8 Health Benefits of Group Singing for Mental Health and Well Being

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Singing is an activity that musical sounds produced by the voice including regular speech by sustained tonality, rhythm, and several vocal techniques. In person or group, singing is one of activity that most of people like to do it. Even some people take it as a job or they choose to be professional singers, which probably without know the benefits.

Many studies found by researchers that singing has many benefits. According to research, singing in groups can recover mental illness, feel valued and as well as improves confidence.  Also, director of the Sidney De Haan Research Centre or Professor Stephen Clift said that: “The singing groups continue to prove to be a cost-effective health strategy especially at a time when social care and health budgets are being squeezed from all sides.”. So, here are the details of health benefits of group singing for mental health and wellbeing:

  1. Improves physical health

Health benefit of creating music or singing for some reason can improve physical health. The controlling of breath while singing can lead to positive results moreover for those who are having difficulties in speech. It has been proven by a study from Swedish researchers that singing can reduces heart rate, moreover singing in unison. It also supported by the researchers in Australian that found singing in group can heal pain.

  1. Enhances mood

One of health benefits of group singing for mental health and well being is to enhance mood. It has been proven by a study from University of East Anglia that the singers are having a better feeling or their mood enhance during singing, which is as same as listening music or you can read in health benefits of listening to your favorite song. Moreover, when the mood is better, it affects mental health that also means makes the individual has a better personality.

  1. Improves blood circulation

Singing is as same as aerobic activity that has the benefit for the circulation of blood. The circulation of blood tend to be increased that can lead to other benefits for the body. In addition, it will increase due to more of oxygen through the blood. However, singing combine with healthy foods or simple exercise will make a great impact or you can read in health benefits of mushroom.

  1. Gets more social connection

One of activities that probably bring us more connection is group singing. Singing in a group means the ability of singing will improve as well as interactions, since they often meet new different of people. It is especially for those who are often join singing contests.  Join singing contests are not only to get the prize, but also more important is their new experiences and the connections.

  1. Increases mental health

Group singing is related to mental health. Singing, moreover in a group, triggers endorphins that play a role to increase mental health. In addition, it also reduces stress and anxiety or conditions that associated with mental health. Mental health, moreover can lead to physical health that also can be concluded it makes a great impact for overall health.

  1. Boosts immune system

As well as the benefits of group singing for blood circulation, it also boosts immune system and has been proven by British researchers. For 70 minutes of singing in a choir, cancer patients and caregivers reduce their stress, increase mood and — based on before-and-after saliva tests —their immune system levels also boost. It is because when the blood circulation is well, it followed by other organs that improve their function and against diseases.

  1. Improves brain function

Brain, is one of the crucial organs in the body. To make brain works properly, singing is something worth to do. When the blood circulation in the body increases, the circulation of blood in the brain also increases. It makes the function of brain improve as well as prevent some of diseases that affect brain like dementia. Furthermore, it is probably due to vocal technique where it is better with musical instruments.

  1. More confidence

Some people are less of confidence while to increase it is by singing in a group. Moreover, self-confidence lead to self-worth and it is related to well being.

With those some of health benefits of group singing for mental health and well being, singing is an interesting activity that is beneficial for overall health. For more healthy activities, you can also read health benefits of wudu, benefits of swimming for lungs and health benefits bathing without soap.