Find Out the Excellent Benefits of Watching Korean Drama for Mental Health Here!

Do you love to watch movies? What genre do you love to choose? Or you may love to watch Korean drama? Then, it is such a good thing! At this point, you may have known that Korean drama and movies gained immense popularity within these few years, garnering more and more non-Korean speaking fans worldwide. […]

Singing Your Heart Out Has Surprising Psychological Benefits!

When it comes to singing, I believe that most of us love to do that. Not only it is fun, but then the lyrics and melody that we release through our voices also provides emotional and mood improvement. Imagine how will things be like if we go through our daily routines without singing. Boring right? […]

Surprising Health Benefits of Saying No for Mental and Physical Health

“No” might be a very simple word. However, sometimes it is not easy to say no. especially to someone we love or have a close relationship with, it is easier for us to say yes and please them. On the other hand, saying yes is not always pleasant for us. It is a common thing […]

8 Health Benefits of Group Singing for Mental Health and Well Being

Singing is an activity that musical sounds produced by the voice including regular speech by sustained tonality, rhythm, and several vocal techniques. In person or group, singing is one of activity that most of people like to do it. Even some people take it as a job or they choose to be professional singers, which probably without know the benefits. Many studies found by […]

7 Benefits of Reading Surah Yasin on Friday for Spiritual Health

Qur’an is the holy book belongs to Muslims which is revealed to the prophet of Muhammad Saw through mediator of Jibril gradually for 22 years, 2 months, 22 days. The purpose of derived Qur’an is guidance for Muslims. In addition, Muslims believed that in Qur’an contained so many superiority for the people who read it. […]

14 Health Benefits of Listening to Your Favorite Song

Who doesn’t love music? Everyone loves music, as music knows no age. Some even might not be able to go on their day without listening to music. Music is very essential to human’s lives, as it is practically well incorporated into almost every activity that humans do. Starting from rituals, religious practices, work, recreational activity, […]

22 Benefits of Kissing on the Lips for Physical and Mental Health

Kissing is truly something. The simple act of touch between two lips can be physical, mental, emotional or all of them at the same time. Some even say that kissing can be magical. As many Disney’s fairy tales would suggest, kisses can revive poisoned princess from death, wake a beautiful princess from deep eternal slumber, […]

25 Benefits of Exercise for Mental Health (No.1 Is Excellent)

When it comes to healthy living lifestyle, most people are only concerning about their physical health and forget about their mental health. Sometimes, they only aware of how they look in the mirror and what people thought about their appearances, whether they are fat or slim enough. They only concern about how much time they […]

18 Mental Benefits of Exercise for Youth and Elderly (#No.8 is Fact)

There is no doubt that doing various exercises would be very good to improve the overall health of your body. Exercise would be beneficial to control your body weight, prevent you from many diseases, gain some muscles, and many more. But, it turns out that exercise is more than gain some muscles and control your […]