Health Benefits of Thai Green Curry Chicken with Eggplant – Good for Cancer?

Thai green curry chicken with eggplant is the most famous Thai food recipes outside Thailand. This dish is one of the best Thailand food you can try if you visit Thailand or you visit a Thai restaurant in your country. But it contains some ingredient that might not be good for your body. The purple […]

12 Super Health Benefits of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup During Cold and Fever

It is common that people feel curious on the health benefits of campbell’s chicken noodle soup. This soup which made of lean chicken meat and egg noodles, apparently can bring various kind of healthy advantages. Many people might not agree with this, but, despite that it is one of the canned food, the soup can […]

Health Benefits of Maggi Noodles – Instant Noodles is Bad?

Before we talk about the noodles, let’s start with the Maggi first. Maggi is not a name of food, but it is actually a name of international brand of seasoning, soups, and noodles. It originated in Switzerland and now is owned by Nestlé. Maggi Noodles is a type of instant noodle that is popular in […]

Is Thukpa Soup Healthy, Check The 13th Health Benefit Lists Below

Thukpa soup is an authentic food coming from eastern part of Tibet. This kind of food is rarely can find in the restaurant around us. Made of various ingredients, many people question is thukpa soup healthy or not. If refer to the history of this food in Tibet, apparently the soup is an authentic dish […]

5 Main Health Benefits of Arancini Balls For Your Daily Dish

For those who loves to consume arancini balls, it will be normal to have query about the health benefits of arancini balls. This fried food is known very crispy and delicious, so that many people loves to have it as snack. Furthermore, in their original country, the balls is made with cheese and deep fried. […]

9 Delicious Health Benefits of Feijoada

Anyone living in America Latin must had heard about the health benefits of Feijoada. This awesome dish is actually a mixture between beans with meat. Most of the dish using pork meat as the ingredients, but some prefer to choose beef meat too. Therefore, this dish bring an authentic taste with a great benefit. Of […]

11 Magnificent Health Benefits of Trappist Beer For The Entire Body System

For many people, drinking beer can be so fun. But, they apparently sometimes not realize if there are some health benefits of trappist beer if they consume in proper way. That is why beer consumption is not always bad for the body, as long as not too much and in certain portion. Trappist beer itself […]

Doenjang Health Benefits – Tasty Korean Soybean

Doenjang is a Korean cooking paste and a sister paste to gochujang. The main differences in between doenjang and gochujang is that doenjang is primarily made of fermented soybeans whereas gochujang is made of fermented chili, and also more popular outside Korea compared to doenjang itself. Doenjang is also analogically similar to Japanese miso paste, […]

15 Excellent Benefits of Yellow Split Pea Soup for Cardiovascular Health

Not many people are familiar with the benefits of yellow split pea soup. It is because to get the soup in the restaurant or food stall is not an easy thing. This traditional soup comes from Canada that mostly consumes and served in that country. Therefore, other countries might never know or introduced with this […]

13 Miracle Benefits of Using Stock When Making Soup

It is common for many people to get the benefits of using stock when making soup. This is because many woman prefer to making stock and then store in the fridge for then use in the soup. Not only practical and effective, but natural stock will lead to delicious taste and extra benefits for the […]