7 Excellent Benefits of Gabaneuron – Good for Your Mental Health

In medicine, there are many types of medications used for various diseases and disorders. Each medications or drugs are used for specific purposes (e.g. paracetamol for fever and common cold, laxatives for constipation, etc). Some drugs are better suited for certain conditions. For example, gabaneuron is a medicine commonly used for nervous system disorders and […]

9 Notable Red Dates and Goji Berry Tea Benefits

Red dates and goji berry are species of fruit native to Asia. In Asian folk medicine, red dates and goji berry are commonly used due to their health effects. Furthermore, red dates and goji berry have been used in many Asian foods and beverages, and as part of concoction for herbal tea. Red dates and […]

Check These 9 Benefits of Longan Red Date Tea During Menstruation

Menstruation (also known as period in today’s languages), is an annual cycle of mucosal tissue and blood release from uterus in the vagina. During this period, women may feel a bit uncomfortable and need extra care. Women also have to change pad regularly to prevent irrititation and infection. Overall, there are some safety measures that […]

7 Interesting Benefits of Longan and Red Dates Tea for Health and Weight Loss

Thanks to science and technology, these days tea can be consumed in many flavors. Most bottled and canned tea products come with different tastes. Some of the flavors are honey, milk, and fruit. Fruit-flavored tea, for most of the part, has sweet and slightly bitter taste, depend on what kind of fruit is used as […]

8 Superb Benefits of Rosemary Oil for Respiratory (No.1 Good for Asthma)

One of the world’s common disease is asthma. More than three hundred million people are reported to have asthma symptoms. Ever since, scientists have conducted many researches to find the effective cure for asthma. The results are what would you see in the pharmacy or drug stores. At the same time, people also have relied […]

11 Super Benefits of Rosemary for Muscle You Should Know

Muscle is an important soft tissue of the body. It is muscle that support physical force and every body movement. For example, when we run, it is leg muscle that support and enhance body movement. Muscle is plays important role in most branches of sport, especially weight lifting, and in bodybuilding contests, needless to say […]

8 Interesting Benefits of Dry Hydromassage – Best Massage for Workaholic

Medication is not the only way to treat diseases and disorders. Some people might prefer practical methods. By receiving any kind of therapy, for example. On top of that, there are many forms of therapies. Some might be seen as uncommon. One of unconventional therapy is using help of dry water and hydro system. This […]

(Must Read!) 9 Benefits of Letting Your Baby Cry It Out With Pros and Cons

Crying is definitely a normal habit for baby aged 0-2 years. When first delivered, baby usually would cry, and during breastfeeding period as well. According to experts’ explanation, crying is baby’s response to internal or external stimulus (such as physical contact, emotional moments, environment, etc). For some parents, crying continuously is considered a bad habit […]

12 Surprising Benefits of Cryotherapy for Arthritis – Medical Therapy

At some points, a therapy can be a solution for health problems that can’t be solved by medications alone. Also, therapy offers some exclusive benefits that is not present in regular medicines. There are many types of therapy, each with specific benefits for various health problems. One of the therapies is cryotherapy. According to various […]

7 Natural Benefits of Rosemary Essential Oil in Soap For Your Skin

Soap is one of important self-cleaning products. It helps remove dirt and kill microorganisms in the skin. There are many types of soap, such as liquid soap and solid soap. The ingredients may also vary from soap to other soap. Soap usually use vegetable oil such as palm oil, rosemary oil, etc. In this writing, […]