10 Best Fast Way to Detox Liver After Several Years of Drinking

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When someone is indicated that he gets diseases, either serious or common diseases, he will do his best to heal his health. Treatment or healing will be the only one way to solve that problem relate to diseases. Something like serious illness or common and even long-term illness will be changed when you already realize that you are living in a wrong lifestyle thus changing your lifestyle is the way to heal illnesses. Relating to long-term illness is caused by long-term bad habit such as drinking.

Alcohol drinking dependence is known as a difficult way to heal. It can lead to liver diseases in serious case. People who lives with alcohol habit will get chronic liver disease and other serious diseases. Liver damage caused by alcohol drinking is referred to alcohol metabolism. Liver is the important part of body. Its function to neutralize the toxin of food that you consume is really helpful to balance the health. But there is an effective way to do so. Detoxification is the important way to heal drinking dependence.

Relating to drinking dependence, it is important to clean liver through natural way such as detoxification. Some will drink detox supplement for clean heart or even consume raw fruits and vegetables. Hereby some the best ways to detox liver from drinking alcohol habit:

1. Fasting Method

Fasting is not only for Moslem, this is Best Way to Detox Liver After Several Years of Drinking. It is also good for those who really wants to do detoxification liver. Fasting is the most effective way to do detoxification since it has been used since ancient time until now. Fasting method to detox liver is juice fasting.

For those who is doing detoxification can only drink fruit or vegetable juice since it is very safe and effective to clean the dangerous pathogen inside the liver. The enzymes from the fresh fruit on juice will also help the liver to release the toxin. Another fasting method is water fasting.

The process of water fasting is very intensive since it will burn the bad chalories inside the body too. This kind of intensive fasting must be held under doctor controlled.

2. Drinking Mineral Water Everyday

It is the easiest way to detox toxin from the liver by drinking mineral water everyday. Drink mineral water is very important for everyone. It is purposed to clean the toxin from alcohol. Someone has to drink at least two until three litres in a day in order to make the body balance. The mineral water streamed inside body will throw and even destroy the toxin in the liver.

3. Consuming Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

Consuming many kind of fruits and vegetables is very useful to strengthen immune system and also will reduce many kind of diseases including useful to detox liver from alcohol habit. Consuming fruit such as juice of beetroots is well known as the good way to do detoxification for liver. It can be combined in daily consuming with carrot or even apples.

4. Doing Exercise

The process of detoxification will naturally lead to mental problem such as stress or depression which can be healed by Yoga exercise or even other kind of exercises. The most important thing is that when you are doing exercise you will be sweating and it is very important to detox or clean the toxin, potassiums and other dangerous properties on liver together with body’s sweat.

Relating to potassium, there are some fruits which contains potassiums and they are useful to detox liver. They are tomatoes, melons, bananas and even other green vegetables. The mental problem may appear when doing this detoxification process are anxiety and sensitive. In another worst condition will appear quivering or delusion.

5. Drink Lemon Water Every Morning

Detoxification is very important for liver in order to release and even clean toxin properties inside the liver. One of the effective way to do is drinking lemon water every morning. Why is it every morning? Because it will surely bring out the toxin from the liver.

Your liver is the important part of body to protect from the dangerous toxic that comes over to your body. First way to detox or clean your liver is to use lemon water. You can use lemon water and add its water to your mineral water in order to clean your liver. Read : Reasons Lemon Water is Effective For Weight Loss

Lemon contains Vitamin C and also minerals which known to boost body function and stimulate the cleansing process and also wipe the refused properties on liver. A glass of warm lemon water is very good to bloodstream too.

6. Consuming the Food contained Glutation and High Enzyme

Another way to detox the liver is consuming the fruits or vegetable which contain energy for enzym such as kiwifruit, cabage, spinach, pineapple, orange, grapes, celery and so on. Consuming rice as daily food is also good to stimulate detoxification from liver.

Glutation is defined as the antioxidant which powerfully protect the body against free radicals and it is very useful to do detoxification. Glutation is also related to the function of livers which balancing the way liver clean the toxin. There are many kind of vegetables which classified as the glutation food such as spinaches, broccoli, cabage and many more.

7. Consuming Garlic

Best fast way to detox liver after several years of drinking with garlic is super powerful. Garlic can also prevent the toxin in liver. It will help the detoxification process. Garlic may be eaten raw in salad. Some studies releveled that garlic stores sulfur compounds which can stimulate the enzyme properly. While it also contains allicin and even selenium which relate to liver health. Either selenium or Allicin is very good for liver health.

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8. Consuming Avocado 

For those who loves to consume avocado must be happy because this greened skin fruit is very good for detoxification since it contains compunds which are very effective to protect the liver. Besides, avocado is also good in order to release and combat the toxin from the liver. So when you are thinking about detoxification, think about avocado.

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9. Turmeric

Turmeric is very popular as the traditional herbal medicine across Asia countries but now it has been known in western countries as the effective way to do detoxification. Some studies revealed that the compounds in tumeric can protect the damage in liver. Furthermore it is also good to stimulate the regeneration of the cells in liver.

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10. Cilantro

People mostly uses this versatile herb as the additional food for salad, but do not you know that Cilantro is very effective to detox liver too. This herb can destroy heavy metals properties inside the body and it is also good to protect liver’s damage.

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Important to Know about Detoxification

Detoxification means to clean the toxin and other dangerous compounds inside the liver and also body. This process must be a regular thing or daily habit since we really have to think about total healing. Detoxification can be held by consuming drugs or medical care.

They will surely give a selective supplements. Supplements which contains B vitamins and selenium are really helpful in order to detox the toxin. B supplement or other formulas will also helpful for those who really need doctor assistance. Detoxification for liver after several years of drinking habit must be holding continually in order to get the best health as healthy as before consuming.