12 Unexpected Benefits of Primal Scream Therapy for Mental Health

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Psychological issues are something that commonly experienced by many people. The load from the working place, or traffic jam in the street can be the caused of the stresses. This is why since 1970 the benefits of primal scream therapy is introduced. The psychological world wishes to get a breakthrough from this simple behavior that apparently can help to manage stress.

Primal scream therapy is a kind of method for stress therapy that developed by Arthur Januv. This therapy successfully survived for five decades and effectively healing the stresses, mainly dedicated to release a childhood trauma. Since the stresses level of people is now increasing, many of psychiatry recommend this activity to perform while facing some psychological issue.

How to Perform Primal Scream Therapy

Doing this kind of therapy not need good skill. Everyone can apply this method and successfully managed their stresses. For those who firstly known on this therapy, below are several steps to perform the therapy:

  • Take a time to relax and focus.
  • Choose the right place to perform this activity. In some countries, there are several organization and society that collect people to perform this activity together. Therefore, find the information on this society may help you to frequently perform this mental healing method.
  • Scream out loud and release all your stresses through this activity.
  • Do this frequently and do some consultation with psychiatry to get advice on this matter.

Benefits of Primal Scream Therapy

Doing this therapy believed can manage better mental health. Therefore, this method is common for the last 50 years and still following until today. For more specific benefits of primal scream therapy, check on below lists of points.

1. Relaxing Mind

One of the focus of the activity is to help people produce a relaxing mind that away from stressful feeling due to the live load. Therefore, perform this activity will manage to help release the negative mind out. This is the same health benefits of praying in tongue that also manage to relax the mind effectively.

2. Managing Stresses

When the mind become positive, it will help to avoid stresses due to the daily activities or environmental pollutant. Therefore, by doing primal scream therapy, it will reduce the level of your stresses and replace with a better feeling.

3. Improve Sleep Quality

When people having no negative thinking and stressful, it will help people to save their sleeping time too. It will lead them to avoid insomnia and increase the quality of the sleep. The same way with the health benefits co sleeping with your child that will improve the sleep quality by avoiding insomnia too.

4. Release Hormones

Benefits of primal scream therapy including to manage to release the hormones out of the body. It will produce a regular hormone that will manage the body metabolism to working better. Therefore, it will lead to a better body system too.

5. Provide Positive Feeling

Another benefit of this therapy including to provide a positive feeling. When people release from stresses it will bring them a good mind and throw away all the negative thinking. The same benefits writing down your feeling that works to provide a positive feeling too.

6. Calmness Thinking

The therapy also leads to produce a calmness mind and thinking. It can help to manage the emotional well and lead someone not to easily get angry or feeling disappointed.

7. Mental Health

Through all the positive result of this therapy, it will provide someone with stressful problems to experience better mental health. Therefore, this therapy is good to recover mental problems. The same amethyst gemstone benefits that also good to manages better mental health.

8. Grow Confident

When the mental and feeling is positive, it can automatically lead to growing people confident. Therefore, it brings positive mind and manage a better feeling too.

9. Blood Circulation

Many people do not realize that a positive mind can lead to a good body system. Including it will manage better blood circulation. Therefore, it is another way to keep a healthy body too. The same health benefits of eating cucumber at night that manage better blood circulation too.

10. Manage Blood Pressure

When the blood circulation is better, it will lead to better blood pressure too. Furthermore, it can help to decrease the blood pressure level, mainly for those who always experience hypertension. Since these symptoms sometimes comes from the stressful feeling and negative thinking.

11. Wellness

Primal scream therapy also one of the effective way to create wellness. Therefore, people will leave in peace and have a better healthy body too.

12. Happy Living

Through good wellness and healthy body system, it can automatically release a happy feeling too. Therefore, people will experience a happy living and live in a peaceful mind and thinking.

Recommendation of Performing Primal Scream Therapy

Since this method is not common, there are several things to consider when relying on this therapy to heal the stresses. Therefore, it is suggested to notice below recommendations:

  • To get the best result, make sure to do a consultation first with the psychiatry mainly on the mental problems and the source of the stresses. Therefore, it can help to manage the problems well and get faster healing.
  • Control the voice when performing this activity and make sure the throat is in a good condition. Otherwise, it can irritate the throat and result loss of voice.
  • Combine this method with healthy living habits such as exercise and healthy food will manage to provide the best result.
  • If this method is not releasing your problems, then talk to professional psychiatry that can help you to find the best solutions. Do not do this method by your own decision without discuss with the medical expert on this matter. Otherwise, it will not help to solve your problems effectively.

Those all the benefits of primal scream therapy that claims can manage a childhood trauma up to the daily stresses. Therefore, trying to apply this method accompany by the advice of a medical practitioner can be a good choice to perform. Furthermore, when it combined with a healthy habit, then this activity might bring you the best result for your wellness and mental health.