6 Naturally Pleasing Health Benefits of Spirulina During Pregnancy

Spirulina is often referred to as a superfood. What exactly is spirulina? Is spirulina really efficacious and has clinically tested health benefits? Before deciding to consume spirulina, check out some of the following information and facts. It’s a species of cyanobacteria, a green-bluish-bean-sided algae plant, that humans can consume.  Spirulina grows in tropical and subtropical […]

Beauty Benefits of Spirulina Mask for Your Skin Health

Spirulina or blue green algae is a plant that grows in both salt and fresh water. Spirulina is also widely used be it as a food item or skincare ingredient, and are renowned for its high amino acid, iron and also protein-rich qualities. The best of it all? Spirulina mask is also easy to be […]

39 Spirulina Benefits For Health & Beauty (No.1-28 Expert research)

Spirulina is the best nutrition in this era since its substances is 100% natural. Spirulina, green algae, has been existing on this orb since 3.5 billions years ago. Ancient Aztec in Mexico consume spirulina as their food source. Spirulina has more than 2000 species. However, its species, platensis, is the most common to consume and […]