Surprising Health Benefits of Saying No for Mental and Physical Health

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“No” might be a very simple word. However, sometimes it is not easy to say no. especially to someone we love or have a close relationship with, it is easier for us to say yes and please them. On the other hand, saying yes is not always pleasant for us.

It is a common thing to feel something like guilt or regret after saying yes just because we cannot say no. besides the mental effect, the inability to saying no can also influence our physical health. People might not realize how saying no can give us the health benefits of saying no, either mentally or physically.

During our social interaction, we have a big possibility to face such an invitation or order of which we cannot easily say yes, but we tend to hard to say no either. For example at work, it is common when the up line give command to the down line, and the down line cannot say no even for something he or she doesn’t like.

The other case, when your colleague invite you for a night out or party, but you need to go home straight from work and you find it uneasy to say no. this kind of condition instantly affect our mental and even physical condition. Therefore, it is important for you to find out the health benefits of saying no for mental along with the recommendation to properly saying no. read the whole page to find the answer.

The Health Benefits of Saying No

Surprisingly, the simple thing of saying no can give you many health benefits. Here is some of the health benefits of saying no. read all the points and you might be realized how the simple thing can give a big effect for your health.

  1. Prevent depression

Accepting invitation or command of something you don’t want to do might be fine to maintain good relationship with the people around you. Well, it is fine if you do this once or twice. But not good at all when you do this frequently. If you do this over and over, you may feel the invitation or command as a burden, and further can lead into depression. Therefore, it is better for you to carefully try to say no for this.

  1. Have more time for personal matter

Saying no to an invitation or command doesn’t mean that i suggest you to walk away from the social life. This suggestion is suitable for you who find it is hard to say no for something you don’t want to do. By saying no to the invitation, command, or offer, you can have more time for your personal matter.

For example, you can have the more time to get your job done. Or else you will have more time for your hobby. As we know, hobby is important to prevent us from depression. Even the simple hobby or the other recreational activities can give you the Benefits of Recreational Activities for Mental Health.

  1. Improve self esteem

Some of you might be labeled with “people pleaser” or “yes man/girl” just because you cannot say no to something you don’t want to do. People will think that you are easy. But if you do this kind of thing more and more, people may underestimate you.

On the other hand, if you are able to say no, people around you will give more appreciation to you. This way, you can also improve your self-esteem. This kind of condition is certainly good for your mental and physical health.

  1. Healthy life

For some of you, it might be quite difficult to have enough spare among your busy working life. However, it is important for you save a little time to work out or at least has relaxing activities. Those activities are important for your health.

Therefore, it is good if you can say no to the invitation to a party or drinking as you can have time for your own and allocate the time for simple workout or relaxation.

You can have the Health Benefits of Morning Walking for 30 Minutes a Day before you leave for work and have the Health Benefits of Bathing Feet with Salt Water right after work.

  1. Prevent indigestion

Stress can significantly influence your digestive health. Accepting something you don’t want to accept or doing something you hate to do will lead to stress, even in the mildest level. This condition can cause some digestive problem or indigestion such as nausea, constipation and diarrhea. 

It is possible since stress is able to shut down the mill in your stomach and cause nausea. Stress can also stimulate abnormal reaction of colon. It can cause constipation or diarrhea. As we know, it is common to find people have acute diarrhea when they feel extremely nervous. Therefore, if saying no relieves your stress, you can avoid this kind of problems.

  1. Prevent hypertension

A number of study proved that hypertension is strongly linked to stress. In this case, the stress caused by the inability of saying no may increase the possibility of hypertension cases. As we know, hypertension may cause some further effect such heart diseases and strokes.

Therefore, we can conclude that one of the health benefits of saying no for mental is preventing you from getting into hypertension. Besides, you can also prevent hypertension by managing your diet. You can take advantage from The Health Benefits of Eating 2 Bananas a Day.

  1. Prevent chronic headache

It is true that headache is a physical reaction to something we don’t properly approve, for example the sudden spike of blood sugar. The other thing caused headache is stress. When we feel stress, it is like our nervous system stimulate the pressure or tightness around your forehead to the the back of your neck.

It might be occurred during a long period of time, as long as we don’t solve the stressor. The inability of saying no may also stimulate stress which leads to this condition. So, try to say no and heave the health benefits of saying no for mental in preventing the chronic headache. 

  1. Improve sleep quality

The ability in saying no is effective to relieve stress and further, improve you sleep quality. As we know, the improved sleep quality brings the positive effect for our overall health including the health of skin. As the result, you will have an amazing fresh look every day. It is also good for your brain power, as stated in the Health Benefits of Sleeping.

Recommendation In Saying No

Although it is not easy to say no, at least you have to try. And once you have tried, you need to be consistence. Here are some recommendations to properly say no to the invite, offer, or command you get.

  • Saying no and considering a compromise for the other option. This way, you don’t have to be regretful and able to avoid doing thing you don’t want to do.
  • Keep your response simple, yet firm. It is important for you to firmly and directly saying no. do not make long elaboration of reason or excuses.
  • Consider the importance. When it is good to say no, you still need to consider the importance. Do not be too easy to say no when you find it is important for you to say yes, and you say no because of your ego. Say no only when you feel it is the last thing you can do and bring the benefit for you without giving any loss for other.

Those are the surprising health benefits of saying no for your mental and physical health. You may never realize about it before. So, from now on, be brave and confident to say no for something you don’t want to do or you want to achieve.