30 Health Benefits of Mushroom (No.4 Super Potent)

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Health Benefits of Mushroom as one of best vegetable in earth you must try. There are a lot of types of mushroom, some are edible and some are toxic. That’s why don’t ever try to pick mushroom from the wild if you are not well-trained because its ability to absorb materials that could be toxic for your body may endanger your health as well as your life. That’s why consuming mushroom from the reliable and respectable supplier is the only safe and healthy way to consume mushroom.

There are a lot of variants of mushroom, recent researches showed that there are more than 140,000 species of mushroom that are spreading around the world and the number is still progressively increasing. However, there are some famous, edible, delicious and healthy mushrooms that you may have heard ore even tasted like shitake, red button and oyster.

Mushroom could be turned into various dishes as well. You could bake, boil, fry, steam and even roast it, just be creative since the taste of mushroom is already delicious. Besides it could be consumed as main course or just for fun and healthy snack option.

Nutrients Breakdown of Mushroom:


72 gram per serving

Protein2.2 gram
Carbohydrate2.3 gram
Vitamin B227%
Pantothenic Acid22%
Vitamin B317%
Vitamin B16%
Vitamin B65%
Vitamin B123%

Health Benefits of Mushroom

  1. Lowering Cholesterol Level

mushroomMushroom contains no cholesterol and fat and even the carbohydrate found in mushroom is very low. In additional, mushroom contains fiber that functioning to bind excess cholesterol during digestion process and the protein content assisting in burning it. Those processes will be able to balance the level of LDL and HDL cholesterol so the level of cholesterol could be controlled.

  1. Fighting Cancers

Consuming mushroom regularly could assist in reducing the risk of breast cancer after menopause. The main cause of breast cancer is there is excess estrogen in the body and mushroom contains linoleic acid that is helpful in reducing the harmful effect of excess estrogen. In the other hands, the Beta-Glucans contained in mushroom is able to fight prostate cancer which has anti-carcinogenic effect that could inhibit the growth of cancerous cells.

  1. Increasing Immunity System

Ergothioneine is actually one of the types of amino acid which richly found in mushroom. It is also well known as the master of antioxidant with powerful protection system against free radicals. Furthermore, mushroom is also containing a certain compound which similar to penicillin that could act anti fungal and inhibit the growth of harmful microbial organism. Then there is still the combination of Vitamin A, B and C that will contribute in boosting immunity system.

  1. Treating Anemia

The main reason behind anemia is iron deficiency. Yes, how to treat anemia is as easy as making sure you consume foods contained high iron and mushroom is absolutely on the top list. Iron is essential to produce red blood cells that your body required and compared to others foods that contained iron, almost 90% iron contained in the body could be absorbed optimally. Besides that mushroom also contains vitamin C that could boost the absorption of iron.

  1. Good for Patients with Diabetes

Why mushroom is good for diabetes patient is because mushroom contains no fat and cholesterol. The content of carbohydrate in mushroom is also relatively low so it is a very good energy source of diabetes patient. Furthermore, mushroom is so rich of vitamin and mineral as well as water and fiber. Mushroom also contains special enzyme that could help in breaking down sugar in food so it could be absorbed by body cells optimally to prevent the excess amount of glucose in the blood.

  1. Mushrooms as Natural Antibiotics

Health Benefits of Mushroom also could be one of best natural antibiotics. Do you know that penicillin itself was extracted from mushroom? In other words, if you are consuming mushroom regularly means you are providing natural antibiotic for your body to fight against certain infection caused by harmful microbial and fungal. It is not only able to prevent but even those who have been infected could be healed since it contains powerful antioxidant.

  1. Bone Health

Why mushroom is good for bone health? It is because mushroom is rich of iron, copper and selenium. Those three have prominent properties in keeping the strength of your bones as well as the strength of hair and nails. Furthermore, mushroom is also natural source of calcium and surely you have known that calcium is essential for bones and has prominent function in preventing the development of bone conditions like osteoporosis or others condition caused by bones cells degeneration.

  1. Reduce the Risk of Osteoporosis

It is true that the high content of calcium contained in mushroom is effective in reducing the risk of osteoporosis and others bone conditions. Calcium will work together with certain minerals like iron, copper and selenium to protect your bones and make them stronger. Consuming mushroom regularly is not only healthy option for snacking but it is also investment for your future life.

