Benefits of Learning to Play Musical Instruments

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The number of parents who are sending their children to learn music is progressively increasing today because they know well about the benefits of learning to play musical instruments especially for children in their early development stage. Learning music is more than just learning about sound and note but also learning about how to listen, how to harmonize, how to work together with different instruments and people. The list of benefits below will tell you more about how important learning how to play music instruments is.

For Brain Development

  1. Improves the Memory Capacity

Some scientific studies have found out that listening to music could help improving the memory capacity. If you also learn how to play musical instruments, your brain is also trained to optimize your motor skills not only in playing the instruments but in other activities as well.

  1. Better Mathematical Ability

Some studies also found out that those who are learning to play musical instruments in early age may have better mathematical ability because while playing music you should learn about counting notes and rhymes.

  1. Improves Comprehension Skills

Those who know how to read notes may recognize what the note is and what to do to make a correct sound. In other words, this ability is good to improve comprehension skills.

  1. Good for Focus

For parents who find out it difficult to make their children focus, enrolling them to music class may help improving their focus. It is because during music class, you need to concentrate not only to the sound but also tempo, pitch, rhythm, note duration and other players.

  1. Enhances Mental Performance

When you play music in regular basis is like exercising your brain. It is not only good for memory or the nerve system but also good for mental performance. Some studies even connected how to prevent Alzheimer and dementia is by listening or playing music.

For Self-Development

  1. Refines Time Management

Not a lot of people realize that learning about tempo and rhythm could refine how to manage time management. Most musicians know how to appreciate a good quality of practice time. The more they practice the more advance their skill will be.

  1. Teaches Perseverance

There is no shortcut to learn how to play music. It means you are trained to be patient until you could learn how to make the correct sound with the right note. Most people needs time and long practice until they could make a perfect music because nothing instant in music unless you were born with special gift.

  1. Enhances Coordination

When playing instruments, you are not only learning how to read note but also learning how to transcript it into a sound through your hands, harmonizing it with the other instruments, eyes that should focus on the music sheet and the conductor.

  1. Learns about Responsibility

Music played in group sounds much better. It means a player should learn about responsibility that it is not only your instrument that matters but also others. Attending practice time on time is not only good for you but also for others.

  1. Relieves Stress

If you know how to play at least one music instrument; it could be a good therapy to relieve stress even reduce the symptoms of depression especially in children.

  1. Have A Senses of Achievements

Once you could play a music instrument, you will get a sense of pride of achievement. Later, it is possible for you to challenge yourself to learn more musical instruments just for the sense of achievements.

  1. Boosts Your Listening Skills

There are a lot of health benefits of listening to music and not a lot of people realize that listening is also a good skill. By learning how to tune your instrument yourself could help improving your listening skill. It is not applicable in music but also in real life.

  1. Where You Could Learn about Discipline

Learning how to play a musical instrument could be really challenging because if you are not serious, there is always someone who will become better than you. Discipline is the key if you want to be the best in this field, though playing music is fun but it requires a lot of time, energy and a good will.

  1. May be Good for Respiratory System

Do you know that to make a high quality sound, good breathing is the key? Yes, breathing exercises are strongly required in a music class and doing it regularly could be really good for respiratory system and may reduce the symptoms of asthma.

  1. Have A Better Posture

Have you ever attended an orchestra? Well, every musician there is sitting properly not only for show but that posture will produce a better sound. Sitting properly is really good for body posture.

For Social Benefits

  1. Improves Organizational Skill

If you want to improve your organizational skill, joining a group of music could be super helpful. In one simple rhythm could be improved to be better harmony if you combine it with others notes from different musical instrument. Organizing the harmony and the people required a lot of hard work.

  1. Better Team Skills

It is not easy to work in a team. However, if you are so into music, mastering this skill is essential because there are several music instruments that cannot stand alone. It means to make a good harmony you should work with other people.

  1. Learns More about Cultures

What do you know about health benefits of listening to classical music? Well, music comes from different culture, the more you play different types of music the more you learn about the culture. That is why music is well known as universal language because in one rhythm you could learn about culture, history and even language.

  1. Promotes Social Skills

If parents find their children are difficult to blend, enrolling them to music class is highly recommended where they could meet people who have the same interests and purposes.

  1. A Good Place to Find New Friends

It is easier to make friend with someone who has the same interest as yours. In a music class you will find a lot of people who love music as big as you do.

Now you know that even there are some significant health benefits of playing guitar that you really love. It is not only about fun but also good for mental health. It is highly recommended to learn music as early as possible. If you have children, considering hiring a private teacher or enrolling your children to music course should become parents’ priority. However, if you are an adult and wants to get all the benefits of learning to play music instruments, it’s not too late either because