21 Health Benefits of Norwegian Fish Oil (No.9 You Need)

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Health Benefits of Norwegian Fish Oil must you try since it very important. Mother nature has provides human with many resources and one of them comes from the water resource. Fish has become a main source a protein since long ago and people used to consume it daily in some part of the world. Fish not only provides us with protein and other nutrients for our consumption but it also produce oil which has great benefits to human health. Among the fish oil that we can find in market, Norwegian fish oil is one of the best fish oil which gives great effect to the body.

Norwegian fish is well known for its high nutrients and quality. The Norwegian fish oil is derived from deep, unpolluted and cold water fish which make it as best quality fish oil. Norwegian fish oil contains potential substance which mostly come from DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) , EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) , Omega 3 and omega 6 that known as important nutrients to keep healthy organ function especially heart. Fish oil are made from the tissue of marine fish such as cod, tuna, mackerel, sardines, herring, lake troat and etc.

How Norwegian Fish oil Manufactured?

To know the quality of Norwegian fish oil, it is better if we know how to the manufacture get the oil. The process begin from cutting the oily fish into pieces and then the fish pieces will be cooked with steam. Later the cooked fishes will be pressed to separate the fat free solin in the fish with the liquid fat. The fat free solid fish will later processed to animal meal while the liquid will be processed again to separate the oil with water. After getting the oil, it will be processed to remove impurities and some antioxidant will be added to the pure fish oil. That how Norwegian fish oil created.

Health Benefits of Norwegian Fish oil

Norwegian fish oil provides many health benefits for human body and the benefits comes from the Omega 3, DHA and EPA content of the fish oil. Those benefits including :

1. Reduce cholesterol

norwegian fish oilNorwegian fish oil is known as great food supplement that contains DHA, EPA and high omega 3 that can help to increase the good fat or High density lipoprotein also decreasing the level of Low Density Lipoprotein or LDL that known as bad cholesterol. Cholesterol is a type of fat that can be accumulated inside the blood vessel lining and causing plaque inside arteries that called as atherosclerosis.

2. Reduce the risk of heart disease

The Norwegian fish oil can reduce the level of cholesterol, and also prevent atherosclerosis that can occur inside blood vessel. This is why this type of fish oil which high in good fatty acid is needed to keep the heart and maintain it function. According to study, people who consume fish oil regularly has better circulatory organ system and they have less risk of suffering heart disease as well as other serious disease.

3. Prevent stroke

As mentioned before that Norwegian fish oil can reduce the risk of heart disease and keep the cardiovascular system including blood vessel stay healthy. Having a healthy circulatory system will prevent you from suffering stroke. Stroke is a condition where the blood vessels in brain get damage and it causing paralyze or other nervous disorder. Usually people who get stroke attack also suffer from heart disease. This is why having supplement such Norwegian fish oil can be helpful to prevent stroke.

4. Fight inflammation

Norwegian fish oil contains omega 3 which and other nutrients that can fight inflammation through controlling the inflammation cycle within the body. Consuming fish oil regularly can help the body to recover and reduce inflammation that occur inside the body that mostly cause by tissue damage or microorganism infection.

5. Reduce the pain in arthritis

Due to its ability to reduce inflammation, Norwegian fish oil is also effective to overcome or reducing pain that is caused by inflammation on arthritis or rheumatoid. Usually people who suffer from arthritis has high level of uric acid that accumulated inside the joints. Omega 3 and other nutrients within the fish oil help to flush away this uric acid as well as inhibit the inflammatory response in arthritis patient. Consuming Norwegian fish oil regularly can help the body to prevent the symptom arthritis and make it less to experience joint pain.

6. Prevent aging

Norwegian fish oils is high in fatty acid and the omega 3 that can promote new body cell formation especially skin cell. Norwegian fish oil also contain nutrient that resemble as collagen. Collagen is a substance that can keep tissue tightness and firmness. It can prevent th skin and other organ from losing it firm and connective tissue which prevent from any aging sign such as wrinkle and sagging skin. According to study, fish oil also have effect in prolonging the life of skin cell.

7. Improve vision

Fish oil especially the Norwegian fish oil have been proven can prevent the age macular degeneration that occur in eyes in elderly. The main component of the eyes retina is DNA or about 60%, fish oil can be a great supplement to keep eyes health and improve vision since it high in DHA and EPA. The omega 3 content of Norwegian fish oil also can keep normal blood circulation through eyes as well as reducing cholesterol that is one cause of age macular degeneration.

8. Promote healthy pregnancy

Pregnant women is highly recommended to take fish oil supplementation to improve healthy pregnancy and help to promote fetus development inside the womb. Norwegian fish oil contain high omega 3, DHA and EPA which required in the fetus brain development. It is believed that pregnant woman who consume fish oil regularly during her pregnancy will born healthy and smart baby. Pregnant women should take 900mg supplement of fish oil everyday.

9. Prevent alzheimer

Fish oil can maintain healthy brain and it prevent it from memory loss that usually happen to people who suffer from alzheimer especially elderly. The omega 3, DHA and EPA can promote the production of a protein called LR11 which has important function in brain that is to get rid of toxin which accumulated inside the brain and causing brain cell damage.

