30 Proven Foods That Lower Cholesterol Level in 5 Minutes

Foods That Lower Cholesterol Level is more important, especially it could in fast reduce cholesterol level. Is cholesterol our friend or foe? Naturally, all substances found in our body are essential for the body’s system or metabolism and cholesterol is not the exception. Cholesterol could be naturally manufactured by body itself but also able to […]

5 Health Risks of High Levels of Saturated Fat and Cholesterol

Do you know the things in common between meat, pork, butter, and cheese? They contain saturated fat, which is dangerous and risks your health if consumed at large scale. To know the influences given by this thing, read further below too see in depth explanation about this kind of fat. Basic Definition of Saturated Fat […]

17 Benefits of Saturated Fat : Overdose Effects, 31 Foods

Saturated fat is a non-essential fat since it can be synthesized by our body. It usually contains in animal product, for example in meat or egg. However, vegetable product also contains saturated fat, for example palm oil and coconut oil. Saturated fat is famously known as a bad fat since its effects for our health often […]