12 Health Benefits of Not Eating Junk Food (Short & Long Term)

Do you like junk food? If we say yes, unfortunately, there is no health benefits of not eating junk food we can get. But if we are no, we are the most happy people in the world. Because we can get health benefits of not eating junk food. There are three health benefits of not […]

8 Proven Health Benefits of Ezekiel Bread (No.2 Potent)

Ezekiel bread is a type of bread made from wheat, barley, beans, millet, spelled, and lentils. It is called Ezekiel bread because comes from the Ezekiel in the Hebrew Bible, especially Ezekiel 4: 9. This bread is known as the bread that has many health benefits, especially good for weight loss. Actually, what the health […]

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Bacon during Pregnancy

The most important thing a pregnant mother should know about their diet during pregnancy is that not all of the foods they have consumed that is good for their health is also good for their fetal growing in their womb. Simple example is green vegetables are good for a pregnant mother because it is rich […]

6 Health Benefits of Brinjal During Pregnancy

Brinjal or eggplant is one of those delicious vegetables which are not only high in nutrients but also able to be cooked in the form of various dishes. It can be simply fried, baked, boiled, steam even a vegetarian could enjoy the veggie pizza with brinjal or eggplant as the toping. The taste which is […]

7 Health Benefits of Ghee Indian Clarified Butter Original

Have you ever hear about Ghee Indian Clarified Butter? Ghee Indian Clarified Butter is health butter originally from India. It is called as health butter because Ghee is a clarified butter which means that the milk fat is rendered from the butter. The water and the milk solids as proteins have been boiled off, so […]

17 Benefits of Saturated Fat : Overdose Effects, 31 Foods

Saturated fat is a non-essential fat since it can be synthesized by our body. It usually contains in animal product, for example in meat or egg. However, vegetable product also contains saturated fat, for example palm oil and coconut oil. Saturated fat is famously known as a bad fat since its effects for our health often […]