Amazing Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate for your Pregnancy

During pregnancy, you may experience some cravings. One of the most common cravings experienced by pregnant women is chocolate. However, not all types of chocolate are beneficial and it will lead to some health problems if you consume them too much. The best type of chocolate recommended for your pregnancy is dark chocolate. Dark chocolate […]

Unknown 6 Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate for Hair

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Chocolate has a great taste and it can change your mood. However, due to its bitter taste, some people may not like dark chocolate. Indeed, dark chocolate has unknown health benefits when it is eaten daily. Dark chocolate is delicious and beneficial for your health. Moreover, it contains with minerals like […]

Benefits of Eating Chocolate Cake for Breakfast

Chocolate cake is everyone’s favorite dessert. However, the pros and cons of eating chocolate have risen up probably since several decades ago making people aware of eating it a lot, especially in the morning when your stomach is empty. While chocolate cake is mostly avoided especially by those who are on a diet, this is […]

Proven Health Benefits of Dove Dark Chocolate – Tasty and Healthy!

Chocolate has been known for beneficial natural ingredients. Not only beneficial, people also love chocolate for its delicacy. There are variety of chocolate we can get nowadays. But one of the remarkable beneficial chocolate is dark chocolate. As we know, it’s been popular with the Benefits of Eating Dark Chocolate for Diabetics. Not only in […]

4 Unknown Benefits of Eating Dark Chocolate for Diabetics

Dark chocolate, it is named form how it is actually look like. Dark chocolate contains 60% of cacaos seeds. Dark chocolate is more black or darker than normal chocolate does, because its cacaos contains. Dark chocolate has bitter lingering feeling than normal chocolate does. Anyone, most likely, likes chocolates. They love its bitter sweet taste […]

9 Health Benefits of Chocolate Brownies – Healthy and Tasty Snack

Who doesn’t love chocolate brownies? However, less people know that compared to other types of baked cakes, chocolate brownies are among the healthiest ones. Unfortunately, some of them are only care about the calories that the chocolate brownies may have and how much weight they should deal with. The fact is there are more health […]

14 Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate and Red Wine

Dark chocolate and red wine are the most romantic combination of gift. Valentine may have passed but giving gift to someone you love could be done anytime and anywhere. A romantic candle light dinner with a loved one will be complete when the red wine served with the company of dessert made of dark chocolate. […]

7 Powerful Health Benefits of Almonds and Dark Chocolate

Who wouldn’t love the delicate sweet chocolate with crunchy almonds? Besides enhancing its taste, the addition of almond in dark chocolate is able to present more health benefits. Yes, the flavorful almonds and dark chocolate can give health benefits of almonds and dark chocolate. Some of you may forbid your children from eating some chocolate […]

Top 10 Health Benefits of Bittersweet Chocolate – Dark Chocolate Variant

Chocolate is one of the most favorite treat around the world. Chocolate could be consumed as chocolate bar, candy, beverages and baking. People from children to adult love chocolate, chocolate is also well known as a ‘Gift from God’. There are several types of chocolate well known worldwide such as raw chocolate, cocoa bean, cocoa […]

9 Science-Backed Benefits of Dark Chocolate for Body Building

When we talk about chocolate, first thing come to our mind may be that creamy and bitter sweet, sweet chocolate bar. Everyone from children to adult would never deny some bars of chocolate for its pleasing taste. However, actually there are many kinds of chocolate out there. The one you always had from your childhood […]