Health Benefits of Taro Bubble Tea – New Popular Healthy Beverage

There are a lot of healthy options of beverage you could enjoy in daily basis and one of the beverages that become popular recently is bubble tea. Well, though this type of beverage is not a new stuff and invented for the first time in 1980s but the modern package and brand is increasing the […]

17 Impressing Health Benefits of Taro for Skin Health

Taro or commonly referred to as Talas Bogor is one of the food that much favored by the people of Indonesia and maybe you are one of them, scientifically taro has a scientific name Colocasia esculenta L. Unlike the type of other yam species, Taro is one of the leafy plants that you meet in […]

23 Proven Health Benefits of Taro (No.19 Shocking)

Taro or known as Colocasia esculenta isn’t the main food that you eat regularly. Thus, some people consider this food as food for village civilization or a pork food. Meanwhile, Taro have many benefits for the body as well for health, beauty or treatment for a disease. As a result, here is the benefits of taro. […]

22 Scientific Taro Leaves Benefits (No.18 Shocking You)

Taro is a tropical plant originally from Southern India and Southeast Asia. It’s usually consumed as a root vegetable or as its leaves vegetables. Both its root and leaves have many health benefits for the body because it is rich in nutrients. Taro Leaves nutrition Per 1 cup (145g) steamed taro leaves (without salt) contain […]