18 Benefits of Kitchari for Health and Stamina Booster

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Still in the theme of health and benefits, now we will talk and discuss about health benefits of kitchari. Do you know kitchari? Maybe you will think something about Indian’s food. Yup. You are right. Kitchari is traditional cleansing food of ayurveda or ayurvedic. What is ayurveda (ayurvedic)? Ayurveda (ayurvedic) is name of herbal that used to in Indian’s people. Usually kitchari is a combination of split some kind of nuts and white basmati rice with plenty of spices. The nuts that you need is optional, but sometimes, people serve it with lentils.

So, before we talk more about kitchari and its health benefits, better we will talk about basmati rice and lentils which are compound of kitchari. With all the main ingredients, here are the health benefits of kitchari.

1. Prevent Cancer Colon

Consumption of more fiber can minimize the possibility of cancer colon. Kitchari said that has more fiber than any rice. Because it made of basmati rice and lentils nut. The study says, people who eat about 30 grams of fiber each day can reduce the risk of cancer colon by 30 percent than people who consume less fiber.

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2. Smoothing Defecate

As the effects of more fiber, it can smoothing defecate. With a lot of in fiber makes you not have to worry about defecation. Foods rich in fiber can help you from constipation problems.

3. Low glucose levels

You need to consume foods that do not result increasing sugar levels in blood. Why? Because it can give the high possibility of diabetes. The brown basmati which a kind of basmati rice has glycemic index is lower than that of ordinary white rice. So if you are diabetics, you may eat kitchari. It’s safe with your condition. But don’t over consume it.

4. As Good Vitamins

Kitchari which contains basmati rice have vitamins such as thiamine and niacin. Both of these vitamins work effectively on the digestive system, the nervous system, and the heart. Iron content in basmati rice is also of high benefit. 

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5. As Sources of Proteins

Do you still remember that kitchari contains lentils? Yes. Lentils is one of nuts family. With combined of basmati rice, you no need to worry about proteins anymmore. Because kitchari has about it. Kitchari are high-protein food sources. It contains enough of the proteins needed by your body. Your body will also have a source of protein that can be fulfilled. Also read: Health Benefits of Whey Protein

6. Maintain Digestive Health

Lentils are very well used to maintain the digestive health of your body. And basmati rice has a lot of fibers. So the kitchari have enough fiber content that will help smooth your digestion process so as not to get constipation.

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7. Keep Your Stamina

Kitchari can be a source of food that will maintain your body stamina. If you often feel tired and lack of energy, you’ll want to eat these food so that the stamina is not reduced. Because kitchari contains lentils which can refill your stamina.

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8. Prevent Diabetes

Benefits of kitchari are very powerful in preventing diabetes. Because kitchari is made of basmati rice and lentils. The basmati rice and lentils are the good one. Because they not have a high sugar level and the sugar content inside of them is sugar that is not harmful to your blood.

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9. Good for Bones

Kitchari also contain a good amount of calcium to make bones healthier. Whenever basmati rice not contain calcium but lentils has it. Calcium is one of the nutrients needed by bone. For those of you who do not like milk can replace calcium intake by eating this seed.

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10. Maintaining dental health

Besides using of kitchari to improve bone health,  you can make a healthy teeth also. Remember that teeth health can improved by calcium, not only the bones. This food will make your teeth stronger and protected from various types of germs and bacteria that cause toothache.

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11. Prevent Anemia

Do you know something about anemia? Yes. It is a disease that caused by a lack of red blood cells in our body. But with eating kitchari, you no need to worry about it. Because kitchari made of basmati rice and lentils. Basmati rice and lentils has iron contents inside it. The benefits of iron is increasing the production of red blood cells. So it will prevent you from anemia.

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12. Maintaining Immune System

Kitchari which compound of lentils also has vitamin C. Do you know the use of vitamin C in our body? Yes, one of it is make our system immune stay awake. The effect of it is your body’s health will increase with the body’s ability to ward off infectious diseases.

