22 Health Benefits of Quail Eggs (No.9 Super Fast)

Human needs good nutrition to keep healthy body. The good food also will affect to human growth and development and reparation process of human body. Many researches have been proven that food that contain high nutrients and eating well balance food can significantly improve human health. To provide and nourish the body with nutrients, we […]

18 Health Benefits of Spicy Food (No.3 You Not Believe)

Nowadays most of people loves to eat spicy for some reasons. For some people, they thinks that spicy food will only make their tongues burnt. In the other sides, spicy food actually brings the great health benefits for human body. Eating spicy food will bring the health effect to the body. The health benefit comes […]

15 Health Benefits of Eating Mayonnaise (No.6 Shocking)

Almost everyone knows mayonnaise very well. Some has even known that mayonnaise is very good for body health. It is commonly used as sauce. Most of people knows that mayonnaise will always be used on sandwich, pizza, salad, pasta and other food. Mayonnaise can mixed with different sauce such as mustard or tomato sauce since […]

15 Health Benefits of Yeo Valley Yoghurt (No.2 Is Best)

Health Benefits of Yeo Valley Yoghurt not many people know, but before explore its effects we better know its history. In 1974 there was a company named Yeo Valley focused on producing yogurts and also dessert in Bristol. For some years they moved the production into milk production while in 1993 the company restarted produding the […]

30 Proven Foods That Lower Cholesterol Level in 5 Minutes

Foods That Lower Cholesterol Level is more important, especially it could in fast reduce cholesterol level. Is cholesterol our friend or foe? Naturally, all substances found in our body are essential for the body’s system or metabolism and cholesterol is not the exception. Cholesterol could be naturally manufactured by body itself but also able to […]

19 Health Benefits of Tempe (No.8 You Must Get)

Health benefits of tempe from its high an complate nutrients is very important for human health. Tempe is fermented by soybean with rhizopus fungi, a type of fungi that can break down the protein in soybeans into amino acids, making it easier to digest by the body. That is different from protein content in soy […]

22 Benefits of Tofu : Health – Beauty – Pregnancy (#1 Insane)

As a result of processing soybeans, Tofu contains vegetable protein because it has a complete amino acid composition (up to 8 amino acids) and believed to have a high digestibility (by 85% -98%). When compared with other food sources, nutritional content in Tofu is still less than the egg, meat, and fish. However, with prices […]

What Should a Diabetic Eat for Breakfast and Dinner ?

Being diagnosed as a diabetic the first thing comes out from our mind is that we should concern about the meals that we are going to consume as long as we are suffering from this disease. Watching what we are going to eat will be the most important among others in order to stabilize or […]

37 Health Benefits of Lebanese Zaatar (No.1 Super)

What is Zaatar? Zaatar is a food that has been famous in the Middle East which is made from a mixture of Thyme, Sesame Seeds, Sumac and Salt. It is a combination with a unique flavor. The way to make Zaatar very simple, just prepare this ingredients: 2 tablespoons of minced fresh Thyme, 2 tablespoons […]

23 Health Benefits of Overnight Oats (No.4 Shocking)

Choosing healthy breakfast is important thing we should do to cover all the activities and maintain brain function whole day. Having oatmeal on breakfast is one of best option that you may take. Oats are known as cereal grain or the seed of grass plant family. Oats plant belong to Poaceae, or Germinae family. Sometimes […]