15 Health Benefits of Virgin Red Palm Oil (Beauty Treatments)

Have you ever heard of virgin red palm oil? Originally, red palm oil comes from coconut fruit. Usually, palm oil that comes from coconut is yellow in color. However, yellow palm oil has going through the process of color fading and others. Pure palm oil is red in color. Scientifically, red palm oil contains fifteen […]

18 Scientific Health Benefits of Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus essential oil comes from Aboriginal tribes who are indigenous people in Australia. This oil comes from its tree that is called Melaleuca leucadendron in Latin name. It is obtained or made from the process of extracting eucalyptus trees. This oil has a fragrant and refreshing smell which is good for the body and can […]

20 Proven Health Benefits of Tangerine Essential Oil

Tangerine essential oil comes from China and spread throughout the world, so we can find it in many countries. It is also known as Citrus reticulata. It becomes popular around women because of its health benefits and the beauty effects, especially for skins and hairs. Tangerine essential oil also has a sweet taste and refreshing […]

30 Top Health Benefits of Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary essential oil comes from Mediterranean and used for many years, then become popular in Europe after that. It is well-known with Rosmarius Officinalis name. Nowadays, it becomes more popular because of its health and beauty benefits, especially for women. It is also has a unique taste and refreshing smell. We can use this oil […]

43 Benefits of Honey For Eyes, Beauty, and Overall Health

Still in the theme about health benefits, now we will talk about benefits of honey for eyes. Benefits of honey is very much, besides for health, honey is also beneficial for various diseases and other complaints related to the human body. Honey is one of the most magical and very powerful liquid and beneficial to the […]

5 Serious Health Risks of Hydrogenated Oil (No.1 Danger)

There are health risks of hydrogenated oil you should notice by now. But before that, have you ever heard about this hydrogenated oils issue? Do you know what is hydrogenated oil is? Is it really that dangerous? How to avoid it? If you have a lot of questions regarding this issue such as i mention […]