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13. As Source of Antioxidants

The benefits of kitchari which compound of lentils can also be a natural anti-oxidant or in others name called anti-oxidant essential. This food will protect your body from attacks or harmful effects triggered by exposure to free radicals. You will be healthier without cancer.

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14. As Source of Natural Vitamin B

Kitchari which compound of a lot of ingredients, one of it is lentils, has a lot of vitamin inside it. One of it is vitamin B. Lentils itself has a lot of vitamins B inside it. So if you consume kitchari, no need to worry about supply of vitamin B for body. Also read: Benefits of Vitamin B6

15. As Anti Aging

Do you feel worry about premature aging of you? No need to worry. You can prevent it. One of it is consume kitchari. Kitchari which contains a lot of ingredients especially lentils can acts as anti aging.

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16. Good for Diet

Do you following trends of diet? Or maybe you have problems with diet schedule? Or maybe you want to eat something else that has low effect of obesity? Yup. Just consume kitchari. Kitchari is good for you to overcome that problems. Because one of the nutrients inside kitchari is low fat. Main ingredients of kitchari is basmati rice and lentils. The two of them are low fat. So it safe for you. So, that is all about health benefits of kitchari. Are you agree with that?

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Kitchari Ingredients

Indeed, there are many health benefits of kitchari. So, to take a look it better check out of the kitchari ingredients:

1. Basmati Rice

In the western, source of rice from Basmati rice is often served because of its aroma and uniqueness. The long grain and the aroma like peanuts are a typical rice that comes from the Himalayas which stretching between India and Pakistan. Basmati rice has two variations of white and brown rice.

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[tab title=”Nutrients in Basmati Rice

Basmati rice contains carbohydrates, protein, little fat, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. This rice contains 283 calories per 200g. Here is a complete nutrition which composed of 200g of Basmati rice.

Nutrition                     Amount
Carbohydrate              52 g
Protein                         5 g
Fat                                0.44 g
Fiber                             3 g
Iron                               1.9 mg
Thiamin                       0.26 mg
Niacin                          2.3 mg
Selenium                     11.8 mcg


The brown variety of basmati rice is more nutritious than the white ones due to its short processing without removing the epidermis. This is the reason why this type of brown Basmati rice contains more B vitamins and fiber than white variety of basmati rice.

2. Lentils

Lentils are one of the oldest in history and vegetables cultivated since the beginning of 7,000 BC in Egypt, and this plant is still a relative with Papilionaceae. This plant can reach a height of around 40 cm. Lentils can not eat directly, it must be process first. The grains of lentils must first be cooked before they are eaten.

Lentils have size, color and flavor depending on how they come from and lentils can be divided into two main groups: Lentils with small grains and lentils with large grains. If in the western countries are very in love and the most famous is a large lentils of variety Altamura and small lentils of type Castelluccio, it is said that this type is very popular because it is very delicious.

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Nutrients in Lentils

Lentils are made from 10% water, 22.7% protein, 13% fiber, 50% carbohydrate, 2.60% ash and 2% sugar, and some of these minerals in Lentils: potassium, the most abundant phosphorus and magnesium and then followed by calcium, sodium, iron, zinc, copper manganese, and selenium.

For the content of vitamins, Lentils contain B vitamins, namely vitamin B1, B2, B3, B4 and B6, vitamin E also vitamin C, k, J, has a very small percentage. And sugar content is divided into fructose, maltose, and sucrose.

The red lentils are also free of cholesterol and therefore are the foods recommended in the diet of children. Finally Lentil nuts have benefits for digestive health, because there is no cuticle covering them, so it is very easy to digest and does not cause intestinal problems disorder. Every 100 grams of Lentils has a calorie intake of 298 calories. After we know the main ingredients, now back to the topics about kitchari.

With base compound of basmati rice, kitchari contains carbohydrates, some little proteins, and very little fat. The content of vitamins, minerals, and enough fiber keeps you healthy. The content of substances contained in basmati rice will work effectively with additional vegetables and non-vegetable.

Indeed, kitchari is a staple food in some Easter Asia country. However, there are many health benefits of kitchari and it tastes really good. So, you may try to eat it.

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