  1. Optimizing the Nutrients Absorption

Do you know that consuming high nutrients food is not enough? It still depends on how your body metabolism absorbs those nutrients. Vitamin D and vitamin C has prominent function in optimizing the absorption of certain nutrients. While vitamin C will ensure the optimal absorption of iron and then vitamin D will ensure the optimal absorption of calcium and phosphorous. Those vitamins could be found in mushroom.

  1. Protection from Free Radicals

Free radicals are very dangerous for your body since it could lead to a lot of chronic diseases like cancers. That is why making sure your body having several layers of protections toward free radicals is important. Antioxidant is what you need to protect your body against free radicals and recent studies have found that mushroom contains ‘master antioxidant’ called ergothioneine that is so vital for your health.

  1. Healing Ulcers and Ulcerous

Ulcers and ulcerous are two common skin conditions. Those conditions caused by bacteria, virus or microbial infections. Though there are a lot of medications or salve that could be used to heal those conditions from external, consuming mushroom which has natural antibiotic properties could assist the healing from internal to accelerate the healing process as well as prevent it from further infections.

  1. Controlling Blood Pressure

It is a common knowledge that foods rich of potassium is good for controlling blood pressure and mushroom is not the exception. In this matter, potassium will be able to reduce the blood pressure by acting as vasodilator. As vasodilator, potassium will relax the tension in the blood vessel and as the effect the blood pressure will be reduced significantly.

  1. Increasing Cognitive Function

Feeding your children with mushroom is effective in increasing the cognitive function. It is due to the high content of potassium in mushroom. As vasodilator, potassium is not  only able to relax the blood vessel and reduce the blood pressure but at the same time also increase the blood circulation and oxygen flow to the brain to stimulate neural activity which will lead to the increasing of cognitive function.

  1. Good for Nerve System

The availability of oxygen in the brain is essential for nerve system to function optimally. Foods rich of iron which contribute in making sure the availability of red blood cells to distribute oxygen to the brain is good for nerve system. Furthermore, mushroom is not only rich of iron but also rich of potassium that together iron will make sure body has enough red blood cells to distribute oxygen while potassium will make sure there is no disturbance in the blood vessel during the distribution.

  1. Improving Memory

Researches have found that oxygenated brain is much healthier compared to those that didn’t received enough oxygen. Healthy brain means that brain could function optimally and one of the brain functions is memorizing.  Mushroom is rich of potassium that could make sure your brain will function optimally. The same research also mentioned that good memory means longer endurance during study.

  1. Super Food for Brain

Oxygen is essential for brain function. Potassium contained in mushroom has big contribution in making sure blood vessel functions optimally so the distribution of oxygen brought by red blood cells to the brain could be optimized as well. Healthy brain means good memory, good nerve system and low risk of stroke.

  1. Reduce the Risk of Hypertension

Hypertension caused by when heart is forced to work too hard. The cause could be variants but blood clog that disturb the work of blood vessels is the main reason. Potassium is essential in relaxing the blood vessel while fiber has prominent role in preventing the excess production of LDL that contributes in formation of plaque that could cause blood clog.

  1. Source of Selenium for Vegetarians

The unique thing about mushroom is it has parasitic characteristic. It will feed from whatever host it used live. For example, selenium is very rare to be found in plant since its primary source is animal protein. For vegetarians just consuming mushroom that feed off animal will be able to fulfill the need of selenium for their body without the need to obtain it directly for animal protein. Besides that some mushroom has meaty texture that could be consumed as replacement of meat.

  1. Aids in Weight Loss

From the nutrients contained in mushroom we already know that this food is good for those who are currently in weight loss program. Mushroom is low in carbohydrate as well as containing zero fat and cholesterol and as additional mushroom is rich of fiber that will optimize the digestive tract for maximum nutrients absorption and reduce the formulation of fats in the cells.

  1. Good for Bodybuilding

As rich of protein surely mushroom is also recommended food for those who are currently in bodybuilding program. Working out will assist you in burning the excess fat in your cells but it is not enough because you need protein to build muscle mass. Without which you will reach your goal to lose your weight but that’s it. That’s why insert mushroom as your daily diet will ensure the protein that your body needs to build the muscle.

