12 Horribles Disadvantages of Skipping Breakfast

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Breakfast is one of the important meal time we should not miss. It is the need for people of all ages in order to have well-performed body. This is because or body need energy source to perform well for the whole day. The best time for having breakfast is one hour after getting up from sleep. Having breakfast will make us more energetic since we have more energy to do our activities. On the other hand, if we miss breakfast, we won’t be able to perform at our best and we will suffer from various health problems. Making breakfast as the part of our healthy habit and life style will help us in reducing unexpected health risks.

12 Side Effects of Missing Breakfast:

1. Lowered Cognition. 

Breakfast does not only essential for supporting our physical activities but also our brain performance. Basically our brain needs a nutrition supply especially glucose in order to work at its best. Lack of nutrition supply to our brain is potential to level down our brain performance and troubles us to concentrate.

Therefore, children are strongly required to have their breakfast before school since missing morning meals makes them are not able to solve problems effectively. However, we should be selective in choosing the menu for our breakfast since food with high calorie is not a good option for breakfast because based on the research, high calorie intake for breakfast can level down our brain performance. Vegetables is good option for our breakfast.

2. Drives Bad Mood.

People with good eating pattern have good mood. People who often miss their breakfast will experience swing mood that involves irritability because of their low blood sugar. This is one of the side effects of not having frequent breakfast.

3. Obesity.

Breakfast controls our hunger for the whole day because we do not eat before sleeping. Missing breakfast means we are “fasting” longer. It will surely disturb the balance of our blood sugar and the insulin production which eventually bring us to suffer from obesity. Finally, we will also be suffer from various serious health problems, such as diabetes, infertility, and heart disease.

People who often miss breakfast tend to eat a lot during lunch as they feel excessive hunger. Therefore, they consume a lot fat and calorie. Even the calorie intake of people who miss breakfast is 100 higher than people who have regular breakfast.  This fact is proven by several studies that found people who miss breakfast have 4 times higher risk to suffer from obesity than those who have breakfast regularly.

4. Reduce Metabolism.

Missing breakfast triggers bad eating habit. We often want to eat fast food to make us full quickly. Besides, our metabolism and energy are reducing. We cannot perform at our best since both of our physical and brain activity cannot work perfectly.

5. Lowered Immune System.

Based on the study, missing breakfast can lower our immune system so that we are prone to illnesses caused by bacteria and virus, such as flu and cough.  This is because our hormones which activates our immunity cells decrease. Therefore, breakfast is important to combat virus and bacteria.

6. Gastritis.

Gastritis often happens to people who miss their breakfast or who do not put breakfast in one of their eating pattern. Gastritis is caused by the gas that is continuously produced by our stomach. Our stomach keeps working even though there is no food intake in it. As a result, we feel that our stomach is spinning. This is called gastritis. If there is no certain taken, our stomach will reject every food intake even though it is only for a small portion.

7. Triggering Metabolism Syndrome.

For teenagers, missing their breakfast does not only level down their brain performance but also make them to suffer from metabolism syndrome when they are adult. Metabolism syndrome is a disturbance that triggers cardiovascular disease, such as heart disease and diabetes.

8. Migraine. 

If we think that we often suffer from migraine, we should not miss breakfast. Missing breakfast can level down our blood sugar. This condition will trigger the elevation of blood pressure which eventually make us suffer from migraine.

9. Lowered Heart Performance.

Some researchers concluded that missing breakfast risks us in suffering from heart attack. The risk is higher than to the people who put breakfast in their eating pattern. Therefore, we are strongly suggested to have breakfast in order to prevent us from the risk of hypertension and artery blockage.

10. Menstrual Irregularities.

College students who do not live with their parents often miss their breakfast. This will make them experience the risk of menstrual irregularities. This also includes menstrual cramp.

11. Prevent Diabetes.

Missing breakfast will make the risk of suffering diabetes is higher. Based on the study shows that people who have breakfast have 32% lower to suffer from diabetes when they are older. This is because people who often miss breakfast is more resistance to insulin. The insulin resistance increases the risk of suffering diabetes.

12. Lowering Our Life Span Quality.

Breakfast can make us be more active and healthier which eventually level up our life quality. Based on a study, most people who survive to live until 100 years old are they who always have breakfast regularly. Moreover, people who always have breakfast tend no to apply negative behavior that damage their health, such as smoking or drinking alcoholic drink.

Since breakfast is extremely important for our health, we are strongly suggested not to miss it. No matter how busy we are, we should spend our time for having morning meal. For breakfast menu, we tend to prepare practical menu. We can combine our breakfast menu to avoid the boredom.

For example, we can combine one egg and one banana, egg with vegetables, milk and bread, oatmeal and milk, and etc.  We should be smart in combining our breakfast menu so that having morning meal activity becomes fun.  Missing breakfast is a simple thing. However, the effect of it is not simple after all. We also should be careful in choosing menu for breakfast. The menu should be nutritious.

Several choices of breakfast menus are:

  • Milk. Milk is famously known as nutrition source. It contains vitamin and protein. Besides, calcium and amino acid in milk is good for growing process. Putting milk as one of our breakfast menus is a good option since it brings additional energy for our body.
  • Egg. Egg is essential for our vision, blood circulation and skin elasticity. Yolk contains lutein. If it is consumed regularly, it will prevent us from having vision problems and makes our eyes healthier. As long as it is consumed properly, yolk is good for making our blood runs smoothly and decrease the risk of heart disease.
  • Bread. Besides it is practical, consuming bread as our breakfast brings benefit. Bread contains high glucose and fiber. Glucose is a simple carbohydrate that is absorbed easily by our body so that it increases the level of blood sugar. Blood sugar is fuel for brain and nerves. It also acts as en energy production. Wheat bread is best for breakfast.
  • Fruits and Vegetables. Fruits and vegetables contain various mineral and vitamin that are beneficial for keeping us healthy. Having fruit and vegetable as our breakfast is excellent option. Besides, fruit and vegetables are rich of fiber that is beneficial for our digestive system as well as an antioxidant.
  • Cereal. Cereal is a kind of food that takes longer process to digest. Thus, it will make us full longer. This will help you a lot if you are on diet. You won’t snacking or eat too much because you are still full.

Regarding to the importance of breakfast, from now on we should put breakfast in our daily schedule so that we win the benefit of it.