3 Proven Health Benefits of Xocai Chocolate Research Base

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Health Benefits of Xocai Chocolate as well known brand could make you feel safe when eat snack, especially chocolate. Some of you who are a chocolate lover would probably know, be familiar or ever heard about Xocai chocolate. It is a relatively new brand of chocolate product, as well as type, claiming as the healthy chocolate. Taking the product slogan, change your chocolate change your life!, producer of this—MXI corp—brand is brave and confident to sell the product with relatively expensive price which is also far different from how much regular chocolate product sold. Anyway, you must be interested to know much more about this chocolate particularly to answer the common question of people about whether it really works well in improving and supporting the health of its consumers. Here is the list of important information on Xocai chocolate


xocai chocolateThe confident of its manufacturer to set the high price for this chocolate must be reasonable. One of the main factors beyond it is the ingredient. Xocai chocolate is considered as the most prominent dark chocolate as it does not only contain big numbers of cacao bean, but also combines other natural—and safe—essences as its main materials, which are blueberries and acai berries. Other than that, it is also clearly stated at the product package that the main material, which is Cocoa bean, is specially from Belgium.

Additionally, Xocai chocolate is free from artificial colors, preservatives, sucralose and artificial flavors. Therefore, it would be a nice and delicious medicine for those who are demanded to keep the meal or snack menu strictly and avoid any dangerous essences away. The sweetener used in this product is also very low-glycemic, while the other main component is from naturally sweetened material (stevia) combined with raw cane juice crystal. Therefore, you do not need to be surprised if you find that the taste is different and quite bitter because the manufacturer is passionate to keep the original taste of chocolate or to be more exact, cacao bean as its original essence.

Cooking Process

In addition to the ingredients, cooking process of Xocai is one thing making it different, prominent and special. It is well known that in the process of making chocolate, the cacao bean is fermented so that its bitter taste could be rid away. However, this process is skipped in making Xocai products in order to keep its whole nutrients. Xocai manufacturer also claims that they skip another main process of making chocolate, i.e. heating, for the same reason. As a consequence, the manufacturer uses cold press chocolate process.This information may lead you to conclude that Xocai is whole hearted-ly made chocolate aimed to serve demands on healthy, natural and delicious snacks.

Health Benefits

As you can see from two points above, the manufacturer of Xocai dedicates its product as a health solution in a delicious and nice package. It turns out to be true that what they promote is true as it accords to customers testimonies implying that the big investment they paid is very well worth as they get big benefit and great satisfaction. You can also assume that the health benefits of this chocolate should be far much higher that what regular chocolate has, even the dark one. Some of those health benefits are the following;

a. Richer Antioxidants, Healthier Body

As one of proven health benefits of dark chocolate and Benefits of ginger for skin is very rich antioxidant, xocai do so. Antioxidant essence is just like one stop hero for your body as it can prevent it from various enemies ranging from ultraviolet ray bad impact, threat of illnesses and other types of health disturbance. Xocai chocolate offers you abundance of antioxidant that would be very beneficial for your health and your beauty treatment. It can assure you that your skin would be moisture, healthy and shinny no matter workplace you are working in is hot.

You could also be very happy to know that antioxidant supports the smooth stream of you blood as well as the good condition of your heart as an organ pumping the blood. If your blood stream works well and controlled, oxygen would run smoothing to every detail of your body so they can work properly. As a consequence, you would be healthier as your parts of body work well and your immune stronger. To sum, as the original and natural essences of Xocai chocolate are well-preserved, you can rely on antioxidants supply through this product for supporting your healthier body.

b. Improved Good Mood

According to testimonies of customers and the medical reviews, chocolate has the essence called anti-depression Phenylethy-lamine (PEA) which can lead its consumers to be in good mood, high optimism and better works in their daily. Consumers of regular chocolate or dark chocolate also give the same testimony so you could imagine how big the happiness, good-mood or optimism effect if you could consume this type of chocolate.

c. Less Risk of Diabetes

Diabetes sufferers are used to avoid eating various types of food, including foods with sweet taste containing big amount of sugar. It makes sense then why people like to relate diabetes with non-ability to consume any delicious food. This statement is perhaps true but you can rethink it when it comes to talk about Xocai. Xocai offers the best advantage and health benefits of eating chocolate without ignoring the taste so it still assures that it tastes so delicious no matter it keeps the natural essence of cacao well and strictly.

If your family suffers diabetes, Xocai would not only be a delicious and safe food for him/her, but also the medicine. It closely relates with the essence of natural cacao bean which can heighten insulin sensitivity. The insulin itself is controller of sugar level at the blood stream. Therefore, do not be doubt to give him/her Xocai product as the present as the taste would be loved and the health benefit would be useful.