12 Excellent Health Benefits of Dates for Weight Loss

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When it comes to fruit, dates can be your favorite option. In fact, Muslims eat dates when breaking their fast as traditions. The good taste of dates and the high content of nutritional value make it valuable fruit to eat. Dates have been used as food consumption since many years ago. Besides, they have been also used as the natural sweetener for centuries in Middle Eastern. Moreover, people nowadays consume dates in many ways such as eating it together with yogurt or butter as well.

In fact, dates also have the source of the antioxidant nutrient called polyphenols. Besides, this sweet fruit is the good source of vitamins and minerals. It has the source of fiber, calcium, iron, sodium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin K. These essential minerals will help you to promote the body health. Furthermore, dates can also be a good option for your weight-loss program. The fiber content and other important nutrients will be beneficial to reduce your body fats.


As the consequence, if you want to know the health benefits of dates for weight loss, then let’s check the information below.

  1. Sweet and Healthy Food

Have you ever imagine that you should consume not-so-good taste of vegetables as your diet menu? Or are you even trying it? Well, there must be a way out for this case. As the consequence, dates are here to offer you a help. Dates are known as the good taste ones with the beneficial nutrients contained. Thus, if you wish to have the sweet and healthy food for your diet menu, then dates will always be a great option for sure.


2. Rich in Fiber

It is recommended to eat 20-35 grams of dietary fiber per day. Fiber is an essential nutrient to promote your digestion system. Moreover, fiber has a role in preventing digestion diseases such as constipation, gas, and bloating. Consequently, by consuming dates, then you can fulfill the fiber nutrient for sure. Hence, as the fiber is the good nutrient for diet, then this is also good for you who wants to reduce body fats.


3. Source of Minerals

Due to the presence of high levels of the mineral in dates, then consuming this fruit will keep your diet in balance. As it has the high content of iron and magnesium, then it takes part in controlling the body fluids. Also, it helps to build the muscle as well. Not only for that, but dates also contains calcium which promotes the bones health. The presence of sodium in it also help you prevent the thyroid diseases. Thus, as you consume dates, then you will get a balanced diet with the benefits to promote the body function for sure.


4. No Trans Fats

To reduce your body fats, then it is necessary to find the bright food for your diets. As the consequence, dates are ones that suitable for sure. As it has no trans fats in it, then this fruit can be the ideal one to control your body weight. Indeed, it can help you losing weight with the great and sweet taste as well.


5. Break down Fats

What is even greater from dates is the way it can help break down the fats. It is known that the ones which work for this benefit are the presence of potassium and sulfur. Consequently, with the presence of these beneficial nutrients, then they can help you boost the process of fat reducing in the body.

6. Feels Full Longer

What makes dates become ideal for your weight loss program? It is shown that fiber in dates will make you feel full longer. It will decrease your appetite so that you can control your body weight. This means very good as you can stop the hunger for a long time so that the food consumption become decreased. However, the thing you should have done is by eating the right food with the right amount as well. Consequently, as dates also loaded with good vitamins and minerals, then you will have a perfect diet for sure.


7. Cures Constipation

In many cases, many people consume dates to relieve constipation. This is related to the presence of fiber. Also, dates have a laxative effect as well. As dates can help promoting the bowel movements, thus by consuming dates regularly, then you will be free from risks of constipation. Besides, to cure constipation, you can also consume other fiber foods such as green vegetables as well.


8. Boosts Energy

One of the health benefits of dates for weight loss is the way it can help the body to boost the energy. At this point, it is known that dates contain the high content of sugars such as glucose, fructose, and sucrose. Indeed, they take part in building the energy to the body. Thus, if you feel exhausted or need the energy to boost your day, then just pick dates as your favorite food option! Furthermore, to gain more energy, also you have to do exercise regularly for sure.


9. Prevent Allergies

To find the best foods for your diet is not easy. You must consider many things before choosing the right one. As a result, you can choose fruits and vegetables for your option. At this point, dates can be included into your balanced diet. What makes this fruit becomes the ideal option is the way it protects your body against allergies while eating it. This is associated with the statement that described before, dates contain organic sulfur in it. As the consequence, this will reduce the risks of allergic reaction and seasonal allergies as well. Hence, as sulfur in dates contributes in preventing the allergies, then consuming dates is just so safe and healthy for sure.


10. Balances Body Fluids

As dates contain the high levels of mineral such as iron and sodium, then it takes part in balancing the body fluids. The regulation of body fluids is important as it will affect to the body circulation as well. Therefore, if you want to have the good body circulation while dieting, thus consuming dates may help you then.

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11. Promotes Healthy Heart

The next health benefit of dates for weight loss is the way it promotes the heart health. In this case, the presence of great minerals in it will help you to reduce the risk of stroke and other heart diseases. Moreover, the minerals also help to reduce the LDL cholesterol in the body resulting in the healthy heart as well. To conclude, if you can manage your body weight but at the same time achieving best health results, then why don’t you go for both good cases?


12. Boosts Immune System

Doing a diet does not mean that you have to reduce the food consumption. It is not totally true as you still have to consume right foods for sure. Consuming good foods such as dairy products, fruits, and green vegetables is a must. Moreover, to get the best result of diet, you also need to do exercise. Indeed, what you need is the balanced diet. As a result, by eating dates regularly, it has shown the positive result in reducing your body fats. Furthermore, the great things also come from the nutrients contained in it. Surprisingly, dates contain the antioxidant nutrient which is flavonoids to promote the work of body immune system. Indeed, not only to control your body weight, but dates play a role in boosting the immune system as well.


Now you have known the health benefits of dates for weight loss, then let’s have a look at the tips for consuming dates below.

Tips for Consuming

  • While shopping dates, it is a must to look for the ones which have best features and quality. As the example, you can search for the ones with unbroken, smoothly wrinkled skins and avoid the bad smell ones. For the tips, you can find the ones which are processed and packaged properly.
  • After that, wash dates thoroughly in the water before eating them. This action will prevent any access to bacteria or pesticides if any.
  • Store them properly as you can also keep them in refrigerator up to a year. Moreover, you can keep them in tightly sealed containers up to eight months. The important thing is that you mus not store dates near strongly flavored items like garlic. Indeed, this fruit can absorb outside odors.
  • Next, to help you control the hunger, you can consume a cup of dates daily. This will work as dates have the source of fiber.
  • For the recipe tips, you can simply add dates to your ice cream, cake, or yogurt as well. As this one has the good sweetness, then you will be satisfied while you are eating it.
  • Furthermore, adding dates into your salad bowl or kinds of dessert is also a good idea! Though the common method of consuming dates is by adding them to the milk, variations of the recipe can always be a great thing.

How dates help you to reduce body fats is just incredible. This fruit is the powerhouse of beneficial nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fiber, and others as well. These essential nutrients will provide you with energy while doing a diet. Thus, as you can have it as your diet food menu, then you can add this sweet fruit to bread, cakes, muffins, and cookies, Indeed, it will also add the nutrition for these recipes as well. Hence, what are you waiting for? Get your lovely dates for your weight-loss program then! Happy dieting, good people!

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