  1. Rich Source of Antioxidant

Speaking of antioxidant mushroom is not only rich of those properties but also contains one of the important and rare antioxidant which is well known by experts as ‘master antioxidant’.

  1. Reduce the Risk of Stroke

Stroke occurred when brain doesn’t get enough oxygen due to disturbed blood distribution. Mushroom contained relatively high of potassium that will make sure that thing wouldn’t happen by relaxing the blood vessel while iron produce red blood cells used to circulate oxygen to the brain and reduce the risk of stroke.

  1. Reduce the Damages caused by Stroke

Mushroom is not only good to reduce the risk of stroke but also reduce the damages caused by stroke. It is due to the anti inflammatory properties that will heal the stroke damage though surely further studies are still required but since mushroom is almost without side effect consuming it is highly recommended for stroke patient.

  1. Helpful for Asthma

Recent studies also found that mushroom is probably good and helpful for asthma patients. Asthma is difficult to cure but the symptom is still possible to be reduced. Mushroom contains anti inflammatory properties which scientists have claimed to be helpful for those who are currently suffering asthma.

  1. Slowing Down the Tumor Growth

Some studies have been conducted regarding this matter whether nutrients contained in mushroom could slow down the tumor growth. As powerful antioxidant source surely mushroom is able to fight damaged cells that will lead to tumor. The same study also claimed that is not only prevents but able to repairs the damaged cells, so it is also effective to make sure the growth of tumor is inhibited.

  1. Prevent Oxidative Damage of DNA

Damaged DNA could lead to the rapid growth of mutated cells. Mutated cells are also well known as cancerous cells. Mushroom which contains master antioxidant called ergothioneine is the solution to prevent the oxidative damage of DNA. In other words, it is an effective solution to prevent cancer caused by damaged DNA.

  1. Optimizing the Circulation of Oxygen

As rich in vitamin and mineral mushroom also having big contribution in optimizing the circulation of oxygen as well as making sure it is used efficiently. Vitamin C will make sure the optimal absorption of iron that beneficial to the production of red blood cells which later be used to distribute oxygen to the whole body.

  1. Promoting Healthy Skin

Healthy skin means your body is getting enough antioxidant to fight free radicals as well as getting enough vitamins to make sure the maximum regeneration of skin cells. Mushroom is rich of antioxidant and vitamin C contained in mushroom will make sure the production of glycogen that will accelerate the regeneration of cells and slow down the degeneration of cells.

  1. Contribute Resistance Against Allergic

As good as natural immunity booster mushroom also has another function; it is providing resistance against allergic. It is due to the beta-glucans found in mushroom claimed by researchers may participating in provide protection toward allergic reaction.

  1. Gluten Free

Last benefits of mushrooms is gluten free. One important to know about mushroom is that it is gluten free. So for those who are currently in gluten free diet, consuming mushroom will provide all the nutrients that your body need with peace of mind.

Cautions and Warning

The unique thing about mushroom is that you could consume it regularly as often as possible since it almost has no side effects. However, it doesn’t mean that you could consume it without any control since something that is too much is never be good. Consume it wisely will give you all the 30 benefits of mushroom as mentioned.

Below is some cautions and warning that you still need to take into consideration because if you are not careful the effect could be very dangerous that even lead to fatality:

  1. Be Aware of Toxins Mushroom

Mushroom is unique organism. It has parasitic characteristic which live by absorbing nutrients from the host. That’s why mushroom could contain certain nutrients from both animal and plants depending on where it used to grow on. That’s ability will make mushroom able to absorb materials whether it is good or bad materials. So, don’t pick mushroom from the wild because the possibility of the mushroom contaminated with metal or water pollutions is high. Just consume mushroom provided by respectable supplier.

  1. Probably Difficult for Digestive System

It is just depending on how you cook it. Mushroom has skin cells that could be too hard for your digestive system. That’s why cooking it thoroughly will make sure the skin cells are soft enough for your digestive system and the cooking process will also able to destroy all the toxic materials.

Mushroom may have parasitic character to where they’re growing on but its ability to absorb beneficial nutrients in where it used to grow on is also beneficial for human health. The 30 benefits have been mentioned above is the scientific proof that mushrooms is one of the super foods that are supposed to be in your daily diet. However, consuming it wisely will give you all the benefits that mushrooms offer and avoid you to all the harmful effects if you consume it in high dosage.