Health Benefits of Peanut Butter for Toddlers

Peanut butter is undoubtedly one of the favorite types of jam to be eaten with bread. Everyone, from young children to senior citizens love it really well! Imagine the chunky nut pieces that slips in between the sweet and nutty flavor of the light brown spread, chances are one will immediately crave for some afterwards! […]

Health Benefits of Bread Butter and Jam (#1 Healthy Breakfast)

Bread butter and jam might be everyone’s favorite breakfast. It is tasty, filling, and very simple to prepare in the middle of your hectic morning. But is it quite healthy? Does it carry enough nutrition for your breakfast material? Well, in this article, you will find more about the health benefits of bread butter and […]

7 Miraculous Health Benefits of Buttermilk in the Morning

In India, a glass of cool buttermilk is always a welcome delicacy, especially in the summer. Good bacteria in the buttermilk can help boost the digestion and have low calories and a lot of nutrition for your body. Buttermilk also is known as Chaas is fresh milk made of curd, ginger, salt, and water. It […]

14 Top Health Benefits of Ghee Butter (No. 4 is Best!)

What is ghee butter? It is known that ghee butter is the clarified butter which brings out the butter’s inherent nutty flavor. At this point, it is traditionally made from buffalo or cow’s milk, sugar, and water removed. It is also made through the process of removing the water and milk fats which leaving a […]

26 Health Benefits of Shea Butter For Hair #Top 1 Beauty Tricks

What is Shea Butter? Shea butter is a peanut fat that comes from the Shea-Karite tree, which can only be found in Africa. Shea Butter After harvesting from Shea-Karite nut tree boiled to remove the liquid in it. This liquid turns out to be frozen at cold temperatures and is the only ingredient in pure […]

37 Health Benefits of Shea Butter (#1 Top Beauty Secret)

Shea butter is edible but world knows it best as main cosmetic ingredients and not something usually found in the kitchen, well unless you are in Africa. For thousands of years, shea butter has been used as healing and skin care properties. History has stated that during Cleopatra’s era in Ancient Egypt, shea butter was […]

22 Benefits of Peanut Butter : Health and Beauty

Surely, you are familiar with peanut than the other bean isn’t it? because these foods are very commonly found in many foods, for example, be used as a spread on bread, candies peanut flavor, and taste the flavor bean pastries. Peanut butter is a food made from ground roasted beans are then processed until smooth […]

7 Health Benefits of Ghee Indian Clarified Butter Original

Have you ever hear about Ghee Indian Clarified Butter? Ghee Indian Clarified Butter is health butter originally from India. It is called as health butter because Ghee is a clarified butter which means that the milk fat is rendered from the butter. The water and the milk solids as proteins have been boiled off, so […]