21 Health Benefits of Venison #1 Top Weight Loss Tricks

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venisonVenison or known as deer meat is raised by human hands called the wild game. As a fact, it is the most popular game meat. In view of consuming this kind of meat, it might be the best way to raise farmed venison in range way to practice the venison sustainability.

On the other hand, the meat of deer itself including any part of deer’s body as long as it can be consumed. In some areas, it has big differences with beef and likely to have a few similarities. Back to nutritional value topic, indeed the venison is considered to has great nutrients in it. While being compared to beef, chicken, and pork, still the venison is having excellent nutrition source.

The taste of venison is kind of ‘gamey’. This condition means you will taste the bitter and the wild taste compared to other kinds of meat. Whether you want the good taste of consuming food, it is a must to ensure that the food is healthy or nut. As a result, venison laid the fact that it contains beneficial nutrients for the human body. Then, to give you more information, here we list the nutritional value of venison.

Nutrients Values of Venison


Amount Per 100 g

% Daily Value



Total Fat

3.2 g


   Saturated Fat

1.3 g


   Polyunsaturated Fat

0.6 g


0.9 g


112 mg



54 mg



335 mg



30 g


Iron    25%

Magnesium    6%

Vitamin B-6    0%

*Percent Daily Value are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

As you can see on the table, indeed the venison is a great option to consume. Consequently, we also list and describe the health benefits of eating venison below.


1. Source of Fat

If you want to eat meat but getting worried about the presence of fat, then venison is ready to help you. Since this kind of meat has a lower fat composition, it will be good for those who watch the intake of fat. As a fact, venison contains 3 grams of total fat and only one of those grams is saturated. In addition, deer accumulates most of their fat in single layers underneath the muscle on their organs, the fat will be easily be removed while being cooked. Thus, the happy news comes as it takes you to have no doubt to eat venison as an option.

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2. Source of Protein

What a surprising thing to know that venison is very great in containing the protein source. As a fact, with 100g consumption of venison, it takes you to have 30g protein composition in your body. Consequently, with the right amount of protein, the body will work better than before. Indeed, it will increase the performance of enzymes and hormones functioning. Also, it is doing better in cell repairing and regeneration to support the structure of bones and skin. As a result, protein in venison strengthens the immune system of the body.


3. Low in Calories

As venison is low in fat, then it is also low in calories. It is known that the calories contained in venison are lower compared to other kinds of meat. For the comparison, the venison contained 129 calories of 100g food intake while the beef is containing 138 calories in total. Then, by consuming low calories food, it helps the body to burn stored fat for promoting the body function.

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4. Source of Iron

Venison is great in containing the iron composition inside. As a matter of fact, it has slightly higher iron contained compared to the beef. In fact, the iron is kind of beneficial minerals to our body. It transports the oxygen through the body cells and prevents the weakness and chronic fatigue. Meanwhile, to get more sources of iron as you can eat spinach as an option.

5. Source of Potassium and Magnesium

Both of potassium and magnesium contained in venison is having a role in promoting the good bones and muscles. With magnesium, it increases the bone density as well as it strengthens the bone structure. Besides, the presence of good potassium leads you to have a great and strong muscle. Then, your body will be healthier as long as you consume the foods which are rich in potassium and magnesium.


6. Source of Good Cholesterol

People tend to watch their cholesterol contained in their foods. They prevent to consume any foods that contain bad cholesterol which lead to the risks of having heart disease. In another hand, the presence of good cholesterol is helping to maintain the body health. Afterward, the body produces cholesterol naturally to promote the cell and hormone release. As the consequence, take the venison as your food option since it has been containing an ideal amount of cholesterol.

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7. Source of Vitamins

Everyone takes their daily supplement get more vitamins intake. Indeed, vitamins have the main role in promoting the body health. Consequently, people may consume fruits and vegetables to support their health. Despite this, venison which is not only providing a high amount of iron and protein but it is also a good source of vitamins. The presence of various B vitamins such as vitamin B12, B6, and riboflavin may help to promote the body health. It works to form the red blood cell and breaking down the protein. At this point, venison contains higher niacin than beef.


