that are needed to as a requirement of complete protein source. The content of spirulina protein is 50-70% of its total dry weight.

36. Spirulina Contains various Vitamin and Mineral.

Diet is important for fertility. Spirulina contains various vitamin and mineral that are all useful for our health.
Vitamins in spirulina are: A, D, E, K, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, B6, B12, folat acid and pantotenat acid.Meanwhile, minerals in spirulina are: Calium, Calsium, zinc, magnesium, mangan, selenium, iron, copper, dan phospor. Since it grows in freshwater, its sodium is relatively low.

37. Its antioxidan levels up Egg and Sperm Health, Prevents Pre-Eclampsia

Many vitamin and mineral in spirulina are proven to protecr our body from free radicals since it plays as an antioxidant. The oxidative damage contributes to fertility problems, such as broken egg and poor sperm quality. Its overall damage is levelling down our immune system. The researcher in Mexico show that spirulina can help curing women who suffer from pre-eclampsia. Pre-eclampsia is related to the increasing of oxydative pressure, either in placenta or vascular system.

NADPH oxydation is proven as the main source of oxydatif pressure that is related to pre-eclampsia. Phycocyanobilin substance (PCB) in spirulina is proven to hamper NADPH. This beneficial in protecting mother and child from pre-eclampsia. The main cause of that illness is poor nutrition.

38. Important Fat Acid Content in Spirulina

Spirulina contains of important fat acid in the form of asam linolenat, asam linoleat and asam arakidonat. Those substances are potential in helping protaglandin function that are needed for balancing our hormone and blood pressure regulation as well as important for pregnancy.

39. Low Sugar

Spirulina only consists of around 10-15% carbohydrate substance. Consuming spirulina does not change insulin level. therefore, it is save for people who suffer from infertility problem because of diabetes.

Spirulina Side Effects

Despite its marvelous effects both for our health and beauty, Spirulina has 10 noticeable side effects:

1. Disintegrate Phenylketonuria:

Phenylketonuria is a genetically seized disorder. the patients struggle to metabolize the amino acid called phenylalanine because they do not have sufficient amount of enzyme called phenylalanine hydroxylase. The symptoms of that illness are: deferred development, tremor, hyperactivity and analytical impairment. Since it is rich of phenylalanine, it aggravates the symptoms of phenylketonuria.

2. Exasperate Autoimmune Diseases Symptoms:

Reactive arthritis, vitiligo, diabetes type 2, jultiple sclerosis, psoriasis and pernicious anemia are the examples of auto-immune disease. People will experience this disease when their healthy tissues that are commonly exist in our body is strongly violated. Spirulina works as an irritant if it is consumed by people who experience that disease.

3. Drug Interconnection:

Person who takes medication for his immune-suppressant problem are suggested not to take spirulina as it will depreciate the process of medication itself because its activity is leveling up the immune system. As a result, people who suffer from the illness will experience serious illness intricacy.

4. Risk Of Heavy Metal Toxicity:

Some of spirulina arrays that are produced rampantly sometimes are infiltrated by remarkable mark of heavy metals, like mercury, cadmium, arsenic and lead. Consuming it from irresponsible sources will cause impairment in our organs, such as kidneys and liver. In this case, children are more potentially suffering risk because of this heavy metal toxin.

5. Renal Ailment:

When spirulina metabolizes, a large quantity of ammonia is produced in the body which later is transmuted into. This condition pushes kidneys to work harder to discharge urea from blood. As a result, kidney cannot work optimally. It triggers the existence of kidney stone when the concentration of urea is high.

6. Triggers Edema

Edema is inflated limbs. It happens when our renal function does not work properly. The effect of this condition is enormous nutrients in our blood swollen the limbs.

7. Digestive Malaise

For people who are at their first time consuming spirulina might experience nausea and vomiting. Newbies should learn as many knowledge as possible about spirulina since it can cause digestive gases excessively.

8. Septic Stroke

Septic is mostly caused by bacteria. It is a threatening medical condition when the injury organ responses to infection. There is a possibility that spirulina is infested by toxin-producing bacteria. When the toxin is released inside of our body, it can cause septic stroke. People who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension and multiple myeloma are potential to experience septic stroke.

9. A chance of suffering from Motor Neuron Disease (MND):

Some of spirulina ecosystem are mostly in lakes, ponds and sea. Those places are often contains toxin. When we consume those species, they produce toxins that drives the disease called motor neuron disease. Muscles seizure, The symptoms include muscular spasms, falsified speech, and quick weight-loss are the symptoms of this health problem. As MND is progressing, the result often worse: disability.

10. Warning for Pregnant Women And Breastfeeding Infants:

Since children and infants are potentially contaminated by spirulina, it is understandable that pregnant women are suggested not to consume spirulina in all forms. Even though, its side effects for pregnancy have not yet been revealed.

It is indeed used for overcoming various health problems, from the simplest one until the most severe issue around the world. However, consume it too much will eventually bring us problem since it in fact can damage our kidneys, liver, nerves and and digestive system.To achieve its important function is by following the instruction for recommended dosage. It is also important to note that buying spirulina contamination free is highly suggested to avoid complications.