10 Unexpected Health Benefits of Foot Massage Machine

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foot massage machineNowadays a lot of machines with function as a massaging tool. One of them is a foot massage machine. It’s quite a lot nowadays especially in big cities where the service of this foot massage machine. Ranging from shopping centers, railway stations to public spaces such as parks in various corners of the city.

This is because of the many benefits we get when we do reflexology using this tool. In addition, because the practicality of this tool that can be taken anywhere alone to make you free to do foot massage in place and time as you want.

Here are some health benefits of foot massage machine that we can summarize for you:

  1. Eliminate aches

After we do various activities that drain energy, often our bodies and legs feel sore. This foot massage tool will solve your sore problem. Not only the stiffness in your legs will be lost but the stiffness in the body will also disappear because the massage in your legs will spread and felt throughout your body. Related article: symptoms of flu

  1. Eliminate cramps and tingling

Disorders or problems in the legs that often occur is cramp or tingling. Most foot massage machines have some massage techniques such as reflexology so that it will easily remove the cramps and tingling in your feet. read more about health benefits of scallions onion for cramps

  1. Healed a sprained leg and bruised from impact

In this case, the incident you are experiencing is not so severe as to fracture. For mild sprains or bruises due to impact, you can relieve the pain and trauma of the nerves by doing foot reflexology on a regular basis.

  1. Provides comfort effects on the whole body

Although the massage only the legs, the effects are felt until the whole body. This will make your body relax and in very comfortable condition. You can add reading activities during this foot massage.

  1. Make your body fresher

The last effect that will be felt when you are massaged on the foot by using a foot massage machine is your body will feel fresher. This is because the sense of stiffness and fatigue is gone.

  1. Accelerate blood circulation

Massage on the sole of the foot will be useful to accelerate your blood circulation. This is because on the soles of the foot there are so many blood vessels that if done continuous emphasis will stimulate the blood flow faster. or you can try the health benefits hot shower

  1. Prevents anemia

When the blood flows smoothly due to the foot massage, will automatically prevent headaches or dizzy headaches are usually caused by lack of smooth circulation of blood. related article: health benefits of shrimp

  1. Prevent various chronic diseases

In the foot massage machine, there are bulges that have functions like acupuncture needles. You also know that acupuncture techniques are also proven to keep you from chronic diseases. Thus, that’s health benefits of foot massage machine.

  1. Overcoming constipation

Massage in the legs is also shown to stimulate the large intestine so as to provide a kind of peristaltic power that can be a way to overcome constipation. you may also like this article: health benefits tawa tawa plant

  1. Helps alleviate sleep disorders

The effects of relaxation obtained when you do a foot massage will help solve your sleep problems. Your sleep quality will increase.


Massage does make you feel very comfortable, but there are things you need to consider including your back or body parts will be a little sore. This is due to the influence of the smooth circulation of the blood due to health benefits of a foot massage machine. Usually, the effects of sore or added pain soon disappeared and changed into fresh effects.