8. Source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Surprisingly, venison also contains the omega-3 fatty acids as well. At this point, the composition of this nutrient is higher than the beef. Besides, if you want to have a higher intake of omega-3 fatty acids, try to consume chia seeds, walnuts, and fish oil as options. In the same way, studies show that omega-3 fatty acids are an excellent nutrient which is important to the body. It helps to fight anxiety, improve the eyes health, and promote the brain health. Then, to know more about the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids, simply click Health Benefits Of Omega 3 Fish Oil.

9. Contains High Level of CLA

The next nutrient that venison contained is the presence of CLA. What is CLA? It is known as Conjugated Linoleic Acid, a natural trans fatty acid which can be found in grass-fed animals. Therefore, it helps to lower the body fat storage and increasing the muscle mass. Thus, if you want to have great muscle, try to consume venison properly.

10. Prevents Anemia

Anemia symptoms to people may come differently. It may refer to the presence of headaches, pale-looking, and chronic fatigue. As the consequence, to prevent anemia, it is best to eat iron-contained foods. Hence, venison is one of the good options. Due to the presence of iron contained in venison, it helps the body to promote the red blood cells formation known as hemoglobin. Further, the red blood cells pump the blood to transport the oxygen which brings the nutrients for body functioning. Therefore, you can prevent the risks of anemia by consuming venison as it should be.

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11. Reduces the Risk of Heart Attacks

Heart attacks and strokes are being more concerned time by time. It is due to the sudden action happened of those diseases. For this reason, people try to find the effective ways to prevent the risks of them.

12. Prevents Stroke

As the consequence, being low in calories is the way venison reduces the risks of heart attacks and strokes. Also, the presence of B vitamins helps lower the homocysteine in the blood. Then, it has shown that venison is good for you who wants to keep the heart healthy as well.

13. Helps Regulate Metabolism

Increasing the metabolism in the body help you to maintain good health. Otherwise, the slow metabolism may lead to fewer energy functions. Then, there are several foods known to regulate the metabolism. Indeed, one of them is venison which contains the vitamin B2 (riboflavin) and B3 (niacin). Then, if the metabolism works faster than before, then the more energy will be restored.

Deer Meats for Weight Loss Treatment

Meanwhile, here is the health benefits of venison for your diet tricks:

14. Promotes Body Functioning

What makes our body healthy and works properly is linked to the food we have consumed. Good foods will remain the excellent benefits to the body. The nutrients contained in foods support the works of body parts. In the same way, all health benefits that are already described is linked to promoting the body functioning. With all the beneficial nutrients, indeed they help us to maintain the health. Therefore, if you want to get a healthier body, it is a good way to eat venison in moderate.


15. Keeps The Body Slim

Many of people try to be in a good shape by doing diet routinely. Even, they are doing daily exercise to get the best body. On the other hand, naturally, venison has no carbs and has lower fat than beef. Further, the venison also has DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) which help reduce triglyceride levels in your blood. As a result, it reduces the fat stores and keeps your body being in a nice shape.

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16. Builds The Body

Give your body a shape and an energy to boost the work of your daily activities. While, as described before, venison is having a good source of protein. Then, it takes part in building the muscle and acts as a bodybuilder. For the tips, it is a good thing to substitute beef and chicken with venison to eat. Then, to get the better body, go workout routinely.

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17. An Option for Diet

Many of you may have doubt to consume venison as diet menu. However, it is a fact to know that a diet food should have great nutrients contained. Hence, to support the protein needs while dieting, you may have to consume this kind of meat to fulfill the nutrients. Therefore, your diet will completely be a healthy diet.

18. Contains No Carbohydrates

Consuming carbohydrates-contained foods may improve the blood sugar level in the body. Consequently, it leads to the risks of having diabetes. Thus, it is great to prevent the increasing level of blood sugar by eating right foods. Furthermore, it has shown that venison contains no carbohydrates and can be eaten as a low-carb food diet. Then, with no carbohydrates contained, it also helps your body to lower the fat composition and is being a good option while dieting.

