Benefits of Having a Therapy Animal

What does a therapy animal mean? Do you know about this type of health therapy? A therapy animal is a therapy that involves an animal as the assistant for some treatment. Usually, the therapy animal is in the form of a dog or a cat. It says that a therapy animal will give us a […]

Surprising Health Benefits of Saying No for Mental and Physical Health

“No” might be a very simple word. However, sometimes it is not easy to say no. especially to someone we love or have a close relationship with, it is easier for us to say yes and please them. On the other hand, saying yes is not always pleasant for us. It is a common thing […]

10 Benefits of Popping Bubble Wrap to Reduce Stress

Who likes to play bubble wrap? As we know, Benefits of Popping Bubble Wrap serves to protect fragile objects that exist in the packaging so as not to break or form with other hard objects. But whether bubble wrap only serves to protect objects only? The fact is not. Based on several studies, bubble wrap […]

14 Benefits of Taking Vacation Days (No.5 Shocking)

Benefits of Taking Vacation have a lot of positive impact. Holiday or vacation is one of the most awaiting moment throughout the year after working and having many activities. Before vacation comes, people used to prepare everything and making plan to spend their holiday. Not only make people happy, vacation can make people stay healthy […]

24 Health Risks of Stress (No.8 Everyone Avoid This)

We bet that every one of you have already suffered from stress several times in your life, but you must know Health Risks of Stress is very danger. Stress is the common condition in human life since there are lots of things that the people must resolve within their lives. Being stressed commonly triggered by […]

17 Unexpected Symptoms of Depression : Early Signs

You must be familiar with the word depression. Depression is a kind of mood disorder, which is commonly characterized by the feeling of sadness, helplessness, and worthlessness. In the matter of fact, every people already suffers from this disorder and this is pretty normal. But, it becomes very dangerous whenever you’re feel it regularly day […]