10. Improve mental health

Not only prevent alzheimer, by keeping normal brain function, Norwegian fish oil also effective in preventing any mental health such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. The omega 3 fatty acid that contained in fish oil can maintain the normal level of dopamine and serotonine which has important role in the brain nerves signaling. Those neurotransmitter also contributes in the development of any mental disorder that have been mentioned above.

11. Repair body tissue

The Norwegian fish oil contain fatty acid and number of protein that can trigger tissue reparation and new cell formation that can be helpful in recovery process such as wound and other organ damage. It also can protect the telomere part of the chromosome which means it prevent the DNA from damage.

12. Prevent cancer

The omega 3 in Norwegian fish oil has been proven as strong cancer inhibitor. The omega 3 can act as the apoptosis promoter or known as cell suicide mechanism. It also can prevent the abnormal growth of cells that can lead to tumor or cancer. Another study reported that omega 3 in fish oil can also prevent prostate, breast and colon cancer.

13. Prevent diabetes

Norwegian fish oil contains nutrient that can prevent diabetes by delaying the diabetes onset and increasing insulin sensitivity which helpful in maintaining stable blood sugar level. Consuming Norwegian fish regularly also will help the body to prevent the complication which caused by diabetes disease.

14. Lower blood pressure

It is believed that Norwegian fish oil can lower blood pressure and it is useful for people that suffer from hypertension or high blood pressure. DHA and EPA in fish oil can increase blood vessel elasticity and trigger vasodilatation which resulting the enlargement of arteries and blood vessels. This mechanism tend to be the cause why fish oil can slightly lower the blood pressure and maintain it in steady level.

15. Help to prevent asthma

Norwegian fish oil contains many nutrients which can be effective in prolonging cells life and inhibit the allergic reaction that occur within the body including asthma. It nourish the smooth muscle tissue in the respiratory tract and make it harder to get contraction.

16. Relieve stress anxiety and depression

Omega 3 play important role in maintaining healthy nerve system and it promotes the brain to release endorphin, a hormone which can suppress the cortisole hormone or stress hormone. Endorphine also known as a hormone which promote good mood and happy feeling inside human body. This is why, the Norwegian fish oil that high in omega 3 can be helpful in relieving stress and depression

17. Makes you smarter

Omega 3, DHA and EPA are known as best brain supplement. Studies have proved that fish oil especially the Norwegian one, can increase intelligence in children and also improve memory in adult. Taking fish oil supplementation daily will make your brain work better and keep you away from any brain damage. Study also prove that fish oil can significantly prolong the life of neuron cells within the brain.

18. Promote healthy digestion

The omega 3 in Norwegian fish oil can nourish the lining of intestinal tract as well as maintaining healthy bowel movement and elimination. Consuming fish oil regularly will help the digestive system to work better and prevent it from any damage.

19. Boost immune system

DHA and EPA content in Norwegian fish oil are required for balanced eicosanoid formation, which supports and keep a healthy immune responses. Fish oil can help the body to fight againts disease and make you recover faster.

20. Treat Chrohn disease

It is believed that Norwegian fish oil can treat chrohn disease if it consumed regularly. Chrohn disease is also known as a type of chronic Irritable bowel syndrome which can affect from mouth to last part of digestion tract that is anus. Chrohn disease causing inflammation on the lining of gastrointestinal tract and causing diarrhea, fatigue, abdominal pain and etc.

21. Treat eczema and skin disorder

Omega 3 in Norwegian fish oil is well known for its benefit in maintaining healthy skin and treat skin disorder such as eczema and psoriasis. Omega 3 will reduce the inflammation within the skin and promotes the new skin cell formation that will help the skin to recover faster from such disorder.

Side Effect And Tips to Consume

Norwegian fish oil is totally save if it consume in right doses. The only side effect which may be triggered by fish oil is the blood thinner effect that can increase the risk of bleeding, nose bleeds and easy bruising. This is why people who are under medication especially those who take blood thinner medication such as warfarin must concern about the effect and consult the doctor before consuming Norwegian fish oil. To avoid any side effect of Norwegian fish oil better check these tips on how to purchase and consume the fish oil

  • Choose Norwegian fish oil with good grade or quality and make sure it contains omega 3 since it the main component that will give benefits to your body
  • The fish oil should mentioned the total DHA and EPA which contained in the product. Make sure you purchase the fish oil with right composition and avoid to purchase fish oil product that contain less DHA and EPA percentage.
  • Select only trusted brand of Norwegian fish oil since some manufacturer takes the fish oil from inedible part of dish such as head, tails and internal organs.
  • Choose the fish oil that stored in the dark bottle this may help to keep the quality of fish oil
  • Take the right dosage of fish oil according to the consumption direction which mentioned on the packaging label. Usually the dosage will be approximately 3000 mg dosage per day

Those are the benefits of Norwegian fish oil, make sure you choose the best fish oil which you can gain from market and remember to consume it regularly with right dosage to grab all the benefits.