19. Safe to Eat

As explained above, it is safe to eat venison since it has been containing enormous nutrients inside. In addition, it is shown that there is no link between the wild game with the venison consumption. However, the bigger risk comes up while consuming meat caused by the possibility of having bacteria access. It is E. Coli, bacteria which increase the risks of certain health issues. As a solution, rinse and clean the venison thoroughly to ensure it is safe to eat. Then, cook the venison in right heat and the right way to prevent the access of bacteria.

Venison for Mental Health

You may be surprised to know that venison is beneficial for human’s mental health. Thus, we list the benefits of consuming venison for the sake of mental health below.

20. Relaxing Mind

If you get bored with your daily routine activities, try to have a wild game. Go hunt for venison and enjoy the great nature views. Indeed, it allows you refreshing and relaxing mind. Also, it is being a therapy to yourself.


21. Reduces Stress

Getting problems with your partner of a friend? Or having some bad days in life? Then, try to find a recovery solution for them. At this point, people may watch some movies, go picnic, or even sleep in a long day. However, we give you one great and unique solution to choose. Yes, go hunting for sure. As a matter of fact, hunting venison is a kind of exercise that can boost the energy we have. As the energy being pushed into action form, it will help reduce the stress caused by problems in life. Also, seeing the view of tall trees while hunting, will make your feeling be better than before. Thus, start to hunt venison as well as it will clear your mind.


Thus, there are many health benefits of venison meat that you may take. Then, here are the ideas of how to consuming this meat.

Tips and Recipe Ideas

In this article, we will show you several tips and great ideas for processing the venison. As a result, you can cook venison into delicious foods as we give you several best recipes ideas below.

  1. To deal with venison’s ‘gamey’ taste, you can remove the fat, silver skin, and hair to lessen the wild taste. In addition, soak the meat in salted water, milk, soy sauce or vinegar to remove the blood and reducing the unfamiliar taste. Afterward, store it in the refrigerator for few days for the next consumption.
  2. For cooking recipe tips, it is great to make venison into steaks serving. There, mix it with caramelized onions and mushrooms to boost the taste. Using herbs and spices may lead to a tasty food.
  3. It looks like that everyone loves to eat sausages and burgers. Then, try to grind the meat of venison into sausages form and cook it for your lunch or dinner meal.
  4. Cuts the venison tenderloin and rib chops to be roasted on a hot pan. The crispy roasted texture and the great taste of venison will be combined to be a perfect meal option.
  5. Last, cook the meat of venison into soup or stews. Add the seasoning give more flavors. Indeed, the tasty and nutritious venison meat will give you wonderful moment while eating. Also, having venison to eat is such an alternative way to get a healthy meat consumption.

Venison Consumption Warning

Things have their own pros and cons. So does the venison consumption. Watch several guides below to prevent any bad impacts of eating venison. Here they are:

  • There will be a risk of having contaminated venison since you have been shot the deer in a wild way. There are still some diseases and bacteria you need to be aware of. Then, ensure to wash and cook the meat of venison perfectly. So, you can consume it without any worry to feel.
  • To prevent the access of bacteria, you have to use the rubber or latex gloves while dressing or butchering the deer. Also, remember to use the dirty knives to cut the flesh in case preventing the access of bacteria.
  • It is recommended to not eating the brain, eyes, spinal cord, spleen, tonsils, and lymph nodes of the deer. Thus, eat the main flesh of venison meat is the best way.
  • Consuming venison is a great step to get a healthier body. However, the deer is not a thing which can be just killed to eat as much as we want. Therefore, consume the venison meat wisely and properly.

In conclusion, there are many good reasons to eat venison as well. As people is being concerned for food they eat, venison is ready to be a natural way of eating. Further, venison meat is chemical and hormone free as it lives wildly. Though, you have to watch for several guides before consuming it. Indeed, the right and proper action really takes you to the best results. So does the consumption of venison meat. Therefore, consume this kind of meat to get healthier body and mind. Happy Hunting!