Unpredictable Health Benefits of Malted Sorghum

Health benefits of malted sorghum is a food that is highly recommended for consumption. Because these foods contain nutrient-dense. Not only that, sorghum is quality food with a processing system that takes into account the quality level of sorghum. Sorghum can be made into a variety of dishes. And suitable to be used as the […]

Amazing Health Benefits of Nigerian Amala

Have you ever heard of “Amala” food? Amala is local food for the Nigerian population. When seen, Amala is shaped like a delicious chocolate ice cream scoop. Health benefits of Nigerian amala are made from sweet potatoes, cassava flour, or raw plantain flour. How do you make Nigerian amala? Amala ingredients are first peeled and […]

Health Benefits of Low GI Bread, The Secret Behind Low GI Diet

There are a lot of types of lifestyle and there are a lot of types of diet as well. The recent trend shows that a lot of people are interested to learn more about Low Gi Diet which is the popular name of Low-Glycemic diet; it is a concept of diet based on glycemic index […]

Hidden Health Benefits of Long Grain Brown Rice You Must Know!

Have you ever wondered about the fact that the size of rice you consume may bring more benefits to your health? Rice is one of the staple foods commonly consumed by Asian people along with fish, vegetables, mean, beans and so on. However, when it comes to type of rice the list could be really […]

16 Excellent Health Benefits of Rice and Quinoa

Most of you might have known about rice, as the most eaten staple food in Asia. But what is quinoa? Have you known about it? Well, quinoa is the plant seed from Chenopodium quinoa plant. Quinoa is considered to be a super food for its high content of fiber and the other beneficial nutrients. And […]

12 Numerous Health Benefits of Homemade Bread Vs Store Bought

Many people has known the health benefits of homemade bread vs store bought. Therefore, more people choose to make a homemade bread rather than buy in the store. However, the problems sometimes is the available time to make this homemade bread. Hence, some people keep buy the bread at the store for more practicability. Homemade […]

10 Delicious Health Benefits of Danish Bread for The Body Strength

Not only delicious, the health benefits of Danish bread also widely known by most people in the world. Therefore, this is one of the favorite bread mainly for those bread lovers around the world. This bread is not only perfect for breakfast, but also a good snacks for afternoon. From children to elderly, all loves […]

15 Science-Based Health Benefits of Potato Soup for You!

Potato has been used for ages as a diet menu for diabetic people. Potato is kind of tubers which provides health benefits, besides benefits of cassava cassava. It is edible and mostly used by people. It can grow up 12 to 18 inches. It has round shape or oval and has various sizes. Its meat […]

Surprisingly Health Benefits of Pork Adobo

Each Country must have its own staple food. One of them is the Philippines that has a staple food called health benefits of pork adobo. Pork adobo is a food that is pork-based. This meat is cooked with soy sauce, vinegar in health benefits of white vinegar, and garlic in health benefits eating fresh garlic. […]

10 Top Health Benefits of Ragi Porridge

In India, health benefits of ragi porridge are known as a superfood for babies. But actually, it is also very good consumed by adults. Yeast or also called finger millet is the best cereal for child growth. Made from wheat as the sources of carbohydrates and proteins from plants is very suitable to be processed […]