18 Health Benefits Of White Water Rafting for Mental Health

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White water rafting is a recreational water sport when you use a rubber boat or raft along the river with significant number rapids. The term white water comes from the river water which seems to be white as the air thrust into the water body and create a bubbly and unstable current.

People love to go on a white water rafting as it is challenging water sport which can afford the group work. Well, any kind of rafting is usually carried by a group of people. And in this case, team work is the essential thing to bring the boat toward the destination safely.

The Health Benefits of White Water Rafting

Despite the challenge, this water sport also offers the health benefits of white water rafting.  Most of the health benefits of white water rafting are for mental health. However, you can also have the physical health as it require your overall physical organ to cope the challenge. Thus, health benefits of white water rafting are:

  1. Psychological experience

White water rafting can be a theurapical activity which gives you amazing psychological experience. It offers you the ease all the worries, give you such a power to be yourself, and have an important role in your team work. In addition, you can also be closer to the nature. During the journey, you will experience many things such as obstacle, challenge, and finally reaching the final destination.

  1. Boost confidence

During the white water rafting, you’ll be given a particular role to bring your team to accomplish the journey. Of course, it will boost your confidence when you get the feeling of able to bring yourself and your team arrives safely at your destination.

  1. Improve family bonding

Going for a white water rafting may be a fun activity for your family. It can be an alternative to spend your holiday after the hectic weekdays. In this water sport we can also release ourselves from modern distraction such as technology and gadget, and will only focus to our family. We will have more time to interact and protect each other while overcoming the challenge.

  1. Build teamwork

Not only inevitable for a family outing, white water rafting might be suitable for your teamwork. In our workplace, we are required to work together with our partners by building the solid teamwork. However, the solid teamwork will not be instantly created. Some sports give us benefits for team work as we get Benefits of Playing Tchoukball .

On the other hand, water sport can also give the benefits. It is possible since white water rafting build the discipline, leadership skill, and appreciates the strength and weakness of each team member.

  1. Relieve stress

Some people love to go on a white water rafting as it offers retreat from the reality. All of the activities involved during the rafting session are effective to reduce stress. Well, water and stress seem to have a strong bond, as we can also get the Benefits of Swimming in Cold Ocean Water for Depression.

  1. Release adrenaline

White water rafting will give chance for you to release adrenaline. The adrenaline rushes allow the rafters to concentrate on the excitement. As the result, the white water rafting will feel more likely to be a fun activity rather than a vigorous exercise.

  1. Good for children

Outdoor activities are good for children. In case of white water rafting, children can build their confidence and brave while whoopiang and hollering on the raft. It can also effectively reduce thee stress in children. Nowadays, children are relatively easy to get stress as they reflect what their parents or adults around them feel. White water rafting is also considered to be safe for children as it only has minimal risk of injury.

  1. Relieve the symptom of ADHD

A certain study reported that the use of Ritalin, a medicine to treat ADHD is increased from time to time.  However, the symptom of ADHD is actually can be eased by some other physical activities. One of them is white water rafting. We can have the health benefits of white water rafting for ADHD kid just like the Benefits of Karate for ADHD in Children.

In white water rafting, we can manage the ADHD kid to both explore their physical activity and enjoy the calming nature. Well, exploring nature is essential to relieve the ADHD symptom such as mood swing and hyperactivity as it gives the calming and refreshing effect to everyone.

  1. Revitalize brain

This water sport is known to be able in releasing endorphin. Endorphin release during exercise has a significant contribution toward the stress level, as it is effectively relieve stress. In addition to the stress remedy, it can also improve the brainpower. At this condition, you will be able to think clearly and solve the problem quickly. In the other word, you can say that one of the health benefits of white water rafting is improving your intelligence.

  1. Prevent brain diseases

Physical activity which stimulates the endorphin release will also stimulate brain activity. The activity will also trigger the formation of new brain cells which is beneficial to prevent age-related mental diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer. So, a day of white water rafting will not only make your body healthy, but also the brain as well.

  1. Make you happier

Being outdoor, embrace the fresh air, and soak up the sun will significantly affect your mood. This way, white water rafting is able to make you feel happier. In addition, you can spend the quality time with family and friends. Precious, isn’t it?

  1. Improve sleep quality

Outdoor activity such white water rafting may drain you stamina. But at the end of your day, you might ding you can get away from your insomnia and the pother sleeping disorder. Well, such physical activity helps you sleep better. And as we sleep, we will have time to rest both our body and mind. Good quality sleeping will also affect our brain performance and improve our intelligence. In addition, sleeping provide the brain to balance hormone which may affect the mood.

  1. Good for heart

Just like Benefits of Running for Cardiovascular Health, white water rafting is able to improve the heart health. It is a strenuous activity that requires endurance in long time paddling throughout the fast flowing rapids. This activity is very good to train your strong heart.

  1. Strengthen muscles

There is no doubt that this physical activity requires your muscle to work hard. You should use your upper body straight, quickly move the paddle, while keep your balance. It will improve your shoulder, arms, and back muscle strength.

The other health benefits of white water rafting are:

  1. Satiates your adventurous side
  2. Refresh mind
  3. Fresh air for healthy lungs
  4. Lose weight

Meanwhile, we are going to talk about the health benefits of white water rafting. Well, actually you can have more than fun by spending your holiday on a white water raft. In addition, there is no doubt on Benefits of Recreational Activities For Mental Health, including the health benefits of